1858 P Flying Eagle Large Letters Beautiful Coin Penny Cent Fine

Graded fine. You get the coin in the photos. 1858 large letter Flying Eagle Penny. Great coin for Coin Collector.

1839-1857 Braided Hair Large Cent by US Mint

Scot or J. Reich. Designer: r. Large cent Weight: 1089 grams. Diameter: 29 millimeters. Composition: Copper.

1865-1876 Nickel Three Cent Piece G/VG

Diameter: 29 millimeters. Weight: 1089 grams. Hand selected Strictly Graded Single. This hand selected early uS Coin is a wonderful example of what our coinage looked like at the turn of the century. Nice representation of Early US Coinage. Designer: r. Scot or J. Reich. Composition: Copper. Coin will be in average circulated collectible condition.