A Predator and A Psychopath: A Dark and Twisted Psychological Thriller

After jason is committed to a mental institution, he begins to uncover things he never knew before or things his mind shut out to protect him. It left a big impact on me and I couldn't stop thinking about it constantly for days. Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"One of those reads that I will never ever forget.

Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"A tough subject to read. I for one am glad to have found him. Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"holy crap what a book! very very disturbing and oh so hard to put down once you start this roller-coaster of a ride!" Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"A really heavy, twisted, psychological thriller.

Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"chilling and excessively dark - and the phenomenal ending, a devastating one, completes this superlative book. A fast-paced, gripping novel that will leave you breathless and absolutely taken. Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"This is a wonderful story and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"A must read brilliant psychological thriller. I will remember this novel often, especially when a stranger knocks on my door. Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"This author is brilliant at what he does and certainly kept me guessing.

Jaga's Bones Chronicles of Gloam Book 1

She must survive the horror trials of torture and abuse and her murderous classmates just to end up part of a ruthless invasion force that kills first and asks questions later. Taron, a crippled farmer in possession of a demonic and sexually frustrated axe, must fight to save his homeland from the sisterhood and try not to pick up too many bad habits or sisters along the way.

This book contains graphic violence and sex scenes. Jaga is abandoned by her father to the dark female order, the Sisters of Gloam, a dumping ground for the sick and depraved.

Short Stories IV: Fantasy & Sci-Fi Short Stories by Rich DiSilvio Book 4

Contents: the stone balls of aberdeen, dark Side of the Moon, Slumber Mountain, Reflections of Conquest, The Gorgon, and The Masque. Step into the mysterious mists of the beyond, time travel, where fascinating occurrences, space adventures, bizarre happenings, unexpected twists, and even humor are coupled with thought-provoking undertones that edify and entertain.

Martin, gene roddenberry, and other greats will feel right at home in DiSilvio’s fantastical worlds, each featuring illustrations by the author/artist. Short stories iv: fantasy & sci-fi, by multi-award-winning author/artist Rich DiSilvio, is the second installment of the author’s imaginative adventures into the cosmic realms of the unknown.

Lovers of rod Serling, George R. R.

Staying Bothered: Find Your Passion, Commit to Action, Change the World

But more importantly, Amelio emphasizes "staying bothered. Because while that initial feeling might motivate us to get involved, finding a way to make it last is the key to making a difference. Staying bothered tells the story of how jamie overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to positively change her world and the lives of thousands of children and in doing so sparked a movement!What bothers you? You'll be surprised at how this simple question can be a powerful motivator toStaying Bothered: Find Your Passion, Commit to Action, Change the World.

She's talking about the big bothers, like how you feel when you learn that every day 1, 600 children die from diseases directly linked to unsafe water or a lack of basic sanitation facilities. What did you do with that feeling?in staying bothered, Amelio shows readers that every one of us is capable of affecting real, positivechange in our communities and around the world if we just do ONE thing.

Amelio describes what "being bothered" really means, a term she coined to explain the uncomfortable feeling we all get when we learn about a terrible wrong--maybe in our neighborhood, maybe across the world. Or the staggering statistics for suicidal children. Discovering how you can find your passion, commit to action, she's not talking about being bothered abouttraffic, and change the world!"When's the last time you were bothered?"When philanthropist Jamie Amelio poses this question, spilled coffee, or work deadlines.


Imagination Max and The Green Beans Monsters Book 1: A Funny Story About Talking Vegetables, A 10-Year-Old Boy, Picky Eater, Unique Imagination Illustrated Fantasy for Elementary School Children

While visiting his Grandma for Sunday dinner, things take a strange turn. Never in his wildest dreams had he conjured up funny monsters in the form of talking vegetables before. Are the green beans monsters real? imagination max and the green beans Monsters is a hysterical illustrated kids bedtime story that teaches elementary school children, to be honest, embrace their unique imagination, and to always listen to your parents… especially about eating those dreaded green beans and other healthy foods.

Page up and Order Now. Out of nowhere, varmint!”“never foul beans! you monsters will never get into my mouth without a fight, a group of green beans monsters confronted him in his grandmother’s living room screaming “Eat us, we’re good for you! Open your mouth, ” Max yelled. Maxwell dynamo is a hilarious 10-year-old boy with a supercharged imagination.


The Fabulous Feats of Mr. B: Opposite Day

What a surprise they will find today because, guess what? It's "Opposite Day"! When they arrive, they never know if they'll play a game or put on a show. They listen to his funny talks making them think outside the box. B is quite the mentor excited for his kids to enter. B and his exciting classroom adventures.

Each story has a message for children and adult readers alike. Mr. Your children will be mesmerized by the quirky Mr.

The Irishman, Gotti, and Mafia Hitmen: The Organized Crime Bundle

This book explores frank sheeran's confessions as a lifelong criminal with ties to some of the biggest crimes of the 20th century. This book also comes with the books. The world knew him as a union official, a long-time member of the Teamsters Union; he was a member of Jimmy Hoffa's inner circle at the top of the national union.

He had run-ins with the law in this position. He went to prison in the 80s after being caught on a wire instructing once of his crew to break someone's legs and was named in Rudy Giuliani's Mafia Commission Trial as an unindicted co-conspirator and one of only two non-Italian members of the Mafia Commission.

As an old man suffering from cancer that would soon kill him, Frank Sheeran shared his story with his attorney. Gotti, and mafia hitmen and Assassins as a BONUS. Inside this book, you will find:a detailed account of frank sheeran's time in the army during the second world war, finding himself working for the mafia before he even knew what the Mafia was;Information on his time as a hitman for the Mafia and how that led him to work for Jimmy Hoffa as muscle and hitman for the powerful Teamster Boss;Frank Sheeran's accounts of his connections to the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Assassination of JFK; andHis confession to the murders of Crazy Joe Gallo and of his friend, where he was in combat for an astounding four hundred and eleven days, with a focus on the war crimes he has admitted to;A look into Sheeran's post-war slides into a life of crime, Jimmy Hoffa.

Learn what frank sheeran, John Gotti, and other Infamous Mobsters have in common. Frank sheeran, waited his entire life to tell his story, known as the Irishman, or at least his version of his story. He was charged with the murder of a rebel union member in a riot that occurred outside the Teamster's Local Philadelphia Union Hall, but the charges were later dropped.

Are You Scared?: Help Your Children Overcome Fears and Anxieties

A good starting point for parents to discuss the fears their child has. Reader's favorite*****Little Susie is frightened. But is that all real? will she be able to handle her fears?Help your children learn to handle anxiety and overcome fears along with little Susie. But she does not want to tell anybody. The girl has to pass dark forests, scary fields and wide grasslands with angry wolves and fire spying dragons.

When her mother wants to bake a cake for her family she sends Susie to the village to buy some ingredients. Perfect for all children 3-10 and up.

Goodbye Homeboy: How My Students Drove Me Crazy and Inspired a Movement

Whenever mariotti connected their lessons to entrepreneurship, though, even his most disruptive students got excited about learning. School administrators disapproved of Mariotti discussing money in the classroom, however. In a desperate move to save his job, he took off his watch and marched back in with an impromptu sales pitch for it.

. To his astonishment, his students were riveted. He was repeatedly fired before receiving one last-ditch assignment: an offsite program for special-ed students expelled from the public schools for violent crimes. The success mariotti had with these forgotten children--including coverage in the Daily News, The New York Times, and World News Tonight--inspired him to found the nonprofit Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship to bring entrepreneurship education to low-income youth.

By turns tragic and hilarious, goodbye homeboy shares Mariotti's flaws and missteps as he connects deeply with his troubled students, and woos the most influential people in the world into helping them--saving himself in the process. Today, mariotti is widely recognized as the world's leading advocate for entrepreneurship education.

One sunny afternoon in 1982, a young businessman experienced a terrifying mugging in New York City that shook him to his core. When his therapist suggested that he face his fears, Mariotti closed his small import-export business and became a teacher at the city's most notorious public school--Boys and Girls High in Bed-Stuy.

Although his nightmares promptly ceased, Mariotti's out-of-control students rapidly drove him to despair. One day, mariotti stepped out of the classroom so his students wouldn't see him cry.

The Hypnotist's Assistant: When Magical Thinking Meets Reality

What begins as an extraordinary event ends with new found love, true friendship and hope. The novel is a one day read and sprinkled with humor. It’s a breezy look at race relations, virginity, ladyboys, snake biting churches and meditation. Gary suspects earl of lying about his paralysis and Gary’s mom thinks Earl is sexy and a business genius.

Before long all three need to leave town in a hurry. This coming of age tale is full of surprises and quirky characters, twisted circumstances and weird resolutions. Bottom line - this book ultimately does what books do, it brings the reader entertainment and escape. When 13 year old gary crockett hypnotizes Earl Lancaster and Earl stands from his wheelchair everything changes for both of them.

The hypnotist's assistant explores healing, inspiration, deception, dysfunction, gender, religion, romance, addiction and loss.

Pink The Painter The Adventures Of Pink The Hedgehog Book 1

Soon pink is the star in the forest. But when finally one painting is stolen and a fire nearly burns down the whole forest, Pink and his friends decide to hide the paintings. But after a storm, the paintings change. Will they ever get nature to do its work again?fun, a bit of mystery, parents, and imaginative adventures, this book is a must-have for children, and entertaining with beautiful illustrations by Dragos Bujdei, cute, and teachers to teach kids to deal with nature and climate! If you and your children like courageous animals, then you’ll love this charming story.

Reading level kindergarten - 3- Introduces concepts of problem-solving, cooperation, and teamwork. Free ebook with paperback- read how a little hedgehog finds his own way to save nature GET THIS BOOK NOW AND ENJOY! He just wanted to paint a painting for his empty wall. Teach your children The Value of Nature.

Can you change the weather however you like it? Little hedgehog Pink lives in a cozy cottage on the edge of a forest. The weather is exactly like in the paintings. Together with his friends rudolf, the squirrel, and Macky, the chickadee, he goes to the Magic Mountains and paints some pictures.