Addicted to a Dirty South Thug 4

After cass brings his daughter home to live with them, Tangie finds out that Cass is still up to his same old ways and has the both of them questioning if their relationship is even meant to be. Kaedee’s police girlfriend’s intentions are finally revealed and just when KaeDee thinks he has her out of the way, she comes back harder than ever showing him how better they were together as a team than apart.

The finale is fast and filled with drama from the very first page. Be sure to read along in full and stay tuned to see why everyone is Still Addicted to a Dirty South Thug. Khi refuses to let his wife go and does everything in his power to get his wife back with him where she belongs especially when something comes up that may have Khi fighting for all the time he has left.

Dae finds that it’s easier to move on and start over when it’s revealed that Amber is dating other men. Tangie and cass are back together and Tangie finds herself being a mother to a child that she never wanted to accept. With a secret dangling over their heads, Cuba leaves her marriage to Khi and decides that she’s better off on her own.

No longer the one to fight fire with fire when it comes to the ones he love, Dae is ready to put in work while in his search for love. After cuba and emon are kidnapped by the brother that Emon had never knew he had, the two of them come home to try and start their lives as if everything is normal.

Addicted to a Dirty South Thug 3

Knowing he's no good for his brothers right now, he and Destiny embark on a journey to see if there a such thing as true happiness. Cassidy tried his best to be a good man to Tangie but one simple mistake causes him to lose his relationship with her. You've never seen them so ruthless before especially when the biggest blow to come their way yet involves the last piece to the Prince brother puzzle.

. Emon. The prince brothers love hard this round, but gun harder showing you just why everyone is Addicted to A Dirty South Thug. After her fairytale proposal and saying yes to the man she loved, Cuba was hit with the bitter and jealous filled rage of Brianna. Feeling resentful and as stubborn as ever, Cassidy refuses to beg for forgiveness again and puts his all into the Prince legacy.

He does everything in his power to show Cuba that she is his queen and he her king and ensures nothing ever happens to her again. After deonna's past was revealed and finding out the sacrifices that Destiny has made for him, KaeDee has decided to take things easy and get away for a while. After everything that happened to his Cuba, Khi becomes the ultimate gentleman at home, but more ruthless than ever in the streets.

Cuba's first thought is to run, but Khi isn't going to let that happen. He and his brothers are determined to reign supreme in the streets and with the new deal that's been handed to them, they plan to take it all while suffering no losses.

Addicted to a Dirty South Thug 2

Once a pretty detective walks into his life and turns things upside down for him, KaeDee finds out the woman he married is only one of many. His past issues was never resolved and the secret he's been holding onto has no choice but to be revealed. With the threat of losing cuba on his shoulders, will khi make the right the decision and choose the woman that he's been waiting his whole life for? And what happens when decisions made causes brother to be against brother? They are in the middle of a war, how will they come out on top if they're beefing with each other? KaeDee is no longer able to keep the cool demeanor that he is known for having once he realizes that it's more to Deonna's suicide.

Mistakes are made and kaedee is unable to keep it together and is quickly falling apart, but what happens when the one person he's never noticed is the one to piece him back together? In the midst of all the madness, will KaeDee see that his true soulmate had been hiding in the shadows all along. Once the smoke finally clears, will cassidy have his woman, or will end up paying for more of his mistakes in the end? Things are just heating up in this installment of Addicted To a Dirty South Thug.

Khi is trying everything to get a hold on his life. It all seems to break him down and forces him to be angry at the world, even his brothers. Dae's finally forced to face his problems now that he has nowhere to turn. The drama continues in Addicted to A dirty South Thug 2 picking right up where you left off.

Addicted to a Dirty South Thug

She's forced to pick the one to have her heart, but when that decision lands someone in a grave, are the Prince brothers ready for a war?Welcome to the life of the Prince Brothers and feel what it's like to be Addicted to A Dirty South Thug. With his wife deonna by his side, they run the most sought out law firm in the city.

With all the lies, and beatings amongst other things, cheating, Amber has always stuck by Daelan's side. He's feared by many men and lusted after by plenty of women, which he can't get enough of. But will it be another mistake and this time will she get away with her life?Khian "Khi" Prince is just one of the Prince brothers that has the ladies going crazy.

But what happens when daelan makes a decision that puts he and the lives of everyone around him in danger, will his brothers be there to save him once again?Amber has been with Daelan for five long years. When tyrin shows up in her husband's office, Deonna finds herself in love with two men at the same time.

Kaedee knew that getting his degree in law would somehow come in handy for he and his brothers, but never once did he think his wife Deonna would ever need his services. After failing at love twice, khi's not ready to give up on finding his queen just yet and when running into Cuba, he's for certain he has finally gotten it right.

With the love of his life amber by his side and their 5-year old son, Daelan seems to have his happily ever after but things are never what they seem. She's convinced herself that there is no need to stop what seems meant to be. Daelan can't seem to stop messing up.

A Dopegirl Needs Love Too 2

What he doesn’t anticipate is that not only has things has changed, but he’s forced to work side by side with his ex Lani again. Now that he has a new life with his brothers in Dallas, things have been looking up for him. She becomes everything that he never knew he was missing. He’s now more determined than ever to have his Lil Baby back—even it means he has to go through Asim, Sephora—and Lani's new love interest.

They say it’s better to have loved and to have lost than to not have loved at all…Mulani and Dox thought they were going to be the king and queen in the streets of Dallas, but what they didn’t anticipate was their love story ending abruptly due to foolish mistakes on both ends. One year later and Lani hasn’t let anything stop her grind.

Fire loves her baby daddy Los, but she loves the limelight better. Skully never really believed in love considering he’d never experienced seeing a man before him love a woman. No one will take from him again--not his life, not his freedom, and definitely not his heart. Dox has done another bid in the FEDs all over false charges—and being dumbly in love.

He finds sudden interest in Jayla, Lani’s new best friend. But with king dox’s return home, Lani soon finds out just how quickly he comes through and shakes up her whole life again.

The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta 2: A Street Love Tale The Finale

There isn’t anywhere safe that Moni can go with Ahmeen on his trail. But witness protection. Not only that, he still has maino gunning for him and when the Mexican cartel approaches him will he accept the offer to rid of Maino for them? Scared that he will lose Poe, Ahmeen continues to keep his son secret, only digging himself deeper into the grave.

Now being completely exiled, Poetic is pushed further into the arms of Ahmeen. Moni never expected for ahmeen to walk away but to his dismay, not only did he, but he’s came out stronger and with a heart of vengeance. The love between them only intensifies when Poe has no one else to turn to but Ahmeen. Poetic knew that when her family found out what she’s been up to, things would not be easy, but what she never expected was for her twin sister Lyric to completely turn everyone against her.

With the love of his life by his side, and a me baby on the way, Ahmeen is living every man’s dream. The bond she is has with him is more than she could’ve imagined, especially when The Shakur family takes in her with open arms. Now more richer, and more known than ever, more respected, Ahmeen is dealing with knowing that his product is becoming internationally known.

Things are blissful but when poe finds out that her big brother Maino is in trouble, she’s unable to turn her back on him like he did her, ultimately putting her relationship and life at risk. Ahmeen took four bullets all from his flesh and blood Moni. Ahmeen tries his hardest to move on with his life and continue ringing bells in the streets.

The Real Dopeboyz of Atlanta: A Street Love Tale

Happy for his family’s success, moni does his best to be to cope with his failures, but he isn’t able to get over the fact that he wasn’t the one to bring the trophy home. Ahmeen, a true street pharmacist and hustla has the secret formula that not even he will give to his family. When death is right at his front door, daughter of the infamous noie King, and enemies at his neck for the formula he has created, will he see Poetic has someone in his corner or just another person trying to take him down? Poetic King, has pretty much had everything handed to her on a silver platter.

Not even the plenty of women that throw themselves at him can knock him off his square that is until he meets the King’s family twin daughter Poetic and inevitably fall in love with her. She and her twin sister lyric have always been close, but one deadly night with their little sister Melody being left dead, Poetic feels she can’t trust anyone.

What was supposed to be business, quickly because a passionate filled affair that neither of them can afford for anyone to find out. He remains stoic, humble, and in true boss form. Maino is rude, cocky handsome, sexy and let’s not forget paid. With a new product on the market that is threatening to eliminate the King family from the heroin game, Maino and his brothers must do something to reclaim their throne.

The success doesn’t seem to get to Ahmeen’s head like it seems to do to his brother De’Moni.

A Dopegirl Needs Love Too: A Hood Love Story

His street status is undeniable and at the young age of 21, he's well on his way to having everything a man his age could ever want. But one mistake is all it took for Asim to walk away from Mulani and into the arms of another woman and even down the path of matrimony. Dox is a boss in his own right and wants to give Mulani all the love that she deserves.

After witnessing the brutal murder of her mother by the hands of her father, Mulani Gibson is sent to live with her uncle and two cousins Tyson and Dondrae. The time and attention Dox puts in is enough to break down Mulani's walls. When tragedy brings them together, giving Mulani what she's always wanted, she feels like the streets now has their king and queen and Asim couldn't help but feel the same.

When a problem arises, mulani's motivation and undeniable dedication to get it handled is what leads her to meet the sexy Maddox aka Dox from the Bronx. Along with her cousins, and best friend Asim Patrick, the game wasn't ready for what they had to offer. A force to be reckoned with while carrying a no nonsense type attitude, but it didn't matter, ran off every man that even tried to get close to Mulani, because all she ever wanted was Asim.

Who will be the one mulani choose to show her that love A Dopegirl Needs Love Too. After the hurt that Asim has caused, Mulani goes harder than ever unwilling to love again. Especially not the beautiful, tomboyish, and deadly Mulani.

So Deep in My Feelings: A Hood Love Tale

Cioni was always the one that was overlooked due to her shy girl ways and not knowing her beauty and worth. Love from wisdom comes at just right the time, but will it be enough to keep her from going down a path of destruction. Her and her best friends ali, and Madden loved chilling on the stoop, attending house parties, and just doing the regular teenage things.

Growing up in the hood with messed up parents was the one thing that brought them all together. With the two of them having love, right? but when reality of their consequences are brought to the light, and optimism nothing could come between them, will it be enough to break them apart?Ali Morris was dealt a bad hand like a lot of kids around the way.

Cioni had always had her eyes on him, but Madden was always the bold one and had eventually scored him first. With a knack for hustling and swagger out of this world, Ledge manages to move him and his family out of the hood, eventually bringing his girlfriend Madden along all off the strength of his hustle.

Her mother a junkie, and her father absent, Ali only knew to get it by any means necessary. Even with their circumstances, ali, Madden, and Cioni all have a bond was always unbreakable, and nothing could and would ever come between them. With cioni refusing to break the girl code, Ledge stops at nothing to have her.

Products of their environments, each girl is forced to figure their way through life, not every choice a good one. It doesn’t take long before he has her so deep in her feelings, and unable to escape them.

Rozalyn 5

With erica now in prison for almost killing Jamir's brother, Justice, Passion now has Jamir right where she wants him. Rozalyn makes a huge mistake that puts a dagger in her and Tamar's relationship that could possibly end them for good. But of course with Tamar, things are never easy. She pays for one of the best legal teams in Miami to fight his federal case hoping he would forgive her for her part in Journey's suicide.

He loves the power and respect more than he loves the money and refuses to settle for anything less than being King of the Streets. Things are going good until he's made aware that Erica's life is now in danger. But when tamar lets taron know that he needs him in the ATL, will Latoya let him leave or will she result to desperate measures to keep him around.

While tamar is down, Rozalyn is forced to become the business woman she's always dreamed of. Her lack of knowledge for the game threatens to tarnish Tamar's reputation and leaves him with deciding if this will be the end of his reign. Except the business she gets into she knows nothing about. Keysha has everything that tamar needs to get back on top, but there is only one problem--she wants Tamar for herself and doesn't want to share him-not even with Rozalyn.

One phone call from a beauty by the name of Keysha causes Tamar to revert back to a place that he'd left in his rearview--the ATL.

Rozalyn 6

With this new opportunity in front of them, there is no way things couldn't go right. But what happens when rozalyn, and the new woman in his life that he's grown to care deeply about, pulls him in two different directions. But with kayla on kevin's back about a new drama-filled situation that arises, Kevin is finding it hard to keep focused on everything that's in front of him and is contemplating walking away for good.

He's finally at a point where nothing or no one can stop him from staying on the top where he belongs. Tamar has been hit with some of the greatest news of his life. Rozalyn is now facing the hardest time of her life after taking the life of her once best friend Latoya. After catching starr in a compromising position and breaking things off with her, they are now ready to patch things up and make their relationship work for the sake of their daughter.

If that isn't enough, tamar still isn't ready to be the man that Rozalyn needs him to be and after all they've been through, she's ready to give up. But will it be the right choice or will it be too late? With everyone close to Tamar gone, Black, he's forced to build a new team; Kevin, and Neek are ready to put in work and get money with Tamar.

With the demands they are giving him, Tamar knows that he has to make a choice. Will tamar and rozalyn get their happily ever after and if so, will it be with each other? Will Kayla ever get the chance to walk down the aisle? And will Starr and Neek's marriage be able to withstand everything that's thrown at them?

Neek, starr's husband is doing everything possible to keep his wife happy.