American Drug Addict: a memoir

My name is Brett. But more importantly, it’s about the despair of addiction and the absolute certainty that it can be overcome. And i have a tale to tell. I’m a college educated man who was once a husband of 26 years with two children, three businesses, and a large home with an actual white picket fence.

I’m also a drug addict. Recovery is not simply abstinence, but a process of growing up. My story has everything: sex, grave desecration, ecstasy, atheism, homosexuality, road rage, death, alcohol, used tampons, god, public nudity, crack, interventions, traffic fatalities, elderly abuse, pain, marriage, AIDS, divorce, arson, withdrawal, Nine Inch Nails, venereal disease, breasts, marijuana, identity theft, prostitutes, heresy, needles, rehabs, product tampering, strippers, burglary, cinnamon toothpicks, vandalism, jail, pain pills, computer science, abortion, acid, suicide, racism, pornography, pawn shops, physics, Barry Manilow, drug dealers, heroin, armed robbery, infidelity, video games, anti-Semitism, and murder.

I spent my entire life searching for the key to long-term sobriety. I would like to share with you what I have learned.

Dying to Survive: Surviving Drug Addiction: A Personal Journey through Drug Addiction

Her story is a remarkable account of recovery from the very edge of personal destruction. The remarkable no 1 bestselling memoir that everyone’s talking about:“an inspiration” alison O’Reilly, Sky News“100% worthwhile” Belfast Telegraph“Makes us realise how lucky we are” Amanda Brunker“This is an incredible story, told completely straight – no sensationalism, no self-pity and plenty of wicked humour thrown in.

Rachael had grown up in Ballymun and had, like many others, succumbed to the lure of drugs during her teenage years. This is rachael Keogh’s own story written in her own words. She is now a student of psychotherapy and an attractive and optimistic young woman. Hell, it should be on the school curriculum”, Evening Echo In her early twenties, Rachael Keogh was a desperate heroin addict.

It is a heart-lifting story of human redemption. Gripping, extraordinary and so shocking you have to keep reminding yourself that this really happens – this is one all teenagers and parents should read. Her addiction to the drug took her to a place about as low as a person can go. She stole and turned to prostitution to help her feed her habit.


The Bitter Taste of Dying: A Memoir

With a gritty mixture of self-deprecation and light-hearted confessional, Smith’s memoir deftly describes the journey into the harrowing depths of addiction and demonstrates the experience of finally being released from it. Praise for the bitter taste of dying"jason is a great writer who's clearly done the life-destroying research that I can relate to.

This is the voice of a new generation of drug addicts. Jerry stahl, ny times bestselling author of permanent midnight and happy mutant Baby Pills"This memoir grabs you by the throat on the first page and doesn't let go until you're done, in one sitting--gasping for breath because you know, finally, what it's like to be a drug addict without having been one yourself.

Read the bitter Taste of Dying to understand it. Jonathan alter, ny times bestselling author of The Center Holds. In his first book, author jason smith explores the depravity and desperation required to maintain an opiate addiction so fierce, he finds himself jumping continents to avoid jail time and learns the hard way that some demons cannot be outrun.

While teaching in europe, he meets a prostitute who secures drugs for him at the dangerous price of helping out the Russian mafia; in China, he gets his Percocet and Xanax fix but terrifies a crowd of children and parents at his job in the process; and in Mexico, Smith thought a Tijuana jail cell would be the perfect place to kick his Fentanyl habit, but soon realizes that the power of addiction is stronger than his desire to escape it.

The bitter taste of dying paints a portrait of the modern day drug addict with clarity and refreshing honesty. Jason smith is a gifted writer offering no excuses for the damage he did on his harrowing 16-year journey into prescription drug hell, a huge, hidden problem in America today.

My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean

In the tradition of blackout and permanent midnight, and alcohol addiction, a darkly funny and revealing debut memoir of one woman's twenty-year battle with sex, drugs, and what happens when she finally emerges on the other side. But on christmas eve 2011 all of that changed when, high on Oxycontin, she stupidly "brandished" a bread knife on her husband and was promptly arrested for "felony domestic violence with a deadly weapon.

Within months, divorced, she found herself in the psych ward--and then penniless, and looking at 240 hours of court-ordered community service. Growing up in beverly hills, the most expensive summer camps, Amy Dresner had it all: a top-notch private school education, and even a weekly clothing allowance.

. But at 24, she started dabbling in meth in San Francisco and unleashed a fiendish addiction monster. For two years, " she swept up syringes and worse as she bounced from rehabs to halfway houses, sex addiction, assigned to a Hollywood Boulevard "chain gang, all while struggling with sobriety, and starting over in her forties.

Soon, if you could snort it, or have sex with, smoke it, she did. In the tradition of orange is the new black and jerry stahl's permanent Midnight, darkly funny, and shamelessly honest memoir of one woman's battle with all forms of addiction, Amy Dresner's My Fair Junkie is an insightful, hitting rock bottom, and forging a path to a life worth living.

Smart and charming, with Daddy's money to fall back on, she sort of managed to keep it all together.

Black Tar: For the Love of Heroin

So stop worrying about misused words or missing punctuation. In this smack tinted world, the extremes are overdose and withdrawal and I suffer through my share of both. In the end, i find myself dangling between the fix that will kill him and the sober life he so desperately needs. It's supposed to read rough, because it details the day to day existence of my junkie life as I live from fix to fix and watch as my life spiral out of control.

You can feel that in the way I write this book. It's not supposed to be perfect. Black tar is an autobiographical look at the use of heroin and the toll it takes on the addict and his surroundings. There's no editor or proofreader. However, my mounting drug use destroyed my life, my job and any hope I had of enjoying a family.

What you get is the raw addiction to a drug that mastered me and spits me out for dead. From alcohol, pills, and cocaine to heroin. Please understand. As the years pass heroin addiction forced me to live hand to mouth, in my car, always one step away from living on the streets as an addicted vagrant. I'm amazed i have the where-with-all to tell my story as it happened and let the chips fall where they may.

My attempts to free myself and live a sober life were always half-hearted because truthfully I loved heroin.

Bad Choices Make Good Stories: The Heroin Scene in Fort Myers How The Great American Opioid Epidemic of The 21st Century Began Book 2

He empathizes with them because of his own traumatic past. Allyson, Goodreads. Battling with depression, he gets sucked into the seedy underworld of Fort Myers, where he encounters a number of female drug addicts. A shocking glimpse into the crazy lives of drug addicted prostitutes. You'll never look at heroin addicts the same way again.

A truly fascinating and unexpected look at the darker side of addiction. A. Oliver moves from New York to Florida. Oliver feels compelled to try to help them escape the addict lifestyle, but learns the hard way that he is in way over his head.

Running in Circles: A Memoir

Eighteen-year-old eva yin is admitted into an ER in the San Francisco Bay Area for a serious blood infection — the souvenir of a missed shot of heroin. You run and you run and you end up exactly where you started. Running in circles is the unflinching true story of one woman’s struggle and recovery from heroin addiction.

In the end, eva finally stops running but only after crossing the span of an entire continent and coming back to the shores of California— she is back to where she started but she isn’t the same. Barely recovered and against medical advice, she leaves the hospital for New York City only to end up homeless and face prostitution and violence.

Being a heroin addict is like running in circles.

Nobody's Girl: A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery & Transformation

She had been sent to three detention centers, lived on the streets of, first, Washington DC and then New York City. In 1972, barbara amaya was 16 years old, leading a life far from a typical teenager and why she was Nobody’s Girl. Amaya was forced to work as a prostitute and was hooked on heroin. The ten years she spent as a victim in the world of human trafficking is just the beginning of her story.


Free Refills: A Doctor Confronts His Addiction

What finally moves him to recover and reclaim life--including working with other physicians who themselves are addicts--makes for inspiring reading. When the police finally came calling--after a tip from a sharp-eyed pharmacist--Grinspoon's house of cards came tumbling down fast. His professional ego turned out to be an impediment to getting clean as he cycled through recovery to relapse, his reputation, family life, and lifestyle in ruins.

Peter grinspoon seemed to be a total success: a Harvard-educated M. D. But lurking beneath the thin veneer of having it all was an addict fueled on a daily boatload of prescription meds. With a thriving practice; married with two great kids and a gorgeous wife; a pillar of his community. Free refills is the harrowing tale of a Harvard-trained medical doctor run horribly amok through his addiction to prescription medication, and his recovery.


Addict Chick: Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll

Her story is not for the faint of heart. Addict chick: sex, drugs & rock ‘N’ Roll is brutally honest, sexually graphic, and completely real. Addict chick: sex, her sorrow, and the story of how she fought like hell to save herself, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll is her heartbreak, with a little help from the Man above.

In this memoir, one woman proves that no matter who you are, and no matter how far you have fallen, nobody is beyond redemption. Some would say that love destroyed her, body, but what she let ravage her mind, and soul had nothing to do with love and everything to do with a deep-seated need to destroy herself.

At 34, a home, amanda meredith had it all - A successful career, a child, and everything that should have made her happy. With the prick of a needle, her career, and a shot of methamphetamine, she lost everything- her child, and she lost Cage. She was also crazy in love; his name was Cage, and their love would become her first addiction—but not her last.


More Than A Junkie

This is the true story of my life, my best friend, and how heroin became my boyfriend, and my life. At 17, i became a heroin addict.