Angling Bumateurs: Book 5 in the Sell the Pig trilogy

Biff the useless Mention was intended to be the end of the extended trilogy. But then, one day, a big grey wolf DID come out of the forest. The final installment of the popular travel memoirs series set in France's Auvergne region. I doubt my life has any vast sea changes ahead, ' Tottie wrote in Book 4 of the Sell the Pig travel memoirs series.

Things were about to change dramatically for Tottie following a phone call. Her quiet and peaceful life in the Auvergne was going to be shaken up. Will tottie's familiar ironic humour help her through the difficulties facing her? As with all her exploits, definitely the last, Tottie leads you by the hand with a frankness and candour that will make you laugh and move you to tears in this, of the Sell the Pig series.

Mother, it's a bugger, mother, sell the pig and buy me out. '.

Biff the Useless Mention: Book IV of the Sell the Pig trilogy The Sell The Pig Series 4

In march 2007, tottie left britain to follow the dream of a new life in France for herself, her elderly mother and her damaged brother. Be prepared to shed a tear as you say goodbye to some familiar characters. Don't miss this concluding part of the 'Sell the Pig' series. And find out how tottie took to a life of crime once she retired from her work as a freelance copywriter.

Biff the useless mention' is the fourth and concluding part of what started out as a trilogy, with 'Sell the Pig', 'Is That Billinge Lump?' and 'Mother Was It Worth It?'. Mother, mother, it's a bugger, sell the pig and buy me out'. Enjoy the familiar ironic humour and keen eye for detail that will bring the landscape and the people to life for you.

Has the dream turned to a nightmare or is tottie still happily living the quiet life in her little 'grottage' in the Auvergne region of central France?Come with Tottie now as she takes you on Tottie's Tours of the Auvergne.

Trot On!: 'frank, funny, sometimes tragic' Sell the Pig

As reviewers have said, it’s like sitting down for a cup of tea and a natter with the author in person. So why not put the kettle on and open the book? NOTE: Although Trot On! was the most recent volume in the Sell the Pig series to be published, it fits chronologically before the others. It can therefore be read as a standalone or at any point in the series.

Why not adjust your stirrups, author of the popular Sell the Pig series of travel memoirs, shorten your reins and join Tottie Limejuice, as she takes you on a ride through more of her adventures. Even if you’re not horsey, tottie’s tales of running a holiday riding centre on top of a Welsh mountain will have you alternately laughing and reaching for the tissues.

It’s all told in Tottie’s familiar no-holds-barred style. Frank, funny, sometimes tragic’the sell the Pig Series - where it all began‘Trot on!’ is a familiar phrase to riding instructors everywhere.

Mother, was it worth it? The Sell The Pig Series Book 3

Meet the local inhabitants, from exotic birds to colourful characters like the Bin Pickers, Library Lady and the Bowing Farmer. Tottie and her eccentric family moved to France in search of a better life for her nearly nonogenarian mother who suffered from dementia. As her full-time carer, tottie listened to daily recitations of her favourite saying: 'Mother, mother, it's a bugger, sell the pig and buy me out.

Catch up now with tottie in the am years – after Mother – as she starts her new life in the rural Livradois-Forez region of the Auvergne, living in Tottie's Grottage. All are described with Tottie's familiar gently ironic humour. Discover the procedure behind the Frogification of Tottie, and if her bid for French nationality is successful.

Mother was it worth it?' is the concluding part of the Sell the Pig series, which began with 'Sell the Pig' and 'Is That Billinge Lump?'.

Is That Billinge Lump: Sell the Pig series Book II The Sell The Pig Series 2

When british healthcare failed her ageing mother, eccentric writer Tottie decided to uproot her dysfunctional family and try again in France. But was france ready for her depressed dipsomaniac brother, her nearly nonogenarian mother who enjoyed saying “bum” and “bugger” and her elderly collie with a weak heart and his own blog?Is That Billinge Lump? continues the saga which began with Sell the Pig.

With tottie's candid style to tell a 'life in France tale' with a difference, you'll find chuckles and tears in equal measure. Did france live up to its reputation for excellence in healthcare? Did Tottie survive sharing living space with her unpredictable brother?There's only one way to find out. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


Sell the Pig: a travel tale with a twist The Sell The Pig Series Book 1

What happens when dementia, depressed dipsomania and downright dottiness decide to uproot from the UK and move to France together. Worried by the lack of care for her frail elderly mother in the UK, Tottie decides a new life elsewhere might be the answer. This is the story of what led them to make that journey.

This is a brand new edition with additional previously unseen content. Eccentric tottie, their mother, her manic depressive alcoholic brother, whose dementia has given her an obsession with bums, and an equally elderly border collie, decide France's Auvergne is to be their new home. Sell the pig is a travel tale with a twist, describing with alternating humour and poignancy how a somewhat dysfunctional family decide to uproot and move to rural France.


Hobbit House in Italy Tottie's Travels Book 1

Did accident-prone tottie make it there and back? Was her limited Italian enough to cope with unforeseen circumstances?You’ll find humour and local colour for a light-hearted look at European travel. Join tottie as she boards a high speed train and heads off for an adventure in the Apennines, staying in a Hobbit House in Italy.

This little travelogue will answer your questions. Short, sweet and sure to make you smile.

A Kilo of String

Fabulously funny - a real must for lovers of all things Greek. After living in greece for thirteen years, writer and reluctant olive farmer Rob Johnson has got used to most of the things that he and his partner Penny found so bizarre at the beginning. Most, but not all. A kilo of string is the story-so-far of this not-particularly-plucky couple’s often bewildering experiences among the descendants of Sophocles, Plato and Nana Mouskouri with occasional digressions into total irrelevances.

This is a book which is almost guaranteed not to change your life, but what it will do is answer many of the fundamental questions about life in Greece, such as:How do you avoid ordering a double tomato for your pine marten when booking a hotel room? Should olive harvesting be registered with the Dangerous Sports Association? Why are chicken livers useful other than to the chickens themselves?Oh yes, and there are some serious bits too about how life in Greece has changed since the beginning of the economic crisis.

A brilliant book, very funny and a great insight into Greece and its people. Left me laughing so hard I would have spat out my dentures, if I wore them. A kilo of string is loosely based on rob Johnson’s podcast series of the same name, which is free to listen to and download at https://rob-johnson. Org. Uk/podcasts/a-kilo-of-string/.


Are We French Yet? Keith & Val's Adventures in Provence

I knew we were in trouble as soon as Val started. And then once in a while something unexpected comes along that takes even more time. After a few sentences she started grinning. I think word had gotten out that there were Americans coming over who sort of spoke French and everyone wanted to see this oddity, kind of like a three-headed cat.

Then she started giggling. I’m nervous, ” she said, “because I’m feeling the wine a little bit. It’s all about the tonguethe first time we had a class with Geneviève, she pulled a book off a shelf and asked us to each read a few paragraphs to test our pronunciation. We ran to safety as the bull thundered past, followed by French cowboys on horseback.

Like the day the country ran out of gasoline. Can two americans really become french?Val and Keith turned their lives upside down when they quit their jobs to begin a part-time life in Provence. If you want the inside scoop on la belle france, you won’t want to miss this delightful book!From the BookVive La France!The first clue that this was not going to be a simple apéritif was when we walked into the house and saw that it was full of people.

Or maybe they’d been watching old American movies and thought we would show up with cowboy hats and six shooters and do tricks with our lassoes. Oopsevery driver was being pulled over and told to blow into a breathalyzer, which meant Val because she was the one driving. What if they put me in handcuffs and haul me off to jail? Will you know how to bail me out?” I didn’t think I would but this was definitely not the time to point that out.

Two Jills and a Tots Tottie's Travels Book 2

After all, it never rains in that part of Italy in June. Tottie’s on the road again. Ordering a brand new car for the trip was always going to be a gamble. Does it?why not put the kettle on, put your feet up and join Tottie on her latest adventure. Taking one good friend to meet another for a few days’ stay in a Hobbit House.

Nothing ever goes according to plan where Tottie is concerned. With her usual quirky humour, she describes her latest adventures on a road trip to Italy. But did it pay off?and what about the planned night of wild camping on top of a big rock? Would that pass off without incident.

Two Old Fools in Turmoil

What does the future hold for the Spanish village of El Hoyo and the two old fools?"Full of warmth, laughter, and some emotional tugs. Happily, silver linings also abound in this, the fifth Old Fools chronicle. I gave 5 stars before but victoria just gets better, so how can I improve on that rating? 5 stars again but the BIGGEST, twinkliest stars.

Julie haigh, amazon Top 1000 Reviewer. A fresh new face joins the cast of familiar characters but the return of a bad penny may be more than some can handle. New york times bestselling author*When dark, sinister clouds loom, Victoria and Joe find themselves facing life-changing decisions.