Behind the Darkened Glass: Honor and Loyalty

As he tries to hide his secret from those who have the power to destroy him, a new threat arises in the shape of Helmut Lehmann whose own loyalty to the regime will create a sinister task that may destroy Hans. As her husband fights to keep his deeds a secret, Charlotte is forced to keep secrets of her own including one so damaging it threatens to undue the happiness she has with Hans, forcing her to call her own loyalty into question.

Everyone has honor and loyalty but when the two threaten to destroy the last parts of civilization, what becomes more important? Honor or loyalty? In the aftermath of the Night of the Long Knives, honor and loyalty are interchangeable in Nazi Germany. For hans von peterson, still reeling from his actions on that fateful night, this may prove to be an impossible task.


Behind the Darkened Glass: Secrets and Lies

But will a misjudgment lead to his downfall or will it open up the door to a new, terrifying beginning?As war looms over Europe, will Hans and Charlotte be able to remain truthful to each other or will they break under the weight of the secrets and lies they swore to never share? When charlotte begins to unravel what happened that night more questions begin to appear including if she knows who her husband truly is.

Helmut lehmann has made it his mission to destroy Hans and throws all his strength into a plot that may just bring him the results he craves. As hans finds himself amid the third reich’s schemes to take over europe and start another war, he must decide what is more important—keeping secrets and lies to protect his loved ones or to be truthful and risk the repercussions that follow with such actions?As her husband struggles with the demands of his position, Charlotte finds herself with more questions than answers.

In a society where people will do anything to achieve their goals, secrets and lies are told to cover up their actions. In the wake of his fall from grace, hans von peterson has pledged to do whatever it takes to win the respect and admiration of his superiors, even if it means keeping secrets and telling lies to the one person who still believes in him; his wife.

She has never learned the truth of Hans’ fallout with Helmut and finds it still looming over her.

Behind the Darkened Glass

As adolf hitler and the nazi party take control of the country, a young German woman returns to the country of her birth. Germany, 1933. Fleeing into the arms of her aunt, Charlotte Brookfield pays no attention to the events surrounding her as she tries to recover from a devastating discovery. Hans von peterson is an officer in the country’s brutal SS.

While courting the admiration of his superior and fighting off rivalries, Hans is sent to Berlin to accomplish a seemingly impossible task. That task has Hans crossing paths with Charlotte. Despite the odds, the two begin a love affair just as the Nazis begin to tighten their grip on the country leading to a bloody climax that will change everything.


From the Ashes Berlin Fractured Book 1

From the bestselling author of the 'War Girls Series' comes a nail-biting story about Berlin sliding into the Cold War. The third reich has crumbled and Berlin is governed by the four victorious Allies. Werner böhm, a german émigré to Moscow, returns to his hometown with the highest hopes for a better future.

Sent by the communist party to bring freedom, wealth and happiness to the German people, he’s soon caught in a moral conflict between loyalty to his party and his ideals. When the woman he loves is in danger, from the ashes is the unforgettable story of a tortured man, can he take the plunge and defy the party line to save her life?Inspired by true historical events, torn between his ideals, the iron fist of Stalinism and the woman he loves.


The Occupation: Loyalties are pushed to the limits in this powerful wartime saga

Horrified by nazi acts of atrocity and torture, he soon becomes a double agent for the French Resistance. One man’s war against himself…1940, who is married to a German, Céline Huber, JerseyWhen Nazi forces occupy Jersey in the English Channel Islands, must decide where her loyalty lies. Love for her island, and fear for her Jewish friend Rachel, soon propel her into a dangerous double life.

Meanwhile, céline’s husband Fred is conscripted into the Wehrmacht in occupied France. A page-turning historical saga that will pull at your heartstrings! For fans of Freda Lightfoot, Pam Jenoff, Sebastian Faulks and Kate Atkinson. One woman’s secret war against the Nazis. But when things go wrong, and his Nazi masters discover his true allegiance, he finds he has the whole of the German Army on his tail.

How far will céline go for her best friend? will fred make his way home to her? or will their lives be changed forever by the brutality of war?THE OCCUPATION is a moving war & military saga following the separate stories of a young man and woman through the years of the Second World War as they fight to survive.


Millions of Pebbles: Book Three in A Holocaust Story Series

Benjamin rabinowitz’s life is shattered as he watches his wife, Moishe, and his son, Lila, leave to escape the Lodz ghetto. He is conflicted because he knows this is their best chance of survival, but as she comes of age, will he ever see them again?Ilsa Guhr has a troubled childhood, but he asks himself, she learns that her beauty and sexuality give her the power to get what she wants.

. As the nazis take control of Germany, she sees an opportunity to gain everything she’s ever desired. Fate will weave a web that will bring these two unlikely people into each other’s lives. But she craves an even greater power.

The Cruel Romance: A Novel of Love and War

With only moments left together, she places a cross around her beloveds neck and reluctantly releases him into a cruel world where nothing is certain, especially whether she will ever see him again. Days later, germans invade her village and take over her tiny house. On october 1941, in a small village outside Moscow, Serafima bids farewell to Vitya, a Soviet officer going to the front.

Serafima and her mother must comply with orders, and stay put, endure abuse, or their village will be annihilated. As world war ii intertwines serafimas and Vityas life with that of a young German violinist and a Russian intellectual, their destinies are irrevocably altered. This compelling story makes for a thrilling read in a setting and time that comes to life, pulling the reader into the vividly drawn, The Toad, author of When Any Kind of Love Will Do and Czar Nicholas, rarely seen world Elisabeth Amaral, and Duck Soup.

Can they rise to the challenge of agonizing moral choices and learn to forgive and love again? Praise The Cruel Romance is a tale of love, violence, and acceptance as Serafima is forced to live with what the Germans left behind.

No Woman's Land: a Holocaust novel based on a true story Women and the Holocaust Book 2

Also in the same series: "Emilia" book 1"Auschwitz Syndrome book 3. But his love for me was stronger than fear. Ilse steinthis novel is based on the inspiring and moving love story of Ilse Stein, and Willy Schultz, a German Jew, a Luftwaffe Captain in the Minsk ghetto, who risked his life to save the one he loved the most.

When the last of the jews’ rights are stripped in 1941, Ilse’s family is deported to a Minsk ghetto. A few months later, after losing almost his entire brigade of workers to one of the bloodiest massacres conducted by the SS, a local administrative officer Willy Schultz summons the survivors to form a new brigade.

Soon, an unlikely romance blossoms amid death and gore, moving a Nazi officer to go to great risks to protect not only Ilse but as many others as possible and allowing a Jewish girl to open her heart to the former enemy. Winner of the 2019 international book awards contest Readers' Favorite in the Historical Fiction category *** “It was very dangerous for him, and he knew it.

Ilse’s good looks immediately catch his eye, and he makes her a leader of the new unit and later, an office worker. Knowing that the ghetto would soon be liquidated, Willy Schultz swears to save Ilse, even if the cost would be his own life. We live together, or we die together, ” - an ultimate oath of love in the most harrowing setting.

Dark, but full of hope, haunting, “no Woman’s Land” is a testament to the love that is stronger than fear and death itself. Book two in "Women and the Holocaust" series.

Cry of the Heart: A World War II Novel

Another woman took him in, at risk to herself. Viviane renaud is a young mother living on the French Riviera in the Second World War. Almost without thinking, Viviane agrees. Viviane’s life is never the same again. With them come the SS and the Gestapo. The challenge for them now is to survive. She fabricates a story to explain how David came to be with her and must tip-toe around the suspicions of her neighbours, her friends and most of all her mother and sister.

A young jewish woman, begs her to take care of her four year old boy, fleeing from the authorities, David. The peril for jews and for those, who hide them, like Viviane, appears overwhelming. Times are hard but she is not the sort to be dismayed by circumstances. She gave away her child to save his life. One day her life changes forever.

She and her husband, find allies in unlikely places, particularly an American woman, Alain, Dorothy Pine. But then, the world crashes around them. Threatened by allied military success, Hitler sends the German army to occupy the south of France.

Endless Ordeal War Girls Book 10

Then he hopes for a fast end of World War II. But once the war ends, his ordeal doesn’t. Whisked away into the vast lands of the Soviet Union, he and his comrades cling to life by a thin thread. The fighting never stops, but their new enemies are hunger, cold, and exhaustion. Every passing day is a cycle of hope and disappointment with one single goal in mind: staying alive.

When fate in form of the soviet system throws him one drawback after another, can Johann maintain enough strength to survive and ultimately return home? The war is over, but he is stuck in in a perpetual nightmareSurrendering to the Russians is Wehrmacht Leutnant Johann Hauser’s only option.

How Dare The Birds Sing Book One in the Love and Fate Series 1

Will it be strong enough years later to allow her to reveal the ugly secret she has buried from the only person the war has left for her to love? Her fleeting relationship with him has devastating consequences, forcing her to take a humiliating way out to save herself and her family. Are lyuba and günter star-crossed lovers? when they first meet in 1933 Soviet Russia, their young love is filled with hope and naiveté until Günter disappears.

This choice unleashes a sequence of fatal events that shatter her life, affecting everyone involved. In june 1941, hurling lyuba, into the inhuman grinder, World War II comes to Russian soil, along with millions of others, testing the limits of her strength and resilience of her heart.