Best Of The Sugar Hill Years


Good Luck & True Love

Ten new songs that capture the essence of a road worn and battle scarred band of brothers that aren't afraid to take risk and tell it like it is. That's country rock, That's old school, That's Reckless Kelly! Good luck & true love is an album that encompasses the last 15 years of Reckless Kelly.


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Sunset Motel

Who's gonna be Your Baby Now11. Buckaroo4. Under lucky Stars Shrink-wrapped. Forever Today8. Reckless Kelly- Sunset Motel. Sunset Motel5. Volcano9. 1. Give it Up10 The Champ6. One more one Last Time7. How can you love him You Don't Even Like Him2. Moment in the Sun12. Radio3. Sad songs About You13.

The Highwomen

Shrink-wrapped. The highwomen is a new, collaborative movement formed by Brandi Carlie, Natalie Hemby, highly anticipated, Maren Morris and Amanda Shires. Anyone can be a Highwoman, " Belinda Carlile notes. It's about banding together, abandoning as much ego as humanly possible, holding one another up and amplifying other women every chance we get.

Shoulder to shoulder. One push, one love. Continually demonstrating the importance of inclusion and collaboration, The Highwomen are joined by several guest musicians, vocalists and songwriters across the album. The project features sheryl crow background vocals, bass, background vocals, tim hanseroth guitar, hemby, chris powell drums and Peter Levin piano and keyboards with songs written by Carlile, Lori McKenna, Rodney Clawson, Morris, background vocals, Dave Cobb acoustic/electric guitar, Jason Isbell acoustic/electric guitar, Shires, background vocals, Phil Hanseroth bass, Yola vocals, Isbell, the Hanseroth twins, Miranda Lambert and Ray LaMontagne among many others.

Shrink-wrapped. Reckless Kelly- Sunset Motel.


Shrink-wrapped. Of A. Reckless kelly is back on the rock n' roll stage with ''Bulletproof'', their most ambitious and venomous album to date. Recorded at willie nelson's legendary pedernales studios in lake Travis, Texas, ''Bulletproof'' is a call to arms, an opening salvo in Reckless Kelly's campaign to spread the nearly religious dedication of its Texas followers to fans all across the U.

S. Rollicking guitars and a relentlessly aggressive rhythm section pound out political statements alongside epic road anthems and ragged love songs. Reckless Kelly- Sunset Motel. As always, reckless kelly brings its indomitable Texas spirit to the new album, resulting in what promises to be the band's most immediate offering of their career.

Reckless Kelly- Bulletproof. Shrink-wrapped.

Wicked Twisted Road

Picking up where under the table & above the Sun left off, Reckless Kelly is back with another strong effort-once-again produced by Ray Kennedy! Shrink-wrapped. Reckless Kelly- Sunset Motel. Shrink-wrapped. Reckless Kelly- Bulletproof.

Diamonds & Gasoline

The album's debut single 'every girl', is currently blazing up the Texas Music chart and Texas Regional Radio Report - one of the fastest rising new singles from a new artist in 2010 - introducing even more listeners to the band through various radio outlets. Reckless Kelly- Sunset Motel. Cutting their teeth in roadside dancehalls and honkey-tonks has made a genuine impact on the band's unique musical style, walking the proverbial line between Woody Guthrie and Waylon Jennings.

Reckless Kelly- Bulletproof. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. The turnpike troubadours continue to gain ground on the Texas/Red Dirt Music scene, both figuratively and literally, as they play a relentless number of shows throughout Texas and Oklahoma, sharing the stage with prestigious acts of all genres. On august 31, 2010, the band is set to release it's second album - Diamonds And Gasoline, produced by Red Dirt veteran Mike McClure - on Onward Music.

The live show reflects years of coercing skeptical crowds into responding to unfamiliar music; it is fast, gritty, and often drenched in beer, but the band always delivers a masterful performance and a great time. Named for the bumpy toll-roads of Oklahoma and their rough-hewn, folk-singing heroes, the Turnpike Troubadours are proof that isolation can be the mother of originality.


Country Squire

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. New studio album produced by Sturgill Simpson. The album cover artwork was done by Tony Moore the Walking Dead, Deadpool, Fear Agent and Punisher. Shrink-wrapped. Reckless Kelly- Sunset Motel. Reckless Kelly- Bulletproof.

Long Night Moon

Long night Moon is no exception to this rule. Reckless Kelly- Bulletproof. Shrink-wrapped. The group is known for their explosive live shows and a passion for making albums of substance. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Produced by band members willy & cody braun, long night moon was mixed by ray Kennedy Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, as well as Bukka Allen piano, along with lead guitarist David Abeyta, and features additional instrumentation from legendary steel guitar player Lloyd Maines, organ and Jeff Plankenhor dobro.

2013 release, the eighth album from the Austin-based band. The album is the follow-up to 2011's Grammy-nominated Good Luck & True Love. Singles from the album include "the last Goodbye", "The Girl I Knew, " and "Be My Friend In Real Life. Reckless kelly has spent 17 years cementing their place in the Americana/Roots Rock genre.

Reckless Kelly- Sunset Motel.

Reckless Kelly Was Here CD/DVD Combo

Cd case not included. Reckless kelly was here is a recorded event that - in addition to being welcomed by the band's rabid, this taut live set highlights the Austin quintet's energetically brash blend of tequila-soaked vocals, blistering guitars, very loyal, Austin, and what ''Getting Reckless!'' is really all about! Recorded on March 31, Texas, driving rhythm, 2006 at La Zona Rosa, and rowdy fan base - provides folks a chance to see and hear what Texas Music is, and infectious melody.

In addition to capturing their live charisma, the accompanying dvd also spotlights Reckless Kelly's penchant for comedy with hilarious bonus footage that includes ''Reckless Kelly's Tips From The Road!'' Includes two new studio tracks: 'Break My Heart Tonight' and 'Wiggles & Ritalin'. Reckless Kelly- Sunset Motel.

This cd has been professionally cleaned and resurfaced. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Item is in 100% working order and guaranteed. Reckless Kelly- Bulletproof. Shrink-wrapped.