Business Law with UCC Applications

The 14th edition of business Law with UCC Applications updates many key areas of the law. All of the chapters for this edition have been updated, the genetic information nondisclosure, ethics, bankruptcy, the dodd-frank act, international law, proposed changes in the court system, mortgages, the new health care act, abandoned property, changes in state law regarding collective bargaining, and we have continued to enhance our coverage of the important topics of cyber-commerce, eminent domain, the War Powers Act, identity theft, limited liability companies LLC, trade secrets, the proposed changes in patent law, revised Uniform Partnership Act, the War Powers Act, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

. Material is presented in nine sections, which include relevant case studies featuring excerpts from the court's opinion. Content has been updated to reflect the many recent changes in the legal field and color photos throughout the text help students relate the material to their own lives. As in previous editions, a great deal of care has been taken to present business law concepts in the most coherent and accessible way and to provide up-to-date coverage of business law topics that are essential to today’s students.


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Marketing: The Core Irwin Marketing

Kerin, Steven W. Marketing: the Core 7/E by Roger A. Hartley.

Essentials of Business Communication with Premium Website, 1 term 6 months Printed Access Card

Please note that the Premium Website access code is included in new copies of the text. You'll find increased coverage of professional social media communication, electronic messages and digital media. Access codes and supplements are not guaranteed with used items. You'll learn basic writing skills and then apply these skills to a variety of e-mails, memos, letters, reports, and resumes.

Extraordinary exercises help you build confidence as you review grammar, punctuation, and writing guidelines. Strengthen your business communication skills with the streamlined presentation and unparalleled learning resources found only in the award-winning ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, 10E. Realistic, updated model documents and new exercises and activities introduce the latest business communication practices.

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Contemporary Management

It provides vivid, large and small, current examples of how managers of companies, address the challenges and opportunities they face and how they can effectively meet them. Contemporary management 10e mirrors the changes taking place in today's management practice by incorporating recent developments in management theory and research.

A hallmark's how the authors infuse real managers who seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and effectively manage and lead their organizations in their Manager as a Person feature. Central to the books’ approach, boxed material is seamlessly integrated and an integral part of the learning experience; it is not disembodied from the chapter narrative.


Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain

Managing operations across the supply chain offers a global, supply chain perspective of operations management―a treatment that embraces the foundations of operations management but includes new frameworks, concepts, and tools to address the demands of today and changing needs of the future. We live in dynamic and exciting times due to many changes affecting nearly every aspect of business- including operations management.

. This third edition reflects key shifts in operations management. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.

Beyond Integrity: A Judeo-Christian Approach to Business Ethics

Revisions include: • 30 new case studies • numerous new readings • 50% substantially revised • Sidebars reflecting issues in the news and business press • Summaries and material for discussion With the goal of helping readers arrive at their own conclusions, this book provides a decision-making model.

Readings from a wide range of sources present competing perspectives on each issue, and real-life case studies further help the reader grapple with ethical dilemmas. Beyond integrity is neither excessively theoretical nor simplistic and dogmatic. Beyond integrity equips men and women to develop a biblically-based approach to the ethical challenges of twenty-first century business.

The authors conclude each chapter with their own distinctly Christian commentary on the topic covered. Rather, it offers a balanced and pragmatic approach to a number of concrete ethical issues. This third edition has been revised to provide the most up-to-date introduction to the issues Christians face in today’s constantly changing business culture.


Principles of Managerial Finance, Brief 7th Edition- Standalone book Pearson Series in Finance

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Business Ethics Now

What should i do? is the cornerstone question for a multitude of ethical considerations - and the basis for this text. How we function when ethical challenges arrive in our "real" lives is the framework for Andrew Ghillyer's Business Ethics NowThis application-based text takes the theory of business ethics and applies it to the realistic scenarios that students may encounter at all stages of their careers.


Foundations of Marketing

South-Western Pub. Captivating photos, advertisements, videos, such as podcasts, and an interactive marketing plan, while a wealth of learning supplements, and examples from actual life illustrate the issues, screenshots, help you develop the practical decision-making and marketing skills you need for professional success.

Discover the essentials in today's marketing and examine the latest trends with the significant visuals and stimulating, timely discussions in the book that's popular with students from all backgrounds: FOUNDATIONS OF MARKETING, 7E. You study emerging topics, entrepreneurship, and new trends in marketing, such as social and environmental responsibility, as the authors depict the changing nature of business and prepare you for success in a competitive world.

. Meaningful coverage of current marketing strategies and concepts explores social media, supply chain management, globalization, customer relationship management, sustainability, and digital marketing.