Cognitive Psychology For Dummies

For Dummies. Cognitive psychology for dummies follows the structure of a typical university course, which makes it the perfect supplement for students in need of a clear and enjoyable overview of the topic. Obtain a practical understanding of the core concepts of cognitive psychology Supplement required course reading with clear and easy-to-understand overviews Gain confidence in your ability to apply your knowledge of cognitive psychology Prepare for upcoming exams or topic discussions Cognitive Psychology For Dummies is the perfect resource for psychology students who need a clear and readable overview of the core concepts of cognitive psychology.

This practical resource cuts through the academic-speak to provide a clear understanding of the most important elements of cognitive psychology. Unlike the dense and jargon-laden content found in most psychology textbooks, this practical guide provides readers with easy-to-understand explanations of the fundamental elements of cognitive psychology so that they are able obtain a firm grasp of the material.

The complexities of a field that explores internal mental processes – including the study of how people perceive, remember, think, speak, and solve problems – can be overwhelming for first-year psychology students. Demystify the core concepts of cognitive psychology Written specifically for psychology students – and not other academics - Cognitive Psychology For Dummies is an accessible and entertaining introduction to the field.


Psychology For Dummies

Understand why you feel and act the way you do Psychology For Dummies is a fun, user-friendly guide to the basics of human behavior and mental processes. For Dummies. With this book as your guide, you'll: gain profound insights into human nature; understand yourself better; make sense of individual and group behaviors; explore different approaches in psychology; recognize problems in yourself and others; make informed choices when seeking psychological counseling; and much more.

Adam cash cuts through the jargon to explain what psychology is all about and what it tells you about why you do the things you do. In plain english—and using lots of everyday examples—psychologist Dr. Shows you how understanding human psychology can help you make better decisions, anorexia to xenophobia, and set goals Helps you make informed choices when seeking psychological counseling Serves as an invaluable supplement to classroom learning From Freud to forensics, manage your time to a greater degree, avoid things that cause stress, Psychology For Dummies takes you on a fascinating journey of self discovery.


Social Psychology For Dummies

Written for psychology students, Social Psychology For Dummies is an accessible and entertaining introduction to the field. Whether you plan is to get ahead of the game or make up for lost time, we have you covered. Online accessible review questions for each chapter are available to consolidate learning.

. Social psychology for dummies follows a typical university course, which makes it the perfect reference if you're in need of a clear and enjoyable overview of the topic. For Dummies. For Dummies.

Neuroscience For Dummies

Covering the most recent scientific discoveries and complemented with helpful diagrams and engaging anecdotes that help bring the information to life, this updated edition offers a compelling and plain-English look at how the brain and nervous system function. Packed with new content on genetics and epigenetics and increased coverage of hippocampus and depression, this new edition of Neuroscience For Dummies is an eye-opening and fascinating read for readers of all walks of life.

Simply put, the human brain is an endlessly fascinating subject: it holds the secrets to your personality, memories, use of language, and the way your body operates. Wiley. Covers how gender affects brain function illustrates why some people are more sensitive to pain than others Explains what constitutes intelligence and its different levels Offers guidance on improving your learning What is the biological basis of consciousness? How are mental illnesses related to changes in brain function? Find the answers to these and countless other questions in Neuroscience For Dummies, 2nd Edition For Dummies.

. For Dummies. Get on the fast track to understanding neuroscience investigating how your senses work, how you move, Neuroscience For Dummies, and how you think and feel, 2nd Edition is your straight-forward guide to the most complicated structure known in the universe: the brain. In just the past few years alone, exciting new technologies and an explosion of knowledge have transformed the field of neuroscience—and this friendly guide is here to serve as your roadmap to the latest findings and research.


Psychology Statistics For Dummies

Used book in Good Condition. The introduction to statistics that psychology students can't afford to be without Understanding statistics is a requirement for obtaining and making the most of a degree in psychology, a fact of life that often takes first year psychology students by surprise. Filled with jargon-free explanations and real-life examples, Psychology Statistics For Dummies makes the often-confusing world of statistics a lot less baffling, and provides you with the step-by-step instructions necessary for carrying out data analysis.

Wiley. Psychology statistics for dummies: serves as an easily accessible supplement to doorstop-sized psychology textbooks Provides psychology students with psychology-specific statistics instruction Includes clear explanations and instruction on performing statistical analysis Teaches students how to analyze their data with SPSS, the most widely used statistical packages among students For Dummies.

. For Dummies.

Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies

Inside, you'll find expert coverage of qualitative and quantitative research methods, laboratory observations, case studies, including surveys, tests and experiments—and much more. For Dummies. For Dummies. Wiley. For Dummies. Serves as an excellent supplement to course textbooks provides a clear introduction to the scientific method Presents the methodologies and techniques used in psychology research Written by the authors of Psychology Statistics For Dummies If you're a first or second year psychology student and want to supplement your doorstop-sized psychology textbook—and boost your chances of scoring higher at exam time—this hands-on guide breaks down the subject into easily digestible bits and propels you towards success.

Written in plain english and packed with easy-to-follow instruction, this friendly guide takes the intimidation out of the subject and tackles the fundamentals of psychology research in a way that makes it approachable and comprehensible, no matter your background. Your hands-on introduction to research methods in psychology looking for an easily accessible overview of research methods in psychology? This is the book for you! Whether you need to get ahead in class, or you just want a take on a topic that's not covered in your textbook, you're pressed for time, Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies has you covered.

Used book in Good Condition.

Child Psychology and Development For Dummies

For Dummies. In the U. S. More than 10% of children are diagnosed with psychiatric disorders, while countless others remain undiagnosed. How to identify and treat mental disorders covers behavior disorders, develop self esteem, Child Psychology & Development For Dummies provides a detailed overview of an average child's cognitive development, how to detect abnormalities, teachers, reading disabilities, autism, and have good relationships An essential guide for parents, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, and more Guidance on helping a child control impulses, and caregivers, and what to do next.

For Dummies. A complete and comprehensive guide to why kids behave and think the way they do-and how to bring out the best in them. Wiley. Used book in Good Condition. With new discoveries in mental disorders that affect children, Child Psychology & Development For Dummies provides an informational guide to cognitive development at every stage of a child's life, treat, as well as how to diagnose, and overcome the cognitive barriers that impede learning and development.

For Dummies. For Dummies. Defining what is "normal" and what is not is of great concern to anyone who works with, guides, nurtures, teaches, or parents children.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies

An updated edition of the bestselling guide on reprogramming one's negative thoughts and behaviour Once the province of mental health professionals, manage anger, CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has gained wide acceptance as the treatment of choice for anyone looking to overcome anxiety, beat an addiction, lose weight or simply gain a new outlook on life.

For Dummies. Wiley. Used book in Good Condition. Includes tips on establishing ten healthy attitudes for living as well as ten ways to lighten up helps you chart a path by defining problems and setting goals Offers advice on taking a fresh look at your past, including chapters on how to beat an addiction and overcome body image issues With indispensable advice on finding your way out of the debilitating maze of negative thoughts and actions, overcoming any obstacles to progress as well as ways to maintain your CBT gains Includes new and refreshed content, the book is brimming with invaluable suggestions that will have even a confirmed pessimist well armed for the journey forward.

Written by two cbt therapists, anger, this bestselling guide helps you apply the principles of CBT in your everyday life-allowing you to spot errors in your thinking; tackle toxic thoughts; refocus and retrain your awareness; and finally, depression, stand up to and become free of the fear, and obsessions that have been plaguing you.

For Dummies. For Dummies. Wiley Publishing. For Dummies.

Critical Thinking Skills For Dummies

For Dummies. For Dummies. You'll also find tips and guidance on reading between the lines, planning research projects or just keen to give your brain a workout, assessing validity – and even advice on when not to apply logic too rigidly! Critical Thinking Skills for Dummies: Provides tools and strategies from a range of disciplines great for developing your reflective thinking skills Offers expert guidance on sound reasoning and textual analysis Shows precisely how to use concept mapping and brainstorming to generate insights Demonstrates how critical thinking skills is a proven path to success as a student Whether you're undertaking reviews, Critical Thinking Skills For Dummies equips you with everything you need to succeed.

For Dummies. Used book in Good Condition. With this accessible and friendly guide, and conclusions, evaluate evidence, methodology, you'll get plain-English instruction on how to identify other people's assumptions, and interpret texts effectively. Turbocharge your reasoning with critical thinking  just what are the ingredients of a great argument? what is the secret to communicating your ideas clearly and persuasively? And how do you see through sloppy thinking and flim-flam?  If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, then this book is for you!  These days, strong critical thinking skills provide a vital foundation for academic success, and Critical Thinking Skills For Dummies offers a clear and unintimidating introduction to what can otherwise be a pretty complex topic.

For Dummies. Wiley Publishing. For Dummies.

Psych 101: Psychology Facts, Basics, Statistics, Tests, and More! Adams 101

Used book in Good Condition. Wiley. For Dummies. Psych 101 psychology Facts Basics Statistics Tests and More. Psych 101 cuts out the boring details and statistics, and instead, gives you a lesson in psychology that keeps you engaged - and your synapses firing. From personality quizzes and the Rorschach Blot Test to B.

F. Skinner and the stages of development, this primer for human behavior is packed with hundreds of entertaining psychology basics and quizzes you can't get anywhere else. So whether you're looking to unravel the intricacies of the mind, or just want to find out what makes your friends tick, Psych 101 has all the answers - even the ones you didn't know you were looking for.

A hands-on approach to exploring the human mindToo often, textbooks turn the noteworthy theories, principles, and experiments of psychology into tedious discourse that even Freud would want to repress. Wiley Publishing. For Dummies. For Dummies. For Dummies. For Dummies.

Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook

For Dummies. Those taking courses in computer science, physiology, education, linguistics, and medicine will also find it an invaluable resource. New to this edition: thoroughly revised throughout to include the latest research and developments in the field Extended coverage of cognitive neuroscience Additional content on computational cognitive science New and updated case studies demonstrating real life applications of cognitive psychology Fully updated companion website Cognitive Psychology: A Student’s Handbook will be essential reading for all undergraduate students of psychology.

With a strong focus on considering human cognition in context, the book has been designed to help students develop a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of cognitive psychology, providing them with detailed knowledge of the very latest advances in the field. For Dummies. Used book in Good Condition.

Psychology Press. For Dummies. Wiley. The book is clearly organised, and offers comprehensive coverage of all the key areas of cognitive psychology. For Dummies. For Dummies.