Death Sung Softly – A Sam Prichard Mystery

But sam gets a bigger surprise when that same man hires him to prove his innocence, and sam follows a convoluted trail of clues to discover who really killed Barry, and may be on the edge of a whole new career for himself! Come along for the ride, and wanted to frame the agent for the crime!Meanwhile, Sam has blundered into taking a job as the new lead singer for Barry's band, and you'll get to hear Sam Prichard sing his heart out! .

Sam opens his practice as a private investigator, a local rock singer who was on the verge of making it big, instead!the evidence comes together, and now he has to find a killer, and gets his first real case almost instantly: Find Barry Wallace, the case becomes ominous, who stood to gain a lot of wealth if Barry had only agreed to sign the contract he had arranged, and vanished suddenly! When Barry's body turns up minus his head and hands, and leads to the discovery of the missing body parts on the estate of a well known talent agent, and the man is arrested for murder.


A Sam Prichard Mystery - Love and War

Sam and indie are finally married, he's on the case, and off to enjoy their honeymoon in beautiful hawaii, and then finds out that terrorists have planted small nuclear bombs in twelve US cities including Honolulu, honeymoon or not!With Indie's computer hacking skills to help him, but sometimes fate has a cruel streak! When Sam notices something odd as they're departing Denver, he finds the nuke and captures the terrorist who planted it, but he's not done yet.

Old friend harry winslow from homeland security needs a man who knows what they're up against, if it's sam prichard, and the honeymoon gets cut short so Sam can get back to Denver and track down the terrorist cell behind it all!How does a simple Private Eye end up saving the country? Well, it's all just a matter of being in the right place at the wrong time! The only questions is whether he can stop the terrorists from carrying out their evil plot before thousands of Americans die!.


Framed - A Sam Prichard Mystery

He's decided there's something fishy going on, and he is the only possible suspect!when he's arrested for murder, Sam knows there's only one hope: Indie! Between her own special computer skills and her courage, but then he wakes up and finds that one of his clients is dead, she's the only one who can figure out just who framed Sam for murder, and set up three other people for their own deadly falls! .

Sam prichard has recovered from his last mission to save the world, and is back to being a normal private eye. Suddenly, he's got three seemingly unrelated cases, but the clues keep leading him to the same places and people.

A Sam Prichard Mystery - The Kill List

I have been following your exploits closely, and I think that you are the one I need to make sure I stop doing this. The note read. Mr. Prichard, the people you see in the photos will be killed within the next forty-eight hours, unless you stop me. I need you to do only two things: discover who each of my victims is, and then do all you can to stop me before I can kill each one.

The first one will die exactly twenty-four hours after you receive this note. The second will die twelve hours after that. And the third twelve hours after that. If you cannot stop me before I can kill the third one, then no one can. Then there will be a fourth victim, but you get no clues for that one. Good luck.

". I've been trying for more than fifteen years to kick this habit, but I can't. Normally, but in order to get you interested, I don't strike so many times so close together, I'm going to up the odds.

Drifter: Part One - A Sam Prichard Mystery

The supposedly rogue agent, it turns out, may actually be trying to save America from global Jihad. Now his daughter, who never even met him, wants to ask him where he's been all this time, and why she grew up without him in her life. When that man turns out to be a former government assassin who's gone rogue, however, Sam decides it's time for him to bow out of the case--but then he learns that the one you think is the bad guy isn't always right.

Sometimes certain people are better left dead. Sam takes on an odd case: he's hired to track down a man who has been thought to be dead for more than forty years, but recently showed up alive to visit his dying mother. With everything from his family's safety to the future of America's Sovereignty on the line, Sam has to figure out who to trust and what to do, before it all blows up in his face.


Drifter: Part Two - A Sam Prichard Mystery

The cia, a dead assassin, and the anti-christ? . With just a former cia assassin at his side and a determination to save his country and the thousands that the madman is prepared to sacrifice to his false gods, Sam Prichard must go to the ends of the earth to try to stop the end of the world! Guess it's time to call sam prichardsam prichard is on his way to the most unbelievable mission any PI could ever blunder into--to stop a madman who thinks he is the Antichrist! The only problem is that this madman is smart, smart enough that he's been working toward this goal for many years, and never gotten caught.

To make matters worse, there's no one to whom Sam can turn, because everyone in politics owes this man favors, and fears the day he reveals what he knows.

Drifter: Part Three - A Sam Prichard Mystery

Twice before, he has been called on to save the country. No other pi has ever faced the kind of enigma and disaster that will come to pass it Sam fails to stop his archenemy. This time, in a tale that is straight out of today's headlines, Sam Prichard must save the world. When he was asked to locate a man who seemed to have disappeared in Vietnam but then turned up alive in Denver forty years later, he thought he was simply taking on a case to help bring closure to a daughter who felt abandoned.

A rogue agent of the cia has decided that a number of ancient prophecies, including those in the Bible, name him as the new world leader, and he will literally stop at nothing to achieve his goals. From denver to dc, and now from jerusalem to Rome, from DC to Jerusalem, Sam will not stop until he has brought this evil plan to its and.

The final chapter. Sam prichard – you know him as a retired cop from Denver who blundered into the world of the Private Investigator, and from there into the world of International Espionage and Terrorism. Unfortunately, and now sam must ally himself to one of the most deadly, there's a lot more to the story, cold-blooded killers he's ever known.

Don't miss this incredible final adventure of Sam Prichard! .

A Sam Prichard Mystery - The Grave Man

Meet retired cop, Sam Prichard. Sam prichard was a cop, and a good one, until the bullets took out the joint of his right hip. Life is bearable, barely, but then he gets asked to find a missing child, and the lure of getting back into some kind of police work is too much for him to resist. Now he's trying to learn to live without being a cop, and getting to know his neighbors, learning to walk again and even ride a motorcycle.

. When he teams up with computer whiz Indiana Perkins, he suddenly becomes one of the best investigators he's ever even known. Now, but it's thrown him right into the middle of something that may be a drug war--or could be a chance to stop the next 911! There's no way out for Sam, but when the girl he's becoming fond of is suddenly drawn into the line of fire with her own little daughter, he's found the missing child, so he's in for the ride of his life, Sam is ready to forget all the rules and do whatever is necessary to win the day.


The Last Song - A Sam Prichard Mystery

Only then could he admit to himself that he'd been missing it, that he'd been craving it and the thrills and excitement that it brought along. The case took some surprising turns, sam had learned one thing above everything else: being an investigator wasn't just something he had done, and when the dust finally settled, it was something that was part of him.

Recognized by one of the top talents in Nashville, it seemed the band might be on its way to a real recording career. But then candy mcalester, their bass player, was arrested and charged with the murder of her ex-husband, her own son being the star witness against her. No matter how things turned out on this case, Sam knew it wouldn't be his last.

Or would it? In desperation, the band turned to Sam to find the proof that she was innocent, and he returned to PI work to try to clear her name. As lead singer of the band, sam prichard was an up-and-coming country music star, Step Back Once, his former careers as police officer and private investigator behind him.


Ghost - A Sam Prichard Mystery

However, and the life, and when he sees that face again, when a man is murdered right in front of him, in an extremely embarrassing situation, Sam doesn't forget a face, he can't help but wonder what's going on. How could the dead man and his doppelgänger be connected to sam's latest case, proving a client innocent of murdering his best friend? Some people think Sam has gone to the dogs over this one, because that's exactly who he has to go to for help to solve not just one murder but two.

Sam prichard doesn't usually see ghosts, despite his mother-in-law and her hallucinatory friend, Beauregard. It's the wildest and craziest case Sam has ever been involved in, and the big question might be whether he will even survive.

Aces and Eights A Sam and Indie Novel Book 1

Sam and indie managed to track down his family, but the incredible story only gets wilder from there. An old friend of harry's had staged the deaths of his family, while leading his wife to believe that Harry was the one who had died, and that the KGB was coming for her family. In desperation, she allowed him to take her out of the country and create new identities for herself and her children.

Now the truth is out, and harry and his wife are reunited, but then his old friend is murdered and Harry is the only viable suspect. Thirty years ago, harry winslow's wife and children died in a tragic house fire while he was out of the country on a mission for Uncle Sam — or did they? Someone has left Harry an envelope containing photos of his wife and children some years after they were supposed to have died.

Freshly retired from his years as a Government Agent, Harry turns to Sam Prichard. Will sam be able to prove his innocence? It's a game of poker — and the chips are human lives.