Domestic Bliss Hollywood Hearts Book 3

Unless the feisty brunette met him years before he’d perfected his cool demeanor. Fourteen years later, our reunion was less heart and more kick. Turns out quinn is just as hot and bothered to see me as I am her and I have the head injury to prove it. Please note: brand new cover and new title but same great steamy story.

From a secret duo of usa today bestselling authors comes another sexy second chance romantic comedy STANDALONE. People like to see the womanizing jerk fall…the one who takes the number, but never calls? The guy who beds and never weds? Everyone wants to see that guy fall in love, right? Pfft. Unless she carved a spot out of his heart that never fully healed.

Our first meeting kick started my heart. Sounds like a script straight out of one of the box office movies my clients make. Get your head out of the clouds because in real life the arrogant player doesn’t fall head over heels for the feisty brunette.

Animal Attraction Hollywood Hearts Book 2

Believe me, been there and done that. But the sexual tension between us is like a game of tug-of-war and neither of us wants to lose. I love dogs. She hates them. Turns out, we both love doggie style. Please note: brand new cover and title but same great steamy story inside. Everything about Teegan screams unavailable.

If people want to guess at my sexuality because I design dog clothes for a living—let them. Now with teegan lowery in my life I’m suddenly panting right next to Cooper, hoping for a taste. I hired her for her stellar pr skills, but she’s slowly weaseling her way into a spot I’ve kept a NO VACANCY sign on for years.

. I know the truth. From a secret duo of usa today Bestselling authors comes another sexy romantic comedy STANDALONE. Rumors never bothered me. The last thing i need is another dramatic, high maintenance woman in my life. I’m a red-blooded heterosexual male and just because I don’t have my tongue hanging out of my mouth around every female like my dog Cooper, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the female form.


Mister Mom Hollywood Hearts Book 1

We can leave the past, in the past, right?I thought my charm would win her over. From a secret duo of usa today bestselling Authors, comes another sexy romantic comedy STANDALONE. She needed a nanny. I needed a lead actress. Somehow I became The Manny. Secrets and lies are a killer way to start any partnership—especially a horizontal one.

Now, after the ‘you’re fired’ speech was directed at me, so, I’m a glass half full kinda of guy, I figure now’s the time to be the screenwriter I came to sunny California to be. As there are vegans in the pacific northwest. But she doesn’t need to know about that one tiny detail, does she? All that matters is getting her to agree to do the film and I’ll do whatever it takes.

Never would i have been prepared for the terms she laid out on the table. Please note: brand new cover and name but same great steamy story inside. And that one specific actress? Well of course, it just has to be the same actress I screwed over only months before. Unfortunately, there are about as many people trying to sell a script in L.

A. Because the investor will only agree to fund my film if I use one specific actress.

Cold As Ice Bedroom Games Book 1

Now, as both of us prepare to go for gold, I’m seeing her in a whole different light—and it involves a whole lotta different positions. The funny thing is, i barely noticed her back when she was trying to keep up with us on the slopes. All mia salter cares about is that I’m her brother’s ex-best friend and it’s her duty to hate me.

. It may be winter games, but the bedroom games are about to begin…Competing in South Korea on the world stage is hard enough. Having to spend the entire press tour beforehand with a woman who hates me? Karma really is a bitch. While she’s spent the last four years loathing me, I’ve spent them ignoring the guilt that gnaws at my stomach.

No one said the path to the Olympics would be easy.

Sexy Beast Single Dads Club Book 3

Charlie. She’s everything i shouldn’t want, but someone needs to tell that to my damn libido because every time she’s around I have a constant case of blue balls. There’s a list of reasons why i shouldn’t give into what i feel—she’s my best friend’s little sister, she’s seen me at my most vulnerable, and the biggest one—she’s the first person in eleven years who has the potential to break me.

From a secret duo of usa today bestselling authors, comes another COMPLETE STANDALONE in the Single Dads Club set of books. It’s time. Time to get a life. Time to start over. Time to move beyond the past. The guys in the single dads club would tell you it was time years ago, but until recently, the risk of hurting my little girl outweighed the benefit of getting a piece of ass.

Now that i have a tween daughter on my hands? it’s becoming more apparent with every poster hung on the wall, every fight over wearing make-up and every uncomfortable conversation about puberty, that at least one of us needs a female touch in our lives. Jesus. I can’t even think the words ‘female touch’ without thinking of her.

Charlotte Rose.

Dirty Talker Single Dads Club Book 2

The other guys in the Single Dads Club razz me for wearing the crown of the forever bachelor. Unfortunately for her, I’m too selfish of a prick to care—until I do. The one who’ll be in his seventies chasing down young hotties in his wheelchair. Then why the hell does ava pearson—an outdoorsy girl, a brunette, my bar…well, and a woman who screams stability and responsibility—seem to be the only woman on my mind lately?Especially when I’ve got enough obligations without adding any complications to the mix—my son, that’s about it.

But that’s enough for a guy like me. It’s the cupcakes. It’s gotta be the cupcakes she bakes that keep me coming back for more. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Well, it’s apparently a direct target to his dick, too. Did i forget to mention that she’s my buddy’s daughter…another member’s daughter?Ava might say she can handle being friends-with-benefits, but I’m not sure she can.

. From a duo of usa today bestselling authors comes a one night stanD/SINGLE DAD SEXY ROMCOM STANDALONE. Turn-ons…Party girls. Platinum blondes. Zero expectations.

On Thin Ice Bedroom Games Book 2

I’ve pulled off amazing feats in the past, but getting Demi to agree to sleep with me throughout the games might require divine intervention. I need to concentrate on winning gold anyway. A little loud and some buzz kills might say obnoxious, but if you’re around me I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

Unless your name is Demi Harrison. If that’s the case, you’d act like I’m the devil incarnate and go out of your way to avoid me. Which makes zero sense because at the last Olympic Games I rocked her world. Whatever though. I was at the top of the standings coming into the games, but since arriving in Korea I’ve lost my edge.

The winter games have begun…I’m the life of the party. I was never one for superstitions, but I can’t deny that there’s only one difference between my previous medal winning games, and these ones—her.

Break the Ice Bedroom Games Book 3

I’m an Olympian after all. The winter games are over, but the bedroom games are just beginning…This is about the time I normally hang up my snowboard and chill for a while. What else could remind me of my place in her life more than watching her fall for someone else?I can deal. I’m going to help her comb through every dating app available until she finds the perfect man.

Turns out having your gorgeous, single, sexy friend wait on you hand and foot can blur the lines between friendship and romance. Which is exactly why I’ve decided to help her find a boyfriend. Yeah, you heard me right. A broken arm. Since i’m not close to my family, I head to my best friend, Skylar’s pad to recoup.

I’m used to pushing through pain. Except this year. This year, i’m dealing with what fate dealt me at the Winter Games—nope, not gold.

Happy Hour Charity Case Book 3

And i've always wondered what that stubble on his face would feel like between my thighs. The problem? he's the one man I hate more than my ex-husband…His divorce attorney. GofigureDating is hard. Dating in your thirties is even harder. Dating in Chicago is harder still. I haven't given up on finding my happily-ever-after, but in the age of swiping right and Netflix and chill, I'm wondering if everything is as temporary as my marriage turned out to be.

Truth is, there is one guy I can't get my mind off of. Roarke baldwin has salt and pepper hair I've dreamed of running my hands through and I'm pretty sure that if I checked he really does have a six pack of abs underneath his suit. A sexy enemies-to-lovers romcom standalone by a duo of USA Today Bestselling authors.

The perfect man for her is the one she hates most.

Afternoon Delight Charity Case Book 2

I have one type. Bad Boy. I'm not that naïve young girl anymore so I have to ignore the fact that the way he looks at me practically sets my panties on fire. Everyone deserves a second chance to right a wrong. He might come in a different package, but under that expensive suit he's still the same cocky, arrogant, pompous prick who only cares about numero uno.

I just kept flying through the pages, heart in my throat. Nerdy, dirty and flirty Book BlogThe perfect man for me is the one who broke my heart. A second chance romcom standalone from a duo of usa today bestselliNG AUTHORS. The problem? he's not just an ex-boyfriend…He's my ex-husband. The only problem is nice, solid, and respectable comes in a meh package and is B-O-R-I-N-G as hell.

It's been established. But there's nothing like the allure of a man who takes what he wants without apology. I tried the other flavors, I really did. ThanksbutnothanksOnce bitten. Twice shy. Yeah, I wish. I'm on a mission to find myself a nice, solid, respectable man.

Real Deal Single Dads Club Book 1

Damn. From a duo of usa today bestselling authors comes a SINGLE DAD SEXY ROMCOM STANDALONE. Red flags…Too loud. Too clingy. Too much make-up. In no way compatible. When we’re together all the complications fade away and I have to keep reminding myself, even if I can have her— I can’t keep her. Time. The fact that she doesn’t remember me from six years before grates on me until I don’t have it in me to leave her alone any longer.

Every. But our lives are opposites in every way. The other guys in the single Dad’s Club would say I’m obsessed with finding them. But none of their kid’s mothers call a maximum-security prison home either, so their opinions mean shit. Caterina santora has her own list of red flags…She’s too young. She’s my client’s daughter.

She’s my five-year old’s camp counselor. Even after repeating this mantra to myself every morning on the way to Lily’s summer camp, that mantra turns into ride me, guess what happens the moment I see Cat? Yeah, doggie style and reverse cowgirl. I have to have her. I could go on and on.