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Eighteenth Street Lounge Soundtracks - Jet Society

Falling loosely under the rubric of the '90s lounge/exotica craze--specifically the revival of interest in bossa nova, samba, and Brazilian-inflected jazz-funk styles--this CD culls a consistently interesting set of tracks from a widespread network of musicians and record labels. Although some of the artists actually hail from Brazil, others are spreading the good word from France, Italy, and even Norway.

Overall, the mix of rhythmic complexity, emotional cool, and a slightly kitschy sensibility will satisfy aficionados and may pleasantly surprise newcomers. Also from italy, the cordara orchestra presents the cd's title track, representing the Irma Records stable, a gently melancholy instrumental that has early '70s sit-com written all over it--you can just see Jack Klugman or Mary Tyler Moore having a pensive walk in the park after some minor and not irreversible emotional defeat.

Italy's nicola conte's "bossa per due" combines organ, and wordless singing with a little sitar and synthesizer, guitar, swooping into a breezy four minutes. Bob bannister. Portugal's nortesul records starts the collection with a delicately beautiful song from singer Teresa, and the perfect balance of solid groove and chanteuse vocals hits a peak with the Tom y Joyce track "Vai Minha Tristeza", one of several tracks from performers associated with France's Yellow Productions.


Modular Systems


Den of Thieves: The Sound of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music

With a diverse lineup, thieves wanders all over the globe, from Nicola Conte’s Rio-in-spring remix of Ursula 1000’s "Samba 1000" to the baroque trance-jazz of Blue States. Washington D. C. S eighteenth street lounge functions not only as the town hot spot, it’s also the label name and recording studio for Thievery Corporation and their cadre of like-minded "outernationalists.

Fusing pieces of latin lounge, and acid jazz, the Den of Thieves compilation features the label’s smooth, loose downtempo, trip-hop, as airy and cool as white linen on a hot day. Matthew Cooke. Elsewhere, the karminsky experience delves into sitars and ambient breakbeats for "Exploration, " while Federico Aubele lets the dub flow for "El Amor De Este Pueblo.

But no matter where thieves meanders, it keeps the mood on the edge of tranquility enough to keep your head nodding yet not enough to break up the conversation.

Treasures from the Temple

Blending their signature sound with classic dub, dancehall, and roots vibes. Shrink-wrapped. The 12 track treasures from the temple is a continuation from their last album Temple of I & I, recorded in Port Antonio. Based electronic duo featuring artists: Mr. 11th studio album from D. C. Lif, racquel jones, notch, Natalia Clavier, Sitali, and Lou Lou Ghelichkhani.


Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi

Eighteenth Street. 2006. Shrink-wrapped. The classic debut album from electronic music pioneers Thievery Corporation, repackaged as a digipak with two exclusive bonus tracks 'Sun, Moon, and Stars' and 'Sleeper Car'.