Flatline Medicine and Magic Book 1

Paralyzed. I hide from death trying to save lives, but I can’t hide from my magic forever. I’ve avoided the magic on the this side of the Veil, staying within the realm of the nonmagical while training as an ER doctor. Everything changes when I make the mistake of saving a sexy knight of the mage council from a magical attack.

Postmortem3. Now i’m caught up in a magical plot beyond my abilities. Survival requires i use the dark magic flowing within me, i need to use my training to protect me, but can I do it and avoid detection? And can I learn why my magic is so different than others with dark magic? I’m used to living on the edge of the magical world, but when I’m thrust into the heart of it, or I’ll lose everything I’ve worked for.

Flatline is a fast-paced fantasy mystery with a mixture of medicine and magic that will leave you breathless. Medicine and Magic1. Not only am i revealed to the council, but when a high-ranking member of the council is poisoned, and no magical treatment is effective, I’m called upon to figure out what happened—and how to save him.

Flatline2. Malignant Magic4. If they discover my type of magic, the chances are good they’ll burn it out of me, and in doing so, destroy my mind. Anaphylaxis6.

Postmortem Medicine and Magic Book 2

The magical world calls to me but I want nothing more than to heal. Working in the er gives me a chance to help people while hiding from the magical world. With my work suffering, i have to find a way to end the magic attacks, or I might not only be forced into the magical world, I might lose my job. Postmortem is a fast-paced fantasy mystery with a mixture of medicine and magic that will leave you breathless.

The dark council wants to use me, but I worry as much about the mage council discovering what I am. They’ll be forced to kill me. It’s a place where few magical folk ever visit, and never by choice. When a patient comes into the er with a magical injury, I’m forced to use my magic to heal, but doing so draws the wrong kind of attention to me.

It’s worse. Wanting nothing more than to hide from my powers, I’m thrust into the center of a budding war between factions of mages. This time, i doubt aron can help, especially since I know my type of magic isn’t dark magic at all. Much worse. They’ll do worse than burn off my magic.

Malignant Magic Medicine and Magic Book 3

An ancient and deadly magic comes calling in my ER. I’ve managed to stay under the radar as I continue my ER residency. All i need is to finish it out and I can get away from Minneapolis and the magic all around me. And still do… even if I can’t help it as magic begins to creep into my work. When an injured shifter shows up in my er with my name on him, I have no choice but to try and understand why, but doing so risks exposing my magical side to the one place I wanted to conceal it from.

Partnering with aron leads to a discovery in the north woods that I alone think will impact magic in the city. For so long, that was what I wanted. When the mage council refuses to get involved with shifter business, I lean on a different sort of ally, but even that might not be enough to save us. The magic attacking is like nothing I’ve faced before.

. This time, the Veil can’t protect us. And as the attacks progress, i need to figure out what sort of magic I have to stop the threat—or I’ll be the next victim. Malignant magic is a fast-paced fantasy mystery with a mixture of medicine and magic that will keep you reading late into the night. A search for answers yields only more questions.


Hemorrhage Medicine and Magic Book 4

While on a surgery rotation, my use of magic reveals a dangerous new threat and a type of magic I had not known about before, making me a target. Exhausted from my current rotation, sleep deprived from call, I have to hold it together while chasing down information about my patient and the magical attack.

Worse, with both sides pulling at me and a war brewing in the city, I don’t know if I’ll have much of a choice. Hemorrhage is a thrilling fantasy mystery with a combination of medicine and magic that will leave you breathless. Forced to use destructive magic linked to death, I have to decide if I want to be a doctor or a mage.

. When a friend gets injured, but the search leads me into even greater danger—and this time, I’m the only one able to search for answers, I might not escape. Only my combination of magic and medicine can save me. No longer afraid of my magic, I’ve begun experimenting with how to use it when working in the ER.


Anaphylaxis Medicine and Magic Book 5

With the appearance of a new mage and abilities far beyond anything I’ve ever encountered, I’m forced to abandon that search and find some way of stopping power that taps into the magic on the other side of the Veil. Only—how can i stop a power that calls to me? I’m close to understanding what I am, but this mage stands in my way.

Until now. I have a name. While struggling to help aron, I use my new allies to search for information about the person who might be responsible for my mother’s death. I intend to change that. I’ve feared my magic my entire life, knowing my mother had chased dangerous magic before her death. I intend to stop her… or die trying.

I’ve never been able to look into how—or why—she died. Both medicine and magic failed to save Aron.

Paralyzed Medicine and Magic Book 6

I’ve hidden from my magic long enough. After my mother’s return, i understand that she is responsible for the strange attacks that have taken place ever since I became embroiled in the magical world. When she summons those with power to her cell, I’m the only one who sees the danger in agreeing to her terms.

Dragged deeper into the magical world, I find that there is a greater plot afoot than only my mother. My grandparents think they can save her, but I’m not as certain. Someone has been guiding and teaching her, granting her access to power that no mage should have. Understanding who that is will take me to a place I never wanted to go—the other side of the Veil.

In order to end the attacks on the veil and survive, I need to understand just what I am, but the power that I’ve avoided my entire life until now just might destroy me first.

Taker of Spells The Tattered Veil Book 1

The veil was meant to protect the world from people like me. My life is simple. The jobs are dangerous, often forcing me to cross the Veil, but if I keep my freedom, a separation between my world and that of terrifying magical creatures, it’s worth the risk. When i’m betrayed and a dangerously gorgeous fae royal named Adam demands my help finding a magical artifact, and if I succeed, how can I refuse? He knows my secret, the reward is my freedom.

And if i don’t get to it first, a fate worse than death awaits me. Collect magical items on behalf of a man who knows my secret or have it revealed to the fae. The only problem is I’m not the only one after it. Other deadly powers have crossed the Veil wanting the same artifact. Seeing as how i’m a halfbreed, once they find me, they’ll bond and enslave me.


Changeling Exile Thirteen Realms Book 1

I said i’d give anything for the chance to go home—but I didn’t think that would include my life. The hawk is a fae knight, hot as hell—and an unrelenting jerk when it comes to changelings like me. Somehow, i have to impress this guy to get back to the Realms. I might only be a changeling, but it’s where I belong.

That’s why i’m doing everything the Lord of Autumn commands. My latest job: enforcing fae laws in the human world. Kind of hard to do when we end up running for our lives. I’d do anything to go home to Autumn, the fae Realm where I grew up. It’s hard enough, but it gets worse when I meet my new partner.


Box of Frogs The Fractured Faery Book 1

It could be because she has strange magical powers seemingly at her fingertips and is some kind of fabulous hero. This is book one of a new laugh-out-loud urban fantasy trilogy that encourages snorts and sniggers, and which contains an edge of your seat cliffhanger! Some very strange magical powers. It’s another to have no memory of how you got there - or who you are.

And a severe bout of amnesia. It’s one thing to wake up outside in the middle of the night with a decapitated man for company. And so few answers. At least one thing is for sure - the streets of Manchester have never met someone quite as mad as Madrona…Be warned. Several bizarre looking attackers. She might not know her own name but she knows that several people are out to get her.

One corpse. But then why does she appear to inspire fear in so many? And who on earth is the sexy, green-eyed barman who apparently despises her? So many questions.

Storm Witch Scarlet Jones Book 1

Boy, was I wrong. The rest of my life is just beginning. I grew up in a family full of strong Blood witches, in which my strange magic never belonged. Just like that, I no longer felt like a special little flower. I thought i was the only one of my kind out there, a true freak of nature, and I liked it that way.

It's going to be a bumpy ride. My name is scarlet Jones, and I'm a witch. Of some kind. With four unconscious bodies at my feet and no idea what was going on, I thought that was the worst it was going to get. I even set up a party for them, just so I could teach them some manners. But my plan went to hell when four strangers crashed the party, people who apparently were like me.

I lived on my own, learning to hunt these creatures nobody seemed to know anything about, a bunch of mute assholes who were in the habit of sucking my magic dry wherever they found me. Probably. Hop on board and brace yourselves.

The Lost Witch The Coven: Elemental Magic Book 1

The only person who actually tries to help me is the alarmingly attractive Tennessee. This supernatural world is unraveling at my fingertips and I need to master my magic fast. Except the coven that claimed me won't teach me how to use my magic. Suddenly, i'm selected by the Goddess to hunt down a mythical locket needed to save the world from destruction.

No matter how hard I tried, I never fit in with anyone at my high school. When the quest takes an unexpected dangerous turn, I have to improvise. He has immeasurable power and breathtaking mismatched eyes. Now i know why. Turns out I'm a witch. If i don't, i could get everyone I care about killed. Featuring a kickass heroine, fans of the mortal instruments, twilight, and magic you’ll wish was real, forbidden love, or Harry Potter will love Chandelle LaVaun’s brand new urban fantasy series!Pick up The Lost Witch and unlock the magic today! .

I'm drawn to him on a level I can't explain. And he's forbidden from getting too close to me.