Forgotten: Luca The Four Book 1

That’s what I do. Well, i don’t need saving. Not anymore… not ever. Along with two years of sobriety under my belt, a decent apartment, I’ve got a good job, and I’ve managed to put my past where it belongs… in the past. No one, not even the gorgeous, mysterious businessman, is going to mess things up for me.

His name is remy, and while I didn’t recognize him upon meeting him again, he sure as hell remembers me. It would be easier just to turn my back on him a second time, especially since that’s exactly what he wants, but there’s no way I can let the tormented young man go. It’s who I am. But when luca covello walked into the dark, dirty room my captors were keeping me in so long ago, I’d already decided to do the one thing I hadn’t in the three years since I’d been taken from my home and family.

Give up. Then he’d been there, and i’d had something new to fight for, like a bright light in a sea of darkness, to stay alive for… the day Luca came back to get me like he’d promised. Except he never came. And now, eight years later, he’s decided he wants to play the hero and save me. I left him behind because i had no choice…that’s what i keep telling myself, but it doesn’t make it any easier to sleep at night… or to drown out the words he kept repeating over and over the day we’d met: I just want to go home.

That was eight long years ago and i’d only known him as Billy, a terrified fourteen-year-old I’d had to leave behind to save someone else.

Above and Beyond Twist of Fate, Book 4

Someone has it out for him, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let him get hurt on my watch. One day Zach will come around. I accept a summer job teaching high-risk search and rescue. After all, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Everything’s going exactly as planned until my dads send Zach to check on me just as I’m dealing with an ex who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word no.

Danger follows us to glacier, and by the time i finally start seeing Lucky as more than the awkward teenager he used to be, I wonder if it’s too late to convince him that this scarred soldier sees him as anything but little anymore. Until it’s not. Luckytwo years ago i humiliated myself by declaring my love to an older man who clearly didn’t share my feelings.

On the way there, all i have to do is peek in on little Lucky Reed and make sure he’s okay. He’s not. Meanwhile, i’ve built a life for myself in northern Montana, pursuing my college degree while working hard toward certification in high-risk alpine search and rescue on the side. I need to get him off my back before he finds out I’m not heading to Wyoming for summer break like everyone thinks.

When the army dumps my sorry self back into the real world, it’s time to start over. And perhaps i’ve kept the danger part a secret from my two dads.

Unbroken The Protectors, Book 12

And i’m starting to think it never will because i don’t even know what normal is anymore…It’s been two years since Aleks Silva was rescued by his older brother from the dark underworld of sex trafficking and every day since then has been a battle. It was one job he was more than happy to fail at, and when he eliminated the threat against Aleks and set him free, he was sure their paths would never cross again.

But fate has other plans…vaughn is the only man from my other life who never had a starring role in my nightmares… but he’s been in every one of my dreams. But when he does anyway, nothing he’s ever experienced prepares him for Vaughn’s answer… or the brutal betrayal that comes along with it.

I’m sorry, aleks, I can’t do that. Trigger warning: sexual assault against a minor*can be read as a standalone novel but if you have not read any books in this series, Atonement, you may want to at least read Book 6, first. Everything was supposed to go back to normal when I was rescued. But i also knew once i did, i’d need to let him go…He’s known as Vaughn and nothing more.

And i don’t know why…when aleks is suddenly abducted after leaving work one quiet spring evening, he’s certain he’ll never see his brother and family again. Because freedom and choice are things that once came at a steep price and survival meant submitting to the whims of those who only saw him as a possession and plaything.

Until there was one man who saw him as something more…I knew from the moment I saw him that I was going to get him out.

Shattered The Protectors, Book 11

And he prefers it that way. Life consists of his work in an underground vigilante group, the near-constant search for the last remaining link to who he used to be, and a string of meaningless sexual encounters that serve only one purpose… to make it easier to not feel anything anymore. But when jace gets the call that the young man he saved two years earlier has gone missing, he’s forced to deal with the truth he’s been trying to deny from the moment he laid eyes on Caleb Cortano.

That the young man is so very much more than just the exception to all his rules. You know how if something shatters when it breaks, there’s no way to find all the pieces to put it back like it once was? Maybe sometimes it’s better not to even try…Nineteen-year-old Caleb Cortano has been barely hanging onto his sanity in the two years since the truth about his father’s depravities came to light.

I've also bundled all my series in the correct reading order under the title of A Family Chosen: The Protectors and Barrettis. A victim of the man’s crimes himself, Caleb has only managed to find any semblance of peace when he’s in the presence of the man who saved him once before. But when he finally comes to accept that Jace Christenson wants nothing to do with someone who’s shattered beyond repair, Caleb finds another way to seek solace from the pain inside.

As the fear of being reunited with the father he both fears and misses becomes more and more likely, desperation has Caleb doing something foolish that brings him face to face with the only man he’s ever wanted… but who doesn’t want him back. Caleb stays with me until we get some answers… just me…When Caleb’s life is threatened, Jace refuses to walk away a second time.

Game On Fever Falls Book 5

But i want him too, and he's made no secret of wanting me. I never understood the urge to bed a different guy every night. I can't let myself fall in love with him. But even if there's the unlikeliest chance that we might win--well, then--GAME ON. Unless your name happens to be Sawyer Burke. We should know better.

The one time i let my guard down with a guy, he crushed me. We should stop. Fortunately, as far as my options go. Well, let's just say i'm used to getting what I want, whenever I want it. He's everything I'm not--loud, sassy. And more than a little annoying. I told myself I hate him--and I should. That's not something i'm eager to risk again, my brother, so I focus on my friends, and my bookstore.

Easier said than done. Game on is part of the Fever Falls series but can be read and enjoyed on its own. But when it comes to men, as much as I love to please them in the bedroom, I'm way too busy to give more than that.

Atonement The Protectors, Book 6

You can find the correct reading order at the beginning of each book. And when he starts to discover that what he sees isn't all that bad, suddenly the fact that that Dante is a man instead of a woman no longer seems like such a big sticking point. Can be read as a stand-alone story - no cliffhangers. The protectors series crosses over with some of my other series, they should be read in order, so for the most enjoyment, but it is not required.

But with his iron will, unfailing self-control and unflappable discipline, Magnus knows he can start a new chapter and get his life back on track. If he can just get past the disturbing, unexpected feelings one young man stirs in him. Because everything about Dante Thorne is wrong for Magnus. And since he can't deny the truth of the words, why not live by them instead? F--king up, f--king, it doesn't matter; as long as it feels good and makes him forget the day he failed the one person he'd always sworn to protect.

I've also bundled all my series in the correct reading order under the title of A Family Chosen: The Protectors and Barrettis. The only bright spot in his life is the young grandson whose suddenly been returned to him after going missing two years earlier and the new family of men that he's been welcomed into with open arms.

A good philosophy to live by until Dante meets the one man who might actually having him wishing he was something more.

Always Mine: A Love in Eden Novel

And it wasn't like i was going to be handed any decent job offers, let alone my dream one of working with horses. But that's exactly what happened and now that I'm foreman of Black Hills Ranch, I'm not letting this job go for anything. Not even the spoiled little rich kid I'd thought was different when he'd glommed onto me ten years ago.

I have no doubt brooks cunningham didn't wait long to move on to bigger and better things the second my jail cell was locked behind me, and that's just fine by me. In his place is a gorgeous specimen of a man who thinks he can go toe to toe with me and once again destroy everything I've worked for. Not happening.

Gone is the scrawny, stars-in-his-eyes nerd who used to do math problems just for fun. But all that changed the night he threw my trust back in my face and betrayed my family in the worst kind of way. And while i'm back in eden to make sure my uncle's horse ranch is operating in the black, the one thing I know I won't have to deal with is the man who'd been on the verge of stealing my heart ten years ago.

Because xavier price is still in prison for what he did and even if he weren't, he wouldn't be foolish enough to show his face in Eden ever again. Right?XavierWrong. That's what returning to Eden after ten years behind bars feels like. I had one reason for never going back to the small town I once called home, but I never guessed it would be the same one that made me want to stay.

Defiance The Protectors, Book 9

But when the threats that had been limited to harmless emails start taking an uglier turn, culminating in a violent attack that leaves no doubt as to the assailant's intent, Nathan is thrown into the direct path of a mysterious and dangerous man who may end up forcing Nathan to confront truths he just isn't ready to face yet.

Protecting him was supposed to be a favor for a friend and nothing more. Dealing in secrets and death means there's always someone waiting around the next corner trying to either take his place or bury their secrets along with his body. Even if he wanted out, it's far too late for that. When he's given the chance to help out a friend who once had his back when others didn't, he jumps at the chance to repay the favor.

You can find the correct reading order at the beginning of each book. Caring about someone means painting a target on their back and Vincent is done losing people he loves. But letting Nathan go may not be as easy at seems. Especially when Nathan decides to finally stand up and fight for what.

Boyfriend 101 Fever Falls Book 6

I’ve been over him for a while now, and the person who helped me was Camden Burke, the flirty man who calls me beautiful. If i can’t get my act together, i’ll flunk out of Boyfriend 101, and I can’t imagine retaking the course with anyone but him. Cam has already graded on a curve by breaking some of his rules to be with me.

Camdeni’m a fun-loving guy who doesn’t take life too seriously. The only real way to get to me is to hurt my brother, but now that Sawyer’s happy, he doesn’t need me anymore. Been there, done that. There’s something about this beautiful man who insists he’s not into men. And cam makes me laugh and always listens.

I’m bisexual. So when i decide to explore my newfound sexuality, and apparently, who better than cam to show me all the pleasures of being with a man? Only, we get caught, and now it’s not just Cam showing me what it’s like to be with a guy—he’s become my professor in what he calls Boyfriend 101, I’m a very good student.

But unfortunately, I have some issues to work out and a few exam scores start slipping. Even with my rules about guys who aren’t out, I’ve craved him since the moment he stepped foot in Fever Falls. Now that he’s one of my best friends, that desire has raged into an inferno I’m powerless to tame. Judei’ve always considered myself straight.

Revelation The Protectors, Book 7

In the three years since he's joined an underground vigilante group, every life he saves helps ease the guilt of the ones that were lost to him so long ago. So when he's sent to a remote cabin in the cascade Mountains just north of Seattle to follow up on the disappearance of his boss's co-worker, his only thought is to see that justice is served, no matter what the circumstances.

But nothing he's ever experienced has prepared the cold-hearted and very straight Cain for who he finds on that mountain. Or the intense need to suddenly offer more than just protection. I've finally managed to break free, but I've never felt more trapped in my entire life. Ethan rhodes has been running for six months, but it's never fast enough, it's never far enough.

I don't think he did either. To get to the truth, cain must first get through Ethan's defenses, but watching the other man's walls start to come down forces Cain to face his own past. At 30 years old, the talented ER Doctor should be spending his days saving other people's lives, not worrying about his own.

Protecting Elliot: A Protectors Novella The Protectors

Until it wasn’t. Two years after surviving a brutal attack from members of his own unit, former Special Forces soldier Cruz de la Vega has found new purpose working for an underground vigilante group that offers justice when the law can’t. As he struggles to keep the threat under wraps, he’s thrown off guard when a gorgeous stranger takes an interest in him at a Halloween themed benefit.

As the head of a hugely successful investment firm and the founder of a prominent foundation, he should be on top of the world. But looks can be deceiving and Elliot knows how to play the game. Throwing caution to the wind, Elliot decides to allow himself the freedom that being with the enigmatic Cruz de la Vega brings for just one night.

But what happens when one night isn’t enough? or when the past catches up with the present? can what two men found in each other in just twenty-four hours really last a lifetime?***Although it features several characters from my other books and is part of the “Protectors” world, Protecting Elliot is a stand-alone novella that can serve as a great way to get a feel for the Protectors/Barretti/Finding universe I’ve created.

But when a violent attack leaves him vulnerable, Elliot’s carefully constructed world starts to fracture. When he’s assigned to figure out who attacked a local gay rights activist, Cruz expects it to be just another job. But when it comes to protecting Elliot Wittier, he soon learns that the last thing he wants is for the intriguing young man to be just another job.

At twenty-five years old, Elliot Wittier is well on his way to having the perfect life. Protecting him was just to supposed to be another job.