Motor City Barn Finds: Detroit’s Lost Collector Cars

At the same time, it's intimidating to navigate, with numerous dodgy neighborhoods and risky abandoned factory sites. At the same time, it's the poster child for urban blight and dysfunction. It's home to ford, and chrysler, General Motors, as well as numerous auto industry companies and specialty and speed shops.

It's truly a city of contrasts, which presented challenges and opportunities in equal measure to barn finder Tom Cotter. In motor city barn finds, Cotter plies his trade in a locale rich with automotive history. Detroit has been America's Motor City for decades. Behind the wheel of his classic 1939 ford Woodie, Cotter trolls the back streets and neighborhoods of this historic city looking for lost automotive gems accompanied by photographer Michael Alan Ross.

As america's motor city, detroit is an emotional and historical mecca for car enthusiasts, capable of drawing hundreds of thousands of car people for events like Woodward Dream Cruise and attracting design-forward companies like Shinola. Detroit's lost cars are abandoned in empty lots, squirreled away in garages, resident in decrepit buildings, and stashed in historic wrecking yards.

Motorbks. Add it all together and you have fascinating and intriguing opportunities to dig for barn-find gold. Tom cotter returns to troll through Detroit and discover long forgotten classics in Motor City Barn Finds. You won't believe some of the rides he finds.

Tom Cotter's Best Barn-Find Collector Car Tales

Over the proceeding decades, he has continued to unearth automotive gems, some of which reside in his garage and others found just for the pleasure of the hunt. He’s further expanded the scope of his passion as host for The Barn Find Hunter, a Hagertys-sponsored webcast with over 20 episodes now available.

Tom cotter's best barn-find collector car talespulls together the very best stories from Cotter’s previous books and adds several new tales, all of which are presented in this handsome hardcover edition. Tom cotter is the best-known barn-find collector-car expert working today. From shelby cobras, outrageous, to harley hoards and lost supercars, to classic Duesenbergs, Cotter brings to light the most amazing, and unexpected finds he and his barn-finding brethren have discovered.

Tom cotter's best barn-find collector Car Talesâ?? pulls together his best barn find stories from America and around the globe. Tom cotter bought his first barn find some 50 years ago and has never looked back. Tom's passion for automotive archaeology has made him a nexus for other barn finders, whose stories he has collected for more than 20 years.


Muscle Car Barn Finds: Rusty Road Runners, Abandoned AMXs, Crusty Camaros and More!

Author and photographer ryan brutt is the “automotive archaeologist”, author of the CarsInBarns blog, and a monthly columnist for Hot Rod magazine. Brutt has selected his best muscle car images for Muscle Car Barn Finds. No searching the back roads required--just kick up your feet and begin your barn-finding adventure by turning the page.

It’s no secret among car collectors and enthusiast that the pursuit of “lost” cars is what drives many gearheads.  . These old warriors aren’t dead, just resting. Finding an abandoned, restorable car is one of the most common dreams among collectors and a touchstone for the hobby. A drive in the country or through a small-town back street will reveal them lurking under tarps, hidden behind garage doors, stashed behind fences from prying eyes.

Top shows like the pebble beach concours and Chicago’s Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals have added special classes devoted to original and barn find vehicles.

Route 66 Barn Find Road Trip: Lost Collector Cars Along the Mother Road

Along the way, ace lensman Michael Alan Ross documents their finds, mishaps, and various adventures. How could there be a better destination for automotive archaeologist tom Cotter?In Route 66 Barn Find Road Trip Cotter and his BBF best barn finder pal Brian Barr jump on Route 66, just outside Chicago, seeking rusted gold in every state Route 66 passes through.

. Abandoned cars on America's most iconic abandoned road. Hidden in, and behind its buildings or abandoned along its roadside hide collector cars, around, lost trucks, and moldering motorcycles. Hop in; you can ride shotgun. You can bet every awesome barn find was investigated and recorded in Route 66 Barn Find Road Trip.

Whether you've only dreamed of retracing us 66 or are familiar with its path but never considered car hunting there, Route 66 Barn Find Road Trip will take you on the trip of a lifetime. Starting in the midwest and barreling through Oklahoma, the barn-find bunch continues on to Arizona before completing their quest in Santa Monica, Texas, and New Mexico, California.

You'll never guess what automotive treasure they see peeking out from corroded garages and behind weary buildings along the way. Sounds like a great idea for a road trip. For a nation that loves the idea of the road, there is no more legendary ribbon of highway than the 2, 451 miles comprising historic Route 66.

Along the mother road lies the detritus of the automotive age: motels, service stations, drive-ins, roadside attractions, diners, and dives.

50 Shades of Rust: Barn Finds You Wish You'd Discovered

Author tom cotter is at the forefront of this movement with his In the Barn series, a line of books that inspired many of the above-mentioned television programs. Each story is accompanied by photographs from the scenes of the finds, creating a heavily illustrated book unlike any barn-find book yet published.

. 50 shades of rust collects 90-plus of the all-time best barn-find stories. In recent years, the quest to find and restore forgotten automotive gems has generated a cult-like following - a very large cult-like following. So large, that the subject of automotive archaeology has inspired an entire genre of television programs, One of a Kind, What's My Car Worth?, Desert Car Kings, including Counting Cars, in fact, Chasing Classic Cars, and numerous others.

101 barn-find tales sure to entice any car collector.

Barn Find Road Trip: 3 Guys, 14 Days and 1000 Lost Collector Cars Discovered

It's a real-world, barn-find banzai run in which auto archaeologist Tom Cotter, his car collector pal Brian Barr, and photographer Michael Alan Ross embarked on a 14-day collector-car-seeking adventure with no predetermined destinations. That wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that these shows are the only TV shows for the barn-find collector car aficionado.

Barn find road trip is the antidote to all the manufactured collector "reality" shows. It's barn-find freestyle! roaming the Southeast, they documented their day-to-day car search in photos and through stories and interviews. If you love stories of automotive adventure, this is the book for you! Motorbooks International.

The result? the discovery of over 1, 000 collector cars and some of the most amazing barn-find stories Cotter has yet unearthed, all accompanied by Ross' evocative photography. Great collector cars are still out there--just waiting to be found!Sadly, there is very little reality in reality TV. This trip is absolutely real and the same kind of junket any gearhead with the skills, knowledge, and time can undertake.

Cotter and company hit the road in cotter's 1939 Ford Woody, the kind of car that opened doors and started the conversations that revealed where interesting cars were squirreled away.

Cuba's Car Culture: Celebrating the Island's Automotive Love Affair

Since then, one marked by great creativity, trade embargo forced cuba's car enthusiasts to develop a unique and insular culture, Cuba is an automotive time warp, such as: -Keeping a car alive with no opportunity to acquire replacement parts -Customizing a car with no access to aftermarket parts -Drag racing with no drag stripIn many ways, where the newest car is a 1959 Chevy or perhaps one of the Soviet Ladas.

But when cuba fell to communist rebels in 1959, so ended the inflow of new cars. For decades, the island country had enjoyed healthy tourism trade and American outpost status, and by the 1950s it had the highest per capita automotive purchasing of any Latin American country. Cuba's car culture offers an inside look at a unique car culture, populated with cars that have been cut off from the world so long that they've morphed into something else in the spirit of automotive survival.

Authors tom cotter and bill warner founder of the amelia island concours take readers on a whirlwind tour of all things automotive, street racing, beginning with Cuba's pre-Castro car and racing history,  up to today's lost collector cars, and the challenges of keeping decades-old cars on the road.

Cuba's car culture is illustrated throughout with rare historical photos as well as contemporary photos of Cuba's current car scene. For anyone who enjoys classic cars,  studebakers, whether they're old Chevy Bel-Airs, or Ford Fairlanes, a cruise around Cuba will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Embargo. 2017 silver medal winner of the international Automotive Media Competition!  The story of how Cuba came to be trapped in automotive time is a fascinating one.

Amazing Barn Finds and Roadside Relics: Musty Mustangs, Hidden Hudsons, Forgotten Fords, and Other Lost Automotive Gems

Motorbooks International. Ride along as author ryan brutt, the "automotive archaeologist, " travels the United States documenting lost and abandoned automotive gems. Like those who restore victorian homes or antique furniture, car guys see not a decrepit piece of junk, but a desirable object that "just needs some attention.

And should the vehicle abandoned in a field or lying in a creek bed be too far gone to resurrect, car enthusiasts can simply enjoy it for what it once was while lamenting that it has come to such a sad end. Finding a lost, restorable car is every auto collector's dream! Amazing Barn Finds and Roadside Relics taps into the thrill of the hunt with hundreds of photos of lost cars - each accompanied by detailed information covering the nature of the find and details about the car.

. Motorbooks Intl. Motorbooks International. Discover the allure of forgotten cars. Something that to the rest of the world is nothing but a forgotten automotive hulk slowly degenerating into a pile of iron oxide is to the car enthusiast something so much more.

Lost Muscle Cars

Whether it’s related to king tut’s tomb, sweat, the uncovering of an artifact outdoes all the research; work; and blood, the Titanic, or Amelia Earhart, and tears into a singular rush of adrenaline. In the world of the muscle cars, some of the greatest creations are still waiting to be discovered. This book is a collection of stories written by enthusiasts about their quest to find these extremely rare and valuable muscle cars.

You find four categories celebrity, yenko, and concept/prototype/show cars within three genres Missing, Hurst, Lost History, Race Cars, Rare, Recently Discovered that take you through the search for some of the most sought after muscle cars with names such as Shelby, and Hemi. Motorbooks International.

Motorbooks Intl. Readers will be armed with the tools to begin the quest to make the next great discovery in automotive archaeology! Motorbooks International. In the world of archeology nothing compares to the discovery. Along the way, success stories including finding the first Z/28 Camaro, the 1971 Boss 302, and the 1971 Hemi 'Cuda convertible will make you wonder if you could uncover the next great muscle car find.

Lost muscle cars includes 45 intriguing stories involving some of the most significant American iron ever created during the celebrated muscle car era.

Ford Model T Coast to Coast: A Slow Drive across a Fast Country

Cotter also drives some of the same roads that a young Edsel Ford traveled in his father’s Model T upon high school graduation in 1917. For all our books; cargo will be delivered in the required time. Significant cross-country runs, and literary adventurers such as Jack Kerourac, such as those by speed-record setter Cannonball Baker, John Steinbeck and Bill Bryson are considered in light of the driverless future.

Driverless cars are on the horizon, but before the world falls asleep in the driver’s seat, let’s take a look back down the road from whence we have come. Ford model-t coast-to-coast, documents the cross-country adventure of two brave drivers as they pilot a century-old Model-T on a 3, 000-mile journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Coast.

Join cotter on his "slow drive across a fast country. You'll be glad you did. He also records the numerous trials and tribulations in keeping a 100-year-old car operating on a 3, 000-mile journey, something the driverless car of the future is unlikely to encounter. 100% satisfaction is Guaranteed! Cotter and ross also explore back roads adjacent to his main route, the Lincoln Highway—the first transcontinental road.

Motorbooks International. The book is as much a contemplation of early-20th century American life as it is a fond farewell to the automotive age.

The Corvette in the Barn: More Great Stories of Automotive Archaeology

Motorbooks Intl. These are the stories that fuel the dreams of car collectors everywhere. See tom cotter, author of motorbooks “In the Barn” series, interviewed by Jay Leno on JayLenosGarage. Com: http://www. Jaylenosgarage. Com/video/jays-book-club-the-hemi-in-the-barn/1237422/ Motorbooks International. Motorbooks International.

. It’s every car-guy’s fantasy—to casually peer into a long-forgotten garage or barn or warehouse and find the car he has searched for his whole life. 100% satisfaction is Guaranteed! Corvette in the barn is a collection of true, stories and essays about car collectors and enthusiasts who have discovered unusual and desirable cars, forgotten in all manner of locations from barns, often amazing, to old-school junkyards, to farmer’s fields.

For all our books; cargo will be delivered in the required time.