MotorMood CarMoji – Winky Overlay Add-On

This plastic overlay easily slides into your existing MotorMood, giving you extra ways to spread positivity on the road. Want an extra face to go with your MotorMood? Get the CarMoji Winky. Patent pending | motormood. Com. Slides in and out of display unit. Add-on overlay for use with MotorMood Classic. Remote and display units not included.


MotorMood Classic - Light-Up Car Winky Decal Pink

And, most importantly, you never have to take your eyes off the road. Attach the face to the inside of your car's rear window. Visibility is limited during the day. Patent pending | motormood. Com. Slide the remote onto your car's sun-visor. The road can often feel like a hostile place full of traffic jams and miscommunication.

Enjoy your motormood! Note: Make sure your window glass is clean before attaching the face. Remove the liner from the adhesive clips and attach them to the sides of the face. The remote clips onto your car's sunvisor. Multiple colors and styles can be swapped in and out via a slot in the top of the face.

The brightness has been carefully optimized for nighttime usage so that it's bright and vibrant, but does not interfere with visibility or safety. The face attaches to the inside of your car's rear window using removable adhesive clips. A single push of the remote button lights up the happy face for 6 seconds before it automatically turns off.

4. It's easy to reach but doesn't get in your way. 2. Installation Instructions 1.