Permanently Suspended: The Rise and Fall… and Rise Again of Radio’s Most Notorious Shock Jock

Permanently suspended is a humorous, no-holds-barred account of the legendary career and life of Anthony Cumia—a blue collar guy who made his dreams come true, rising above all obstacles to become one of the most well-known and successful personalities in radio history. A must-read for all diehard o&a fans, and many more, permanently suspended finally answers the questions that everyone has been waiting for: What really happened between Opie and Anthony? What was the reasoning behind the multiple firings? What prompted the tweeting about the Times Square NYC incident? What is the true account of the controversial allegations? What are the never-before-revealed details of Anthony’s stint in rehab? What does the future hold for his livestream podcast? These questions, will be answered.

The uncensored and long-awaited life story of radio’s most notorious shock jock, Anthony Cumia. Today, ” which live-streams to a huge following of paid subscribers; however, Anthony is most well-known from the legendary, Anthony Cumia is the co-host of the wildly popular “Anthony Cumia Show, nationally syndicated “Opie and Anthony Show.

Permanently suspended is an all-access pass to the controversial mayhem that ensued on-and-off the air.

Easy For You To Say

In the book, stingy, howard stern emerges as a surprisingly mean, and megalomaniacal boss―and Jay Leno as a seeming sufferer from OCD. Easy for you to say is "stuttering" john melendez's memoir of his childhood being bullied in school for his stutter; his years as an on-air personality with The Howard Stern Show; and his subsequent ten-year career as a writer and on-air announcer for Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

It details his famously acerbic relationships with celebrities he interviewed/insulted Raquel Welch once punched him in the face.

I Hate Your Guts

Offensive, i hate your guts features 35 essays showcasing the candid, brutally honest, sidesplittingly hilarious, and most important, outrageous brand of dirty comedy that has earned him legions of devoted fans both on the radio and on the road. This new york times bestselling author may hate your guts, but you’ll be laughing too hard to care in this blisteringly funny collection.

What do steve martin, The Reverend Al Sharpton, and Dr. In his deviant pseudo-memoir happy Endings, Norton delivered his uncensored and controversial brand of humor on everything from his affinity for hookers to his romantic woes. Phil have in common? Jim Norton hates their guts. Now, he unflinchingly spews his thoughts on everyone from the bully he despises from high school, to Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton.


Wanna Bet?: A Degenerate Gambler's Guide to Living on the Edge

Unrepentant and unrestrained, the book is Lange at his finest. In this candid and entertaining memoir, his career, he looks back at the times he's wagered the intangible and priceless things in life: his health, and his relationships. After a suicide attempt, and years of chronic opiate addiction, Artie entered recovery and built himself back up, a two-year struggle with depression, chronicling his struggle in brave detail in his next book and second New York Times bestseller, Crash and Burn.

In his hilarious third book, comedian, the two-time bestselling author, actor, and radio icon explains the philosophy that has kept his existence boredom-free since the age of 13―the love of risk. Through it all, somehow artie has come out ahead, though he does take a few moments to imagine his life if things hadn't quite gone his way.

Lange’s entertaining book makes it clear that, no matter how wild and risky his lifestyle may be, he takes comedy more seriously than anything else. Publishers weeklywhen artie lange's first book, too fat to fish, hit the top of the charts, the #1 New York Times bestseller, audiences learned what Howard Stern listeners already knew: that Artie is one of the funniest people alive.

The stories found in wanna bet? paint a portrait of a man who would just as quickly bet tens of thousands of dollars on a coin toss as he would a well thought out NBA or NFL wager. Along for the ride are colorful characters from Artie's life who live by the same creed, from a cast of childhood friends to peers like comedian and known gambler Norm McDonald.

The book is a tour of a subculture where bookies and mobsters, athletes and celebrities ride the gambling roller coaster for the love of the rush. He recounts some of his favorite moments, many of which haven't involved money at all.

Everybody Is Awful: Except You!

You log in to facebook, read a stupid post, and immediately want to tell your "friend" to go have relations with himself. Acting as a de facto therapist, Florentine diagnoses awful behavior, shames awful people, and offers comedic takes on how to reclaim our lives from it all. The madness is so universal now that everyone has dealt with it.

A rant-ish memoir by the veteran stand-up comedian and former cohost of That Metal Show, with a foreword by Jim NortonTwitter Trolls. Instagram Exhibitionists. Facebook Freaks. These are just a few of the creatures our technology-obsessed culture has spawned in its quest to simplify our lives. Florentine also recounts how he developed an obsession with pranks that morphed into his uniquely vigilante style of comedy and made him one of the most legendary prank callers of all time.

Florentine excels at channeling the core rage we all feel at the seemingly small annoyances of life, and his fans love the cathartic experience of his hilarious ranting and raving, a tradition continued in Everybody Is Awful. Sure, social media may keep us connected, and these idiots have crowd-sourced a storm of useless information, corny jokes, but it is a breeding ground for idiots, and douchebag drama that's wasting our time and screwing with our peace of mind.

Thankfully, popular comedian and television host Jim Florentine has a solution for those of us on the verge of bashing our iPhones to bits. In everybody is awful, florentine attacks awful people and awful situations with the same biting satire and cringe-worthy humor that made him famous on television shows like Crank Yankers, Meet the Creeps, and That Metal Show.

Along the way, everybody is awful takes readers through the author's formative years, a time filled with rebellion and horrible behavior, to the crazy early days of his career as a stand-up comedian.

The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics

As entertaining as it is informative, the New Right is required reading for every American across the spectrum who would like to learn more about the past, present and future of our divided political culture. As united by their opposition as they are divided by their goals, the members of the New Right are willfully suspicious of those in the mainstream who would seek to tell their story.

. The definitive firsthand account of the movement that permanently broke the American political consensus. What do internet trolls, white nationalists, techno-anarchists and Alex Jones have in common? Nothing, economic populists, except for an unremitting hatred of evangelical progressivism and the so-called “Cathedral” from whence it pours forth.

Contrary to the dissembling explanations from the corporate press, this movement did not emerge overnight―nor are its varied subgroups in any sense interchangeable with one another. From the heterodox right wing of the 1940s to the buchanan/rothbard alliance of 1992 and all the way through to what he witnessed personally in Charlottesville, The New Right is a thorough firsthand accounting of the concepts, characters and chronology of this widely misunderstood sociopolitical phenomenon.

Today’s fringe is tomorrow’s orthodoxy. Fortunately, author michael Malice was there from the very inception, and in The New Right recounts their tale from the beginning. Malice provides an authoritative and unbiased portrait of the New Right as a movement of ideas―ideas that he traces to surprisingly diverse ideological roots.


I Hate Your Guts

When new york times bestselling author and comedian Jim Norton isn't paying for massages with happy endings, or pretending to be fooled by transsexuals he picks up, he spends his time wondering what certain people would look like on fire. What do heather mills, the Reverend Al Sharpton, and Dr. But even more important -- it's a great book to read while taking a shit.

Phil have in common? Jim Norton hates their guts. Just think of something that genuinely makes you laugh, like lowering taxes or any random male having his penis cut off. For the legions of devoted fans who know Jim Norton for his raw, sometimes brutal comedy, I Hate Your Guts is what you've been waiting for.

But there is hope; at the end of each essay, jim generously offers helpful suggestions as to how the offender can make things right again: Eliot Spitzer: If you run for re-election, instead of shaking hands with voters, let them smell your fingers. Reverend al sharpton: the next time you feel the need to protest, do so dressed as an elk in Ted Nugent's backyard.

Hillary clinton: when you absolutely must make a point of laughing publicly, don't fake it. He savages himself for his humiliating days as a white homeboy, his balletlike spins in the outfield during a little league game, and his embarrassingly botched attempt at a celebrity shout-out while taping his new HBO stand-up series.

Uncomfortably honest, i Hate Your Guts is probably the best example of emotional vomiting you'll ever read. Enjoy his blistering attacks on Derek Jeter, fatso Al Roker, Hillary Clinton, and mush-mouthed Jesse Jackson.

The Coloring Book: A Comedian Solves Race Relations in America

As it pokes holes in the tapestry of fear that has overtaken discussions about race, THE COLORING BOOK serves as an antidote to our paralysis when it comes to laughing at ourselves. Colin wants to know: what are we all so afraid of? Every ethnic group has differences, and this diversity should be celebrated, everyone brings something different to the table, not denied.

So why has acknowledging these cultural differences become so taboo? in the coloring book, colin, a native New Yorker, the comedy scene of the 1990s, the many, many dive bars of 1980s Manhattan, tackles this issue head-on while taking us on a trip through the insane melting pot of 1970s Brooklyn, and post-9/11 America.

. And others. He mixes his incredibly candid and hilarious personal experiences with no-holds-barred observations to definitively decide, which stereotypes are based on truths, and which are actually offensive to each group, which have become totally distorted over time, which stereotypes are funny, at least in his own mind, and why.

From former snl "weekend update" host and legendary stand-up Colin Quinn comes a controversial and laugh-out-loud investigation into cultural and ethnic stereotypes. Colin quinn has noticed a trend during his decades on the road-that Americans' increasing political correctness and sensitivity have forced us to tiptoe around the subjects of race and ethnicity altogether.

Grand Central Publishing.

Happy Endings: The Tales of a Meaty-Breasted Zilc

100, 000 first printing. A candid collection of essays of the comedian member of the Opie and Anthony Show features his observations about his public and private lives, from his stand-up appearances and legendary Voyeur Bus incident to his teen stint in rehab and his haphazard sexual forays. Grand Central Publishing.


The Death of Cool: From Teenage Rebellion to the Hangover of Adulthood

A laugh-out-loud chronicle of extreme-but-true stories, afternoons on heroin, featuring drunken fist fights, Satanic punk bands, and multiple threesomes—perfect for readers of Tucker Max and Chuck Klosterman. Gavin mcinnes is more than just a rude lunatic who keeps getting beat up. In between you’ll read about acid trips, his band anal chinook inuit for “warm wind”, what happens when you crash Bill Maher’s show wasted, throwing pedophiles in jail, threesomes, dinner with the Clash, Nazi skinheads, Martians in northern Canada, and the true story of Vice magazine.

Used book in Good Condition. Grand Central Publishing. This is his story, or, rather, and all gut-punchingly hilarious, stories—lots of them, from that first far reach into a girl’s tight jeans to turning forty with a cataclysmic party. A gifted writer and a born storyteller, McInnes has lived his life without apology.

He is an icon who personifies irreverence for an entire generation. Learn from it.

Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il

Used book in Good Condition. Grand Central Publishing. Mere years later, the wicked US imperialists took their chance at conquering the liberated nation—with devastating results. Now, celebrity ghostwriter michael Malice pulls back the curtain to expose the life story of the "Incarnation of Love and Morality.

Taken directly from books spirited out of Pyongyang, DEAR READER is a carefully reconstructed first-person account of the man behind the mythology. But that's only the beginning of the Dear Leader's story. From his miraculous rainbow-filled birth during the fiery conflict of World War II, Kim Jong Il watched as his beloved Korea finally earned its freedom from the cursed Japanese.

In dear reader, hundreds of articles and thousands of years of korean history, drawing straight from dozens of books, kim jong il explains: *how he can shrink time *Why he despises the Mona Lisa *How he recreated the arts in Korea *Why the Juche idea is the greatest concept ever discovered by man *How he handled the crippling famine *Why Kim Jong Un was chosen as successor over his elder brothers With nothing left uncovered, DEAR READER is both the definitive account of Kim Jong Il's life and the complete stranger-than-fiction history of the world's most unique country.

No country is as misunderstood as North Korea, and no modern tyrant has remained more mysterious than the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il.