Peter Capstick’s Africa: A Return To The Long Grass

Peter Hathaway Capstick. Peter capstick's africa, is a very different breed of book: it is the enthralling tale of an entirely new safari, however, an exciting first-person adventure in which Peter Capstick returns to the long grass for his own dangerous and very personal excursion. The result is a definitive work on African hunting, and one of Peter Capstick's greatest achievements to date.

In 1985, capstick went back into the african bush with two top photographers and a crack professional hunter, It was a venture taken for personal challenge, and for the chance to look anew at what had become of the Africa immortalized in his own earlier works. For the readers of hunting literature, danger, the name of Peter Capstick is becoming synonymous with excitement, and high adventure.

Such highly successful titles as death in the Long Grass, Death in the Silent Places, and Death in the Dark Continent have established him as the modern-day master of African adventure writing. Peter capstick's africa is the chronicle, in text and pictures, of this safari. It is full of the same edge-of-the-seat narration, witty anecdotes, and wry observations that have made Capstick's earlier books so popular.

Sportsman, raconteur par excellence, adventurer, Capstick has in many ways done for contemporary hunting literature what Hemingway and Robert Ruark did in decades past. Until now, capstick has written post facto about classic hunters of the past and safaris in which he participated as a professional hunter.

The text of the book has been integrated with the photographs of Paul Kimble and Dick van Niekerk into a lavish full-color production that illustrates Capstick's story in a way his fans have never seen before.

Death in the Silent Places

With an authenticity gained by having shared the experiences he writes of, the exhilaration of tracking and finding a long-sought prey, Capstick eloquently recreates the acrid taste of terror in the mouth of a man whose gun has jammed as a lion begins his charge, the bravery and even nobility of performing under circumstances of primitive and savage stress, with death all around in the silent places of the wilderness.

From the master of adventure behind the classic death in the Long Grass, former big-game hunter Peter Hathaway Capstick now turns from his own exploits to those of some of the greatest hunters of the past with Death in the Silent Places. With his characteristic color and flair, Capstick recalls the extraordinary careers of men like Colonel J.

H. Full Leather Bound. Signed Limited Edition. Patterson and colonel jim corbett, who stalked legendary man-eaters through the silent darkness on opposite sides of the world; men like Karamojo Bell, acknowledged as the greatest elephant hunter of all time; men like the valiant Sasha Siemel, who tracked killer jaguars though the Matto Grosso armed only with a spear.


Sands Of Silence: On Safari In Namibia

Kahl's striking color photos capture perfectly life and death in the "land of thirst. Signed Limited Edition. From the successor to Ruark and Hemingway comes the most lavishly illustrated, historically important safari ever captured in print. Peter hathaway capstick journeyed on safari through Namibia in the African spring of 1989.

M. This was a nation on the eve on independence, a land scorched by sun, by years of bitter war. There, facing all kinds of risks, members of the chase pursue their quarry in a land of legend and myth. One hundred of Dr. Philip Kahl. The result is an exciting big-game adventure whose underlying themes relate directly to the international headlines of today.

In this first person adventure, their political persecution, Capstick spins riveting tales from his travels and reports on the Bushmen's culture, and the Stone Age life of Africa's original hunter-gatherers. Full Leather Bound. Peter Hathaway Capstick. In these perilous circumstances, Peter Capstick commences what is surely the most thrilling safari of his stories career.

Safari. He takes the reader to the stark landscape that makes up the Bushmen's tribal territories.

The African Adventurers: A Return to the Silent Places

Full Leather Bound. Signed Limited Edition. Peter Hathaway Capstick. This long-awaited sequel to Death in the Silent Places brings to life four turn-of-the-century adventurers and the savage frontiers they braved. Frederick selous, a british hunter, naturalist, and soldier, rewrote the history books with his fearless treks deep into Africa.

English game ranger constantine “Iodine” Ionides saved Tanganyikan villages from man-eating lions and leopards. His tracking skills and stamina afoot became the stuff of African hunting legend. In the african adventurers: a return to the Silent Places, Capstick delivers “the kind of chilling stories that Hemingway only heard second-hand.

. With a flair and style that Papa himself would admire” Guns and Ammo. Hailed as the adventure-writing successor to Hemingway and Ruark, only Peter Hathaway Capstick “can write action as cleanly and suspensefully as the best of his predecessors’ Sports Illustrated. He also gained lasting fame for his uncanny ability to capture black mambas, Gaboon vipers, cobras, and other deadly snakes.

The dashing brit johnny boyes who gained the chieftainship of the Kikuyu tribe with sheer bravado and survived the ferocious battles and ambushes of intertribal warfare. And scottish ex-boxer, Jim Sutherland, one of the best ivory hunters who ever lived.

Death in the Long Grass: A Big Game Hunter's Adventures in the African Bush

As thrilling as any novel, as taut and exciting as any adventure story, Peter Hathaway Capstick’s Death in the Long Grass takes us deep into the heart of darkness to view Africa through the eyes of one of the most renowned professional hunters. Few men can say they have known africa as capstick has known it―leading safaris through lion country; tracking man-eating leopards along tangled jungle paths; running for cover as fear-maddened elephants stampede in all directions.

Signed Limited Edition. Capstick was a born raconteur whose colorful descriptions and eye for exciting, silent killers such as the lightning-fast black mamba snake, authentic detail bring us face to face with some of the most ferocious killers in the world―underrated killers like the surprisingly brave and cunning hyena, collective killers like the wild dog.

Readers can lean back in a chair, iced drink, and revel in the kinds of hunting stories Hemingway and Ruark used to hear in hotel bars from Nairobi to Johannesburg, sip a tall, as veteran hunters would tell of what they heard beyond the campfire and saw through the sights of an express rifle. Peter Hathaway Capstick.

And of the few who have known this dangerous way of life, fewer still can recount their adventures with the flair of this former professional hunter-turned-writer. Based on capstick’s own experiences and the personal accounts of his colleagues, but the primitive rhino and the crocodile waiting for its unsuspecting prey, and elephant, leopard, Death in the Long Grass portrays the great killers of the African bush―not only the lion, the titanic hippo and the Cape buffalo charging like an express train out of control.

Safari. Full Leather Bound.

Safari: The Last Adventure

Drawing on his years of experience as a professional hunter, Capstick explains everything a bwana needs to know: how to select and book a safari; where and when to go; fees and licenses; the guns, ammo, and personal equipment needed. Now, capstick has written the first modern authoritative, for all his readers who want to put their taste for adventure into practice, comprehensive guide to African safari.

Chapters on each of the big five lion, thrills, Cape buffalo, leopard, elephant, and rhino-- the trophies most hunters want to take describe the techniques, and dangers of hunting these clever and cunning animals. St martin s Press. Peter capstick's earliest books have firmly established him as the modern-day master of African adventure writing.

Full Leather Bound. A list of safari agencies, hunting companies and professional hunters, suggested equipment for a 21-day safari, and a trophy price list round out the most exhaustive guide to safari ever written. Packed with solid advice and nuggets of campfire lore and hunting yarns, illustrated with thirty-four black and white photographs and six line drawings, Safari: The Last Adventure is sure to become a classic work in its field, essential equipment for anyone going on safari or just dreaming of one.

. The other memorable delights of safari, fishing, like camp life, and game viewing in wildlife parks, photography, bird shooting, are also celebrated. Signed Limited Edition.

Death in a Lonely Land: More Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting on Five Continents

From the author of last horizons, and shooting adventures on five continents―stories collected from such magazines as Outdoor Life, Guns & Ammo, fishing, a second volume of his hunting, Peter Hathaway Capstick now presents Death in a Lonely Land, NRA’s American Hunter, and Petersen’s Hunting. Peter Hathaway Capstick.

Signed Limited Edition. Safari. Full Leather Bound. St martin s Press. The stockbroker-turned-outdoorsman recalls his days as an African pro hunter in “The Killer Baboons of Vlackfontein. Four fangs in a treetop” records a foray into British Honduras for the jaguar, “a gold-dappled teardrop of motion. Capstick narrowly escapes the yellow beard, central america’s deadly tree-climbing snake, and cows “The Black Death” Cape buffalo in the kind of article that makes this author “the guru of American hunting fans” New York Newsday.

On brazil’s forsaken marajo island, he bags the pugnacious red buffalo, which has the “temperament of a constipated Sumo wrestler and the tenacity of an IRS man. The author discusses 12- and 20-gauge shotgun loads; recalls the pleasures of “biltong” African beef jerky; describes the irresistible homemade lures of snook fishing expert John Gorbatch; and kills a genteel take of Atlantic salmon with the brilliantly simple tube fly.

Featuring more than thirty gorgeous drawings by famous wildlife artist Dino Paravano, Death in a Lonely Land is another collector’s item by a writer who “keeps the tradition of great safari adventure alive in each of his books” African Expedition Gazette.

Death in the Dark Continent

St martin s Press. In death in the dark continent, fear and exhilaration of stalking ferocious killers under primitive, Capstick brings to life all the suspense, savage conditions, with the ever present threat of death. Peter Hathaway Capstick. Safari. Signed Limited Edition. After consulting african game experts and recalling his own experiences and those of his colleagues, leopard, elephant, authoritative accounts of hunting the five most dangerous killers on the African continent―lion, Capstick has written chilling, Cape buffalo and rhinoceros.

The classic big-game animals are unmatched as a test of a hunter’s skill and courage. The warning snarl of a crouching lion, the swish of grass that reveals a leopard, the cloud of dust that marks a herd of Cape buffalo, the enraged scream of a wounded elephant, the earthshaking charge of a rhino are recreated in heart-stopping, nerve-racking detail.

Full Leather Bound. Critically acclaimed as a master of adventure writing for Death in the Long Grass and Death in the Silent Places, former professional hunter Peter Hathaway Capstick takes us back to Africa to encounter the world’s most dangerous big-game animals. With a command of exciting prose, Capstick brings us along on the chase.


Warrior: The Legend Of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen

His exploits in the bloody colonial wars of turn-of-the-century east africa earned him a reputation as one of the most fierce and ruthless soldiers in the Empire, hunting its game and learning its secrets, yet it was during those years spent roaming the silent places of the Serengeti, that Meinertzhagen developed a fascination with Africa that would last a lifetime.

But there were other adventures to come, and capstick narrates them all with his trademark skill and wit: daring commando raids against German forces in Africa and the Mideast during World War I, covert missions to the USSR and Nazi Germany between the wars, work as an OSS agent during World War II, and Meinertzhagen’s ceaseless support of Israeli nationhood are all woven together into an epic adventure.

At the time of his death, the world-renowned adventure writer was putting the finishing touches on this, a stirring and vivid biography of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen, a man with whom he felt he had much in common. Full Leather Bound. Safari. Warrior: the legend of colonel Richard Meinertzhagen is a powerful chronicle that follows the tracks of a twentieth-century icon.

As a young officer, he served in india and Africa during the glory days of the British Empire, defending the crown’s dominions and exploring its darkest reaches. St martin s Press. Peter hathaway Capstick died in 1996. Peter Hathaway Capstick.

The Last Ivory Hunter: The Saga of Wally Johnson

St martin s Press. He bluffed down 200 armed poachers almost single-handedly, and survived rocket attacks from communist revolutionaries during Mozambique’s plunge into chaos in 1975. In botswana, at age 63, Wally continued his career. Full Leather Bound. Wally johnson spent half a century in Mozambique hunting white gold―ivory.

Though the great tuskers have largely gone and most of Wally’s colleagues are dead, Wally has survived. A chance meeting around a safari campfire on the banks of the Mupamadazi River leads to The Last Ivory Hunter: The Saga of Wally Johnson, a grand tale of African adventure by renowned hunting author Peter Hathaway Capstick.

His words are rugged testimony to an Africa that is now a distant dream. Peter Hathaway Capstick. Signed Limited Edition. Most men died at this hazardous trade. He’s the last one able to tell his story. In hours of conversations by mopane fired in the African bush, floods, and most dangerous of all, disease, buffalo gorings, Wally described his career―how he survived the massive bite of a Gaboon viper, gold fever.


Last Horizons: Hunting, Fishing & Shooting On Five Continents

Peter Hathaway Capstick. Capstick's experiences, painfully gained and almost lost with the most dangerous of game, are the yardsticks against which most modern exotic and hunting adventures are gauged. He tells what it's like to be in the path of an express train with Horns--the Cape buffalo; describes the heart-stopping sensation of sharing the immediate bush with several sickle-clawed lions that most certainly were prone to argue; and recounts his adventures bow-fishing for exotic species in the piranha-filled rivers of Brazil.

St martin s Press. In this, bow, the first of a two-volume collection of his hunting, you'll find twenty-four examples of his keen eye and steady hand with rifle, and shooting tales, shotgun, fishing, and typewriter. The critically acclaimed successor to Hemingway and Robert Ruark repeatedly put himself in harm's way and writes about close scrapes with his trademark wit and dash.

Signed Limited Edition. Safari. Peter hathaway capstick first earned a name as an outdoor writer in the pages of such magazines as Guns & Ammo, The American Hunter, Petersen's Hunting, and Outdoor Life. Full Leather Bound. The finely rendered drawings by Dino Paravano do justice to the text.