Saving Sidewinder: Brotherhood Protectors World

He expects his assignment to guard Alana Christian and her son from threats to be a job, nothing more. What he doesn’t plan on is how the job will change him and his expectations, both of Kid and of himself. Sam “sidewinder” jameson left the rangers to keep an eye on his young friend, Kid, as he recovers from their last mission, an injury Sam blames himself for.

To tide him over and be close at hand, Sidewinder agrees to a short stint with Hank Patterson’s Brotherhood Protectors.

Protecting His Cowgirl: Brotherhood Protectors World

Suddenly he’s dealing with more than an ordinary cattle theft and in spite of his best intentions, he’s falling in love with his assignment. She just hopes whoever they send doesn’t find out about what she does when she isn’t waitressing, or the terrible events she’s tried so hard to forget. He doesn’t count on a fearful young boy to bring up memories he thought long buried or the reason why the young man is on her property.

Sure she can’t afford the financial hit, but she’d deal. Until her best friend convinces her to hire the Brotherhood Protectors to get to the bottom of the thefts. Shelby salwell tries not to stress over a few lost steers. Some secrets need to remain hidden because some wounds may never heal. Greer “bull” gorsch has wanted the sexy redheaded waitress at the café, so he takes the assignment to find out who is behind the cattle thefts at Shelby’s ranch.


Shielding Shayna: Brotherhood Protectors World Special Forces & Brotherhood Protectors Series Book 6

Family pulled her home from where she slept in her car outside of DC, but it was the men and women of the Brotherhood Protectors who inspired her and gave her a purpose. He came for the beer, and stayed for the women…one woman in particular. Danger doesn’t always take a direct approach, but Oddjob plans to have Shayna’s back as she gets ready to tangle with a whole new kind of enemy.

This book includes special appearances by Hank, Swede and Bear from the Brotherhood Protectors Series. Honor comes in all sizes. After a year in texas working with a horse trainer specializing in equine support animals, he’s heading to Montana to visit with old friends. Shayna morgan has been a little bit of everything in her life—a daughter, an investigator, a niece, a sailor, and homeless.

Oddjob doesn’t mind mucking stalls, or helping out on the project—but what he wants is to shield the woman who saved his life, even if she doesn’t know it. After 15 years of service, two wars, multiple deployments and 3 degrees, he’s looking for his next mission. She may not be able to fire a gun with any accuracy, but her new project fulfills her in so many other ways—helping other female vets just like her.

Nerve damage has left her with only partial feeling on her right side, and pain threatened to cripple her. It’s all hard, honest work and good sweat until a shadowy threat takes aim at her ranch. Purpose comes in all shapes.

Defensive Instructor: Brotherhood Protectors World

He doesn’t intend to fall for the delicate beauty in his class who fights hard to be as strong in body as she is in spirit. Neither realizes they have little time to get her ready for the fight of her life. Determined to learn to thrive at the center, she doesn’t plan to fall for the big, strong man who is her instructor.

Nestled in the mountains of montana, is the western branch of the Courage and Confidence Center for Women, in Eagle Rock, aka the Three C’s Ranch, where women who’ve been attacked go to learn skills to survive and thrive. She swore never to be a victim again. Barrett williams, former Green Beret and Brotherhood Protector, is lead self-defense instructor at the center.

Before her ex lost it and put her in the hospital, she’d never fought. Chyna taylor rides the bus line from Cincinnati to Eagle Rock, changing her appearance to avoid being recognized. She wishes she wasn’t small boned and easily overpowered.

Rescuing Montana: Brotherhood Protectors World

I felt useless—until one call from The Brotherhood Protectors. That one call brought me a new job, renewed purpose, and straight to her doorstep. Abigail Montana and her beautiful little girl. With one bullet to the shoulder, my life as I knew it changed. I was no longer in the Navy. Instantly, i had a reason to breathe and look forward to tomorrow.

One moment can change everything…One bullet. One car accident. One chance to start over. I was a SEAL. Though, as i’ve learned, all it takes is one moment for everything to change. I lost function to the most important thing as a sniper—my trigger finger. I was no longer sure of my future. They could both be my future, if I can rescue Montana from her past.


Stormy Montana Nights: Brotherhood Protectors World

And maybe, when the chips are down and the worst is happening, two damaged people can find solace and love in the Crazy Mountains of Montana. Unfortunately, the rehab ranch is full of men—veterans recuperating from career-ending injuries. Recovering from being kidnapped by human traffickers, Jeanie Finley hoped she had finally found a safe haven at the Brighter Days Rehab Ranch in Montana.

Having been imprisoned by heartless fiends she has a great distrust of most men. Thankfully, the brotherhood Protectors hired him to protect a beautiful woman with a backbone of steel and a total distrust of most men. Tyler must gain her trust and work closely with Jeanie to protect her and reveal the source of the accidents.

She feels like she’s setting herself up for failure on her path to recovery. Ptsd was something he thought only happened to other guys, but every day he is reminded of the horrors he’d lived through on the battlefield. And the strange accidents that keep happening to her, make her doubt her ability to function on her own.

Former army ranger, tyler King is just out of the military and having trouble adjusting to civilian life.

Going In Blind: Brotherhood Protectors World

He doesn’t have any intel. Until an encounter with an IED takes more than just his military career. And scarier than any mission he survived in the Marines. He’s spent his life preparing for every form of warfare—except the one against his heart. When in doubt, blow it up, has been kent “Rigs” Walker’s motto—words he’s used to carve out a life.

And for the first time in two years, he’s considering stepping back into the light. When things go sideways, coming to Addison’s aid is natural—a part of his genetic makeup. But he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and at his side. Doesn’t know what forces he’ll face. With addison’s life on the line? Even less.

But failure has never been an option. Even if it means, going in blind. Exposed. Wanting to kiss her, touch her, take her to bed? That’s new. Left to forge a new life—scarred and beaten—he’s accepted an offer to join Hank Patterson’s company, Brotherhood Protectors, on the premise Hank will keep Rigs right where he wants to be—deep in the trenches and away from society.

Until he finds himself at a high-class charity auction with all of his failures on display.

Persuading Piper: Brotherhood Protectors World

His challenge is to keep his charge alive while avoiding the glares and hostility from the girl he left behind. The question is which is more deadly? Bullets, a mean dog, or emotions? Only time will tell. She lives in a plantation home that’s been in the family for generations with her overprotective father and Ham, the family guard dog.

Until his latest assignment, nothing shakes him, but this job threatens not only the life of the woman he loves, but also his heart. A woman who couldn’t leave. Nobody will ever hurt her again like Ian Elliot did. Ian “hawkeye” elliot lives his lifelong dream of being a Navy Fighter pilot until a busted eardrum clips his wings forever as a pilot.

Using a visit to his mother as cover, Hawkeye arrives back in town to provide bodyguard services to Piper’s father. A man who couldn’t stay. She dates, but keeps her broken heart under lock and key. When fate brings him back to town to protect her daddy, can they resolve their differences?Piper McKenzie has a great life.


Covering Coco Special Forces: Operation Alpha Special Forces & Brotherhood Protector Book 7

Or so reads her military file. The last thing she expects is a lunatic in a Hawaiian shirt to take her down a moment before a sniper’s bullet would have. Forced to work together, Jacko will do everything to cover Coco’s extraction—even if it kills him. 
. Life between the cross hairs
retired navy seal john jacob “Jacko” Johnson earned a reputation for being cool under pressure, having more kills from behind the scope of a sniper rifle than anyone else active on the teams, and being a total smartass.

Recruited for a top-secret program, she digs in deep. Some things don’t change, and not even a traumatic brain injury sidelining him keeps him from kicking in when his friends need it—most recently a top-secret mission to retrieve a lost asset. Bolt action is louder than words
Coco Adler’s military career ended abruptly on a dishonorable discharge.

When her cover is nearly compromised and she can’t reach her handler, she goes dark but stays on mission.

Jostling Joker Special Forces: Operation Alpha A SEALed Brotherhood Novella Book 3

The joker isn’t feeling like himself. After the sudden death of his mother, Ethan “Joker” Carlton needed to get away. What should’ve been a quick trip to the grocery store left Parker to fight for her life. Her family’s summer cabin was the perfect place to regroup and figure out a plan, except she instead came face to face with a handsome, half-dressed man with a gun trained on her when she arrives.

With the help of mozart and Summer, Joker must act fast to protect the woman that attached herself to his heart. He’d already lost the most important woman in his life; he refused to lose the other. Renting a lakeside cabin at big bear Lake should’ve been the perfect getaway—until the cabin owner’s gorgeous, estranged daughter breaks in.

Joker wanted to grieve his mother in peace, not play bodyguard. She couldn’t run forever. Parker lovick needed refuge from a violent ex-boyfriend out to get her.

Danger In Montana: Brotherhood Protectors World

Emma Patterson is missing. When things aren’t going right, he makes the one phone call he never thought he would have to make. Alpha squad goes to Eagle Pass, Montana to help Hank find little Emma. With no clues as to where she is and who took her, Hank Patterson and the Brotherhood Protectors are running around in circles, something they don’t do very well.

Secrets become exposed about the town that Hank has called home since the day he was born, some known, some not known. The brotherhood protectors, alpha squad and the SEALs race against the clock to try finding where Emma could be and who is causing the chaos. Can they find little Emma in time or are they too late?

Hank has called in every marker to help search for his daughter.