Sewed Up Tight A Quilters Club Mystery No. 5 Quilters Club Mysteries

Those quilters club ladies -- maddy, bootsie, cookie, and lizzie -- don’t believe in ghosts, but they have a case to solve when the ghost of Beasley Mansion scares the high school principal to death … a mysterious Phantom plants a firebomb at the Halloween Festival … and a historic pictorial quilt depicting the founding of Caruthers Corners gives an alternative history that threatens to Maddy’s relationship with her husband.

. But can count on her precocious 12-year-old granddaughter Aggie to set things right.

Hemmed In Quilters Club Mysteries Book 4

And it contains a mysterious message that just might lead to a viking treasure hidden right there in the watermelon capital of the Midwest! “Marjory Sorrell Rockwell’s mysteries are easy snacks, but very tasty indeed, ” says former Florida Times-Union feature writer Pamela Paige. The best yet, ” notes H.

L. Those intrepid gals of the caruthers corners quilters club -- Maddy, Bootsie, and Lizzie -- are back again, Cookie, solving a century-old mystery with a little help from junior detectives Aggie and N’yen. Osterman, author of Short Changed. This time around there’s a missing patchwork quilt, said to have been stitched by a real-life witch.


Coming Unraveled A Quilters Club Mystery No. 3: A Quilters Club Mystery No. 3 Quilters Club Mysteries

Lost boys, liz, cookie, a hidden treasure, and a traveling circus provide another puzzler for the Quilters Club -- Maddy, and Bootsie -- to solve in this third outing. You’ll be guessing who’s who till the very last page. And it all centers around a patchwork quilt.

The Patchwork Puzzler A Quilters Club Mystery No. 2 Quilters Club Mysteries

A rare amish patchwork quilt is stolen. Can the quilter’s club retrieve this missing heirloom? Maddy, Cookie, and Bootsie are on the case -- which takes them along the Underground Railroad and down the Wabash in search of clues.

The Underhanded Stitch A Quilters Club Mystery No. 1 Quilters Club Mysteries

You’ll come to love the small midwestern town of Caruthers Corners with its famous Watermelon Festival, placid town square, friendly folks, and sneaky politicians. Members of a small-town needlecrafts society solve a centuries-old mystery in this first book in the new Quilters Club Mystery Series.

All Tangled Up Quilter's Club Mysteries Book 6

The little indiana town’s founding fathers would likely be rolling over in their graves! And there’s a dead body or two. Those feisty ladies of caruthers corners -- maddy, and lizzie -- are back again in another cozy mystery, and a previously unknown mate to the Reconciliation Quilt, this one about the Hoople Quadruplets, Bootsie, Cookie, a madman who wants to poison the town, the most valuable quilt in the world.

Can the quilters club, with the help of maddy’s grandchildren Aggie and N’yen, solve the mystery? You bet … with a number of surprising twists and turns.

Cross Stitch A Quilters Club Mystery Book 10

What does a meteorite, a murderer, and a wagonload of gold have in common? That was the puzzle Maddy Madison and her Quilters Club pals were trying to figure out. Could a few curious stitches on a century-old quilt help them unravel this murder mystery? But someone was trying to kill Maddy’s husband – that much was clear.

And she couldn’t name one person hereabout that she thought capable of murder. Maddy had lived in Indiana all her life. 3, 212 wasn’t the kind of place where psychopaths ran loose, except maybe in that outlying community that locals called Cuckoo Crossing. Caruthers Corners pop.

Needled Quilter's Club Mysteries Book 8

Maddy madison and her quilters club pals -- bootsie, the police chief’s wife; Cookie, the town historian, married to a local farmer; and Lizzie, the ostentatious wife of a retired banker -- along with Maddy’s precocious granddaughter Aggie and Brainiac grandson N’yen -- are back again. But who would expect them to tangle with russian spies and long-dead Amish murderers in this new adventure? And there’s lots of sewing on patchwork quilts as they prepare for the competition at the annual Watermelon Days festival in their quaint little hometown of Caruthers Corners, Indiana.


A Christmas Quilt: The Prequel Quilter's Club Mysteries Book 7

Oh yes, there is a christmas quilt, a family heirloom stolen by beau Madison’s long-lost brother Mycroft -- a mysterious patchwork masterpiece that traces back to the 1800s and legendary political cartoonist Thomas Nast! Merry Christmas from Marjory Sorrell Rockwell! Along with those four intrepid detectives -- maddy, cookie, Bootsie, and Lizzie -- you’ll meet Leslie Ann Holmes, the precocious British “exchange student” who joins the sleuthing.

Amateur sleuth maddy madison and her quilters club cronies return with another cozy mystery set in Caruthers Corners, Indiana -- this time the murder of a Straw Hatter in the middle of the town’s annual Christmas Parade. Maybe “return” is not the right word, in that this book is a prequel, taking place before the others in this bestselling series.


A Stitch in Time Quilter's Club Mysteries Book 9

The quirky cast of characters, small-town sensibilities, and complex mysteries make Marjory Sorrell Rockwell a popular author of cozies, ” says Martha Griswold, Online Critics Corner. But no dinosaur fossil has ever been discovered in Indiana before. This mystery leads the quilters club -- those lovable amateur sleuths Maddy, Bootsie, and Lizzie -- to uncover a massive theft of museum-quality fossils, Cookie, a missing octogenarian known as Commander McBragg, and a TV evangelist involved in illegal adoptions and child abuse.

How could it be? young Aggie discovers a Brontosaurus bone at Gruesome Gorge.

Quilt Block Quilters Club Mysteries Book 13

Another triumph for marjory sorrell Rockwell, an epic puzzler that proves her mastery of cozy mysteries, ” says noted editor and anthologist Hollis George. A stolen quilt, a devastating tornado, and the murder of Aggie’s favorite teacher – those event put the Quilters Club in the middle of a new case.

The sewing bee – comprised of maddy, cookie, Lizzie, and Bootsie – face the destruction of their beloved Indiana town while trying to solve the murder of an inept filmmaker turned teacher. Webster, has gone missing. At the same time, the irreplaceable “Pink Dogwoods in Appliqué, ” a 1927 quilt by Marie D.