Slaughter In The Sacramento Valley

In the age of commercial market hunting, huge populations of migratory birds were slaughtered and shipped throughout the Country and the world. Read about the true stories of avian destruction that occurred during the mass-market hunting days of California’s Sacramento Valley. You’ll hear from both the shooters engaged in the slaughter and the out-numbered and hard pressed wildlife law enforcement officers whose dangerous job it was to stop them.

By the time conservation laws and practices began to show results, some species were already decimated, and others had begun to slide into extinction. A natural story teller, grosz writes about some of the remarkable characters he met—on both sides of the law—and some of the tight spots he got in and out of.

Terry grosz was a conservation law enforcement officer for more than 30 years, both nationally and internationally. There are also stories of the unsung heroes of wildlife preservation—those people who have quietly gone about the business of saving those in the world of wildlife who have little or no voice.

This book provides and exciting glimpse into the rough-and-tumble and often dangerous tide into a bloody spell of American history that has long been ignored—a history in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation documents that the mortality rate of Conservation Officers is nine times higher than the next most dangerous kind of law enforcement.


Wildlife Dies Without Making A Sound: Volume 1: The Adventures of a State Wildlife Officer in the Wildlife Wars

Poachers commit wholesale slaughter on innocent creatures, sometimes humorous, and catching them has been sometimes dangerous, but always vital to species survival. In his two-volume set of "wildlife Dies Without Making a Sound, " Terry Grosz tells the rest of the story. Terry grosz's memoirs have excited thousands of readers, and have been valuable in the instruction of the next generation of wildlife law-enforcement officers.

And at last, terry grosz writes about "The Ronald Reagan Factor" and other political obstacles to wildlife law enforcement. Terry grosz dealt with set-guns, cold stakeouts, and unusual detective work to catch the most dedicated of animal killers. Terry grosz has collected so many true-life stories over his career in wildlife protection that it takes a dozen books to contain them.

Here are the last of his exciting tales from the dangerous world of wildlife law enforcement. Terry grosz has been a champion for those in the world of wildlife who have little or no voice and those Americans yet to come. Grosz goes back to his early years as a California State Fish and Game Warden in Volume One.


Wildlife Dies Without Making A Sound: Volume 2: The Adventures of a State Wildlife Officer in the Wildlife Wars

Work undercover during the fabled abalone wars off the pacific coast of california; target shooters in missouri slaughtering mourning dove over baited fields; work covertly in freezing weather in south dakota on the largest illegal canada goose killing operation in the history of the state; fight the wildlife import/export border wars along the canadian border; enjoy a magical moment with a black wolf in colorado; seize illegal walrus ivory, arrest motocycle gang members, threaten a crooked cop and other real life action tales await the reader in this latest book.

This is first person wildlife law enforcement at its living best as told by a solitary lawman protecting those in the world of wildlife for over a thirty-two year period who have little or no voice. Ride the wildlife outlaw trail with federal conservation officer, terry grosz, and "live" his real life adventures in the deadly and savage world of wildlife law enforcement.

In this last book of the series, age and dimming memories are bringing to a close terry's life's adventures as a wildlife officer putting those in the business of extinction out of business.

Flowers and Tombstones of a Conservation Officer: Volume 1: Struggles Won And Lost

Ride the wildlife outlaw trail once again with Conservation Officer, Terry Grosz, and his real life law enforcement adventures in the oftentimes deadly and savage world of Wildlife law enforcement. Float the klamath river at night in a 12-foot boat without using lights of any kind while apprehending groups of Indians using illegal gill nets; face down armed and deadly Indian gill net outlaws when they discover Terry's identity while he was working them undercover, ending with a very surprising twist; stand with Terry when he faced down an armed assailant and only has one pound left on the trigger pull of his.

44 magnum aimed at his dangerous target; ride with terry when a rifle bullet "claims" one of his nine lives; share a stake out with Terry when he takes on killers from the strategic Air Command, and other compelling takes from the world of Wildlife Enforcement. This is wildlife law enforcement as only Terry Grosz can tell it: first person from one who lived the life as a solitary lawman protecting those in the world of wildlife who had little or no voice.


Flowers and Tombstones of a Conservation Officer: Struggles Won and Lost: Volume II

Ride with terry as he apprehends commercial market hunters destroying california's rare desert bighorn sheep; follow him while working undercover, geese, staking out california's rugged northcoast during the deadly abalone wars protecting against the illegal overharvest of such a valuable marine species; journey to missouri and working covertly, arrest numerous groups of individuals shooting over illegally baited areas and killing hundreds of mourning dove over the limit; venture into north dakota and cite dozens of sportsmen illegally importing huge overlimits of ducks, walleye, deer, moose, upland game birds and cranes from canada into the united states; brave the fierce northern plains' winter storms while apprehending sportsmen killing huge over limits of migrating ducks and geese; seize hundreds of pounds of illegal walrus ivory in alaska along with stolen gold rolex watches and illegal machine guns taken by motorcycle gang members; and participate in interstate roadblocks where hundreds of sportsmen are apprehended and thousands of pounds of illegally taken big game and fishery species are confiscated along with hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs in nebraska.

. Ride the final wildlife outlaw trail in his book series with veteran conservation officer, terry grosz, and participate in his real life law enforcement adventures in the savage and deadly world of wildlife law enforcement. Experience with terry, the wit, who often worked as a solitary lawman blessed with the mass and size of a small grizzly, savvy and common sense techniques utilized in hunting down his fellow man doing incredible wrongs to those in the world of wildlife.

This is wildlife law enforcement in its rawest of forms as only terry grosz can tell it: first person from one who lived the life as a solitary lawman for over 32 years PROTECTING THOSE IN THE WORLD OF WILDLIFE WHO HAVE LITTLE OR NO VOICE.

A Sword for Mother Nature: The Further Adventures of a Fish and Game Warden

Be prepared to simultaneously feel joy and anger as he details his hair-raising efforts, and those of others, to prevent the destruction of our natural heritage. Len ugarenko, north american waterfowl management plan coordinator, International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies "After reading "Wildlife Wars, " I wondered if Terry Grosz could keep up the pace with a new set of memories and fascinating law enforcement experiences.

For love of wildness" takes you into a world almost never visited by even those of us who love the outdoors. As a law enforcement agent, defuse tense situations, and stay alive; and as a human being, he learned to sniff out trouble, he learned to temper justice with mercy and to treat everyone fairly. Grosz has risen above all but a very few professional authors.

Larry jay martin, author of "The Last Stand" Used book in Good Condition. Seldom does one who possesses a depth of knowledge in one field of endeavor rise to be able to chronicle that knowledge and experience in an entertaining and compelling manner. Not to worry. Praise for terry grosz’s earlier books: "terry grosz’s adventures in 32 years of enforcing wildlife law astonish even his fellow wardens, and he tells them in a way that keeps you turning the pages till there aren’t any more.

Ted williams, along with our precious fish and wildlife resources, editor-at-Large, Fly Rod & Reel "As our urbanized society continues to lose its connection to the land, Conservation Editor, Audubon Magazine, we need more agents like Terry whose inspirational tales show how he dedicated and risked his life to protect that which he loved.

Award-winning author terry grosz, revisits his rookie years as a fish and game warden for the State of California, whose career in conservation is matched by his skill as a storyteller, where his on-the-job training got him into some awful scrapes but the bad guys he chased almost always got into worse ones.

Defending Our Wildlife Heritage: The Life and Times of a Special Agent

Used book in Good Condition. Fish and wildlife service, when he left his home state of California and headed off for new horizons and bigger battles. A new collection of stories -- alternately hair-raising, hilarious, and heart-wrenching -- by Terry Grosz, a wildlife conservation law enforcement officer whose heroic career was dedicated to preserving our precious natural resources and wildlife heritage, for our children and our children's children.

In this book of high-adventure tales, Grosz chronicles his years as a special agent for the U. S.

The Thin Green Line: Outwitting Poachers, Smugglers, And Market Hunters

In his sixth book, the author stays closer to home with a major piece on a massive undercover sting operation that netted more than one hundred arrests for poaching and illegal wild game crimes. Used book in Good Condition. Other stories are more personal and complete a portrait of this dedicated conservation veteran.

Used book in Good Condition. Original. These arrests led to the conviction of almost all those caught and at least temporarily halted the vast slaughter of wildlife in Colorado's San Juan Valley.