Soils and Foundations 8th Edition

Ideal for beginners, soils and foundations, 8/e presents all essential aspects of soils and foundations in as simple and direct a manner as possible. This edition's new coverage includes pressuremeter and Dilatometer tests, dewatering, water flow characterization with Bernoulli's Theorem, uplift pressure on dams, and subsurface stresses caused by overlying soil masses.

Used book in Good Condition. Coverage includes: engineering properties of soils: soil exploration, and consolidation; water in soil; subsurface stresses; settlement of structures; shear strength; shallow and deep foundations; lateral earth pressure; retaining structures, stabilization, compaction, and stability analysis of slopes.

Throughout, the authors promote learning through the extensive use of diagrams, charts, and illustrations. Filled with worked examples, and hands-on practice problems, step-by-step solutions, it emphasizes design and practical applications supported by basic theory.

Pipe & Excavation Contracting Revised

Used book in Good Condition. See the best ways to clear the site, including asphalt and rock; handle rock, steep slopes and high groundwater; meet compaction requirements; install septic tanks and drain fields; all common types of water and sewer pipe, and how to do subsurface excavation. This new edition includes detailed coverage of the various pipe, and is filled with photos, diagrams, charts, joints and fittings now available, checklists and examples to help you build a career as a successful pipeline contractor.

. This popular manual has been updated and improved to bring it more current with modern earthmoving and trenching equipment, stricter safety rules, refined excavation techniques, and improved materials. Here you ll find how to enter and succeed in the underground utility business. Includes hands-on instructions for operating the equipment and doing the trenching, pipe laying and connecting work and answers to what causes so many skilled equipment operators and pipelayers to fail when they try to start their own business.

Learn how to find the right kind of work, calculate your O & P, figure realistic crew and equipment productivity rates, read and compute quantities from the plans, consider job variables, then estimate and bid the job, and get the bonds you need. Also, how to deal with change orders and liquidated damages, choosing the right equipment, and handling safety issues.

When it comes to doing the actual work, you ll find the combined expertise of two long-time professionals, explaining how to follow and read the surveyor s reference stakes; how to check grade and line with an optical level, transit and pipe laser, and how to use GPS systems.

Structural Steel Design 6th Edition

Piquing student interest in structural steel design This best-selling textbook addresses the fundamentals of structural steel design for students pursuing careers in engineering and construction. For undergraduate courses in Steel Design. The material is best suited to students with a basic understanding of the mechanics of materials and structural analysis.

Used book in Good Condition. Presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly style, the 6th Edition conforms to the latest manual and specifications of the American Institute of Steel Construction.

Excavation & Grading Handbook

You'll find procedures and essential job-sequencing techniques that can make or break a job, plus pointers for tough situations that other earthwork instruction manuals don't want to tackle. New in this edition: gps -- global positioning System -- a time-saving survey and grade-control tool installed on much of the heavy equipment you'll be using.

. Using these two technologies will save you time and money on most of your jobs. Cd-rom included: testing is the best way to learn, so each chapter ends with a set of review questions. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Also includes use of sonar technologies. It's an encyclopedia of excavating and grading knowledge, including photographs and diagrams that illustrate just how the work should be done.

Co-written with his son, john, nick combines their nearly 70 years on the job to teach you -- in simple terms -- just what you need to know to reach and stay at the top of your game. In these pages you'll learn how to read topo maps, set crows feet, use a laser level, install water, and sewer pipes, drain, lay or remove asphaltic concrete, cut drainage channels, pressure-test sewer pipes, and use GPS and sonar for absolute precision.

No jobsite is without problems. The cd-rom has 250 questions in simple interactive format that makes learning fun. In this practical manual, the authors guide you through just about every difficulty you'll find on a job site.

Traffic and Highway Engineering

The new edition of garber and hoel's best-selling traffic AND HIGHWAY ENGINEERING focuses on giving students insight into all facets of traffic and highway engineering. Used book in Good Condition. The text uses pedagogical tools such as worked problems, reference material, diagrams and tables, and realistic examples to demonstrate how the material is applied.

. While many topics can be covered with a survey approach, this often lacks sufficient depth and students leave the course without a full understanding of any of the fields. This approach gives students a sense of what the field is about as well as an opportunity to consider some of its challenges. Used book in Good Condition.

Transportation is an extremely broad field, and courses must either cover all transportation modes or focus on specifics. Students generally come to this course with little knowledge or understanding of the importance of transportation, much less of the extensive career opportunities within the field. Later chapters focus on specific issues facing transportation engineers.

This text focuses exclusively on traffic and highway engineering beginning with a discussion of the pivotal role transportation plays in our society, historical impact, including employment opportunities, and the impact of transportation on our daily lives.

Structural Analysis 10th Edition

Interactive, self-paced tutorials provide individualized coaching to help students stay on track. Note: you are purchasing a standalone product; Mastering Engineering does not come packaged with this content. Applying theory to structural modeling and analysis Structural Analysis, beams,   presents the theory and applications of structural analysis as  it applies to trusses, 10th Edition, and frames.

The text and mastering Engineering work together to guide students through engineering concepts with a multi-step approach to problems. For courses in structural Analysis; also suitable for individuals planning a career as a structural engineer. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information.

If you would like to purchase both the physical text and mastering engineering, search for:   0134679725 / 9780134679723   structural analysis plus masteringengineering with pearson etext -- access Card Package Package consists of: 0134610679 / 9780134610672 Structural Analysis 0134701453 / 9780134701455 MasteringEngineering with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Structural Analysis       Used book in Good Condition.

Newly added material includes anupdate to the ASCE/SEI 2106 specifications, a discussion of catenary cables, and further clarification for drawing moment and deflection diagrams for beams and frames. Used book in Good Condition. The text and mastering Engineering work together to guide students through engineering concepts with a multi-step approach to problems.

Interactive, self-paced tutorials provide individualized coaching to help students stay on track.

Landscape Construction

Readers will appreciate the easy-to-follow process of construction and the review of various materials, tools, and methods. Photos and illustrations support the instructions for such activities as site preparation, utilities and irrigation, retaining wall construction, and such amenities as pools, fencing, exterior carpentry, grading and drainage, paving, ponds, and edging.

Used book in Good Condition. Landscape construction, 3rd edition, is the sole resource needed to accomplish a multitude of hardscape construction goals. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. A discussion of estimating and bidding for jobs will be valuable to professionals in their work and also to homeowners as they consider their own exterior projects.

Landscape construction, 3rd edition, with its simple but complete instructions for a multitude of exterior construction projects, is the ideal learning and resource tool for future landscape contractors and designers.

Design of Reinforced Concrete

Design of reinforced concrete, 10th edition by Jack McCormac and Russell Brown, introduces the fundamentals of reinforced concrete design in a clear and comprehensive manner and grounded in the basic principles of mechanics of solids. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Students build on their understanding of basic mechanics to learn new concepts such as compressive stress and strain in concrete, while applying current ACI Code.

Used book in Good Condition.

Fences and Retaining Walls

Thumb through the pages of this book. From the rear cover of this 396-page book: "no matter what type of fence you plan to build, this practical manual has the information you need to do professional quality work, from selecting the right materials to laying out each post and applying the right finish. If you are handling your first fence job, you will appreciate the clear explanation of basic fence and wall building principles.

But even experienced professional fence and wall builders can use the tips and tricks explained here: setting up a fence contracting company, selling fence work, contracts, bookkeeping, and a complete chapter on estimating. Anyone who builds fences and retaining walls can use the simplified designs and construction methods, time-and-money-saving tips, and practical advice in this manual.

Includes blank forms you can use and copy when planning and bidding jobs. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. It's the most complete, most up-to-date reference available for every fence, most useful, railing and retaining wall job. Used book in Good Condition. You'll notice right away the detailed, hundreds of photos and diagrams and step-by-step instructions for every common type of fence, easy-to-follow explanations, including: board, rail and retaining wall, rail and picket fences; welded metal fences and rails; concrete block and brick walls; chain link and wire fences; gates and entrances; construction details and tips; plywood panel fences; retaining walls and rock walls; troubleshooting and repairs; and wiring and plumbing in walls.

Used book in Good Condition.

Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers 4th Edition

Civil and construction engineering materials: properties, and evaluations Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers helps readers understand and select the materials involved in supporting the infrastructure needs of society--from buildings, to water and treatment distribution systems, highways, to dams, Uses, and airport pavements.

The problem set for each chapter was updated and increased to provide some fresh exercises. Used book in Good Condition. References were updated and increased in all chapters to provide students with additional reading on current issues related to different materials. Used book in Good Condition. The information on sustainability was updated and expanded to include the most recent information.

By gaining a deep understanding of material behavior and the material selection process, readers can begin to understand how to create and maintain civil and construction engineering systems crucial to society. Used book in Good Condition. The primary focus of the updates presented in this fourth edition was on the sustainability of materials used in civil and construction engineering.

Used book in Good Condition. In addition, sections were added describing the sustainability considerations of each material.

Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures

Used book in Good Condition. 16th edition! published in 2016! Do not spend money on an outdated edition! Shrink wrapped and brand new. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.