Stepdad Surprise River’s End Ranch Book 53

This fourth of july, there's all sorts of fireworks at River's End Ranch!A year ago, Jackie Novak looked into the eyes of her infant daughter and made the decision to run. She thinks they're just friends, but with a little effort on his part, he should be able to convince Jackie she's worthy of a real man's love.

With the fourth of july celebrations heating up, it's looking like little Kalli might get a new stepdad. Until an unpleasant surprise threatens to ruin everything. Read along as the rest of the weston siblings find love in these sweet contemporary romances:Yukon Yuletide MaryBeth & Mack--> amazon. Com/dp/b078c6cbyrbillionaire's Bargain Kenneth & Katie --> amazon.

Com/dp/b07qwk1mh8christmas catch-up ix find out what everyone's been up to, with hints about the future--> amazon. Com/dp/b07mdgqd6p and introducing, in a brand-new Fourth of July romance, right in time for the holiday. Star-spangled secret Tripp & Alyssa -->amazon. Com/dp/b07tv3v7NG. There's certainly no space for romance in her life, not with sweet little Kalli Jo taking up all her love and attention.

Star-Spangled Secret Quinn Valley Ranch Book 20

Alyssa mciver was the only person who'd ever kept him calm, and she was far too good for him anyhow. When tripp left town so suddenly seven years ago, Alyssa was left with a secret of her own. Tripp's hard-learned control is just what the Jer needs, and he yearns to share those lessons with this secret son of his.

With jeremiah's birthday approaching, can tripp convince alyssa he's worth trusting again? Or will her protectiveness of their son keep the three of them apart?This Independence Day, sparks will fly in Quinn Valley! Back before he left home without a forwarding address, back before he joined the Army and got straightened out, he was known for his short fuse and explosive temper.

Fireworks and tempers are both hot this fourth of july! Celebrate with this sweet second-chance, small-town romance about a veteran with a son he didn't know existed!It's no secret that Tripp Weston used to be a bad boy. Now little jeremiah has his father's anger-management issues, and between his tantrums and her job, Alyssa is worn out.

Her sister claims everything is better with a partner, but Alyssa has only ever loved one man. But now tripp is back in Quinn Valley, and nothing is as he expected. The homecoming he'd dreamed of has been shattered, the woman he was sure he'd lost is staring up at him with hope.

Teaching Tamlyn River's End Ranch Book 54

How is a football coach supposed to wrangle middle schoolers in his sister’s drama summer camp and get Romeo and Juliet on stage in two weeks’ time after she goes into labor early and asks for his help? He certainly can’t see how. Bradley holbrook’s world, on the other hand, has been turned upside down.

Laying low is what’s on her mind, but she doesn’t have any idea how much healing she has yet to come. Her aunt corinne’s recent marriage has left her world quiet as she heals from her altercation with a drunk driver that broke her ankle. Until he meets Tamlyn, and finds his way to asking for help. Tamlyn is just settling into a quiet routine in her job as wardrobe supervisor for the TV show on location at River’s End Ranch.

Can they pull this off together without ruining both of their lives for good? .

Pet Peeves River's End Ranch Book 52

Sometimes we already have the answers - we just need to follow our hearts. She's worked hard to prove herself as a strong, successful black woman in the corporate world, and between her career and caring for her aging mother, her stress levels are through the roof. A trip to river's End Ranch should help relax her.

. Jamal jenkins has left the big-city lifestyle behind and now works on the ranch, spending his time with animals. He's found that to be the perfect antidote to his anxiety and believes it could help Kerry too - if she would just let go of some of her pet peeves. Kerry holt has a lot of hang-ups about life.

Or so her therapist hopes.

Fanning Flames River's End Ranch Book 58

Wildfires threaten river’s End Ranch as Lindsey Montgomery arrives out to find the brother she just found out she has. Family has never meant much to her, her adoption not what she’d hoped for. On top of that, he already has a big family—four sisters, in fact—and isn’t looking for more to worry about.

But when he meets lindsey, he’s got one more thing to set his mind to. Alex bauer works with dani Weston in Search and Rescue, and they have their hands full with a summer of wildfires. Can all these families come together while keeping the ranch safe? Sometimes when you search for something, you find more than you bargained for.

After years of loneliness, she finds out that she had a twin brother, and they were separated as toddlers. She sets out to find him, but finds much more than a new brother.

Chasing Change River's End Ranch Book 57

But one outdoor adventure too many is going to remind them that archie has responsibilities he can’t just walk away from… *******************************Discover River's End Ranch, Idaho, that is run by the six Weston siblings and their well-meaning, a gorgeous "destination" ranch and resort in Riston, semi-retired parents.

It’s what he’s famous for, with her detailed knowledge of diverse outdoor adventure activities, and it’s why he’s come to the ranch; he needs to find someone to teach him to become his latest character…and Cait, is just the person he needs. In fact, with archie’s ability to change who he is, they seem perfect for each other.

Join us in a world where our characters learn, laugh and love. Visit river's end ranch on Amazon or Facebook to get the complete list of books. New books are released every other week! Cait quinn has never understood how some people can do the same thing day in and day out. Doesn’t that get boring? same thing with dating: how is it possible to date the same guy for months if he’s just going to be…well, it’s not like she’s looking for a guy to date; she’s got all her many varied jobs on the ranch to keep her busy, the same guy? Of course, and she’s saving up for her dream adventure.

Archibald St. Five bestselling western romance authors have created a world like no other--full of fun outdoor activities, a huge family in need of love, and side characters you will never forget. John is hollywood’s foremost method actor, and that means he spends his life becoming other men.

Romancing Rachel River's End Ranch Book 51

Aspiring actress rachel mcintyre is also a waitress at Kelsey’s Kafe at River’s End Ranch. But what if Rachel has other ideas? A. She plans to eventually move to L. To chase her dream, but money is tight at home, so she is going to wait a few years. She gets her big break sooner than expected when adiel bozeman, the head writer and creator of the new drama filming a pilot at River’s End Ranch, sees Rachel’s performance in a local play and invites her in to discuss a possible part in the show.

Adiel finds rachel very attractive, she’s an actress, especially as he gets to know her, but she’s off-limits for three important reasons—he thinks she’s too young for him, and his employee.

Jennifer's Journey River's End Ranch Book 59

She moved to river’s End Ranch for a new job that would include a new start. She decides to contact a matchmaker who will introduce her at the altar after concluding she is incapable of being kind for long enough to truly get to know a man and marry him. He doesn’t want someone to reject him for his name or marry him for his fame and fortune.

But will she ever tell him what she’s hiding from him? Or will they always have a distance between them? It seems to be the only way she has even a chance at love and a family. Maynard butts has spent his entire life trying to live above the name he has been given. When he sees jennifer walking down the aisle toward him, he’s sure that everything will work out.

When he lands a job as the lead actor for a television show, he decides to contact someone who will introduce him to his future bride at the altar. Jennifer Olson is a recently reformed mean girl. No one there knows of her history.

Karaoke Kisses River's End Ranch Book 56

But when a pretty blonde shows up at karaoke one night, he's knocked off his feet, realizing that she's the one who's going to change his life forever. It's hard for her to leave behind her classroom of kindergartners, but she does need some time off. Zack clements loves guiding raft tours on the river at the ranch, showing the guests the power and majesty of the water.

This time, it's going to take more than one older lady with uncanny insight to make everything turn out the way it's supposed to be. His routine is predictable, and he likes it that way. There's just one problem - they're both devoted to their jobs, and their jobs are hundreds of miles apart. Andie hudson has wanted to visit River's End Ranch for years, ever since Jamal, her friend from high school, started working there.

She arranged for her friend kerry to take a much-needed vacation at the ranch, and now that they're married, believing Kerry and Jamal would be great together, that's the perfect excuse for Andie to go there herself.

Make-Believe Marriage River's End Ranch Book 55

Neither expects the marriage to last a day longer than necessary since Cameron has made it very clear that Ethan is not her type and she doesn’t believe that she could ever be attracted to him. In order for ethan to inherit peppercorn Ranch, one of the largest ranches in the area and where he’d been working since graduating college, he must marry Cameron Baker.

After meeting nurse cameron baker in the hospital, Ethan White’s grandmother added a condition to her will a few days before she died. Fortunately, it’s only for one month and after the thirty days are up, they can dissolve the marriage and go their separate ways—and Cameron will have a nice down downpayment for the condo she’s eager to buy.


Second-Chance Sweethearts River's End Ranch Book 50

His daughters are pushing him to “get out there”, but he doesn’t believe he could ever be that lucky again. Corinne baker thought she’d have a life-long love long ago, but when he left her at the altar she decided to create the life she wanted, all on her own. He’s happy for them, but he’s already had that—the love of his life passed away long ago.

When corinne’s niece asks for her help at River’s End Ranch, it’s another adventure for her and she jumps at the chance. Neither one of them expected lightning to strike twice, that is run by the six weston siblings and their well-meaning, a gorgeous "destination" ranch and resort in Riston, but when it does will they be able to open their hearts once more?*************************************************Discover River's End Ranch, Idaho, semi-retired parents.

Join us in a world where our characters learn, laugh and love. Visit river's end ranch on Amazon or Facebook to get the complete list of books. Five bestselling western romance authors have created a world like no other--full of fun outdoor activities, a huge family in need of love, and side characters you will never forget.

After all, she’s just retired and has nothing to lose. Corinne and allen are tasked with taking old-time photographs for a big party at the ranch, and as they search through thrift stores, they find they have more in common than just old memories. New books are released every other week! She had her chance, and she’s content with how things have turned out for her.