The Aunt Paradox Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mysteries Book 3

This 100 page novella is the third instalment in the Reeves and Worcester Steampunk Mysteries. A murder mystery where facts can be rewritten, and the dead don’t always stay dead. Wodehouse, steampunk and a touch of Sherlock Holmes. More than fascinating, this work is also rip-roaring fun!" - SF Revu. Hg wells has a problem.

Dead bodies start piling up behind Reggie’s sofa, as he finds himself embroiled in an ever-changing murder mystery. Now she’s rewriting history!reggie worcester, and his automaton valet, gentleman’s consulting detective, Reeves, are hired to retrieve the time machine and put the timeline back together.

But things get complicated. The fourth instalment, a novel - the unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall - which comes out on February 9th 2016, can be pre-ordered now. A fun blend of P. G. Dolley is a master at capturing and blending all these elements. His aunt charlotte has borrowed his time machine and won’t give it back.


Reggiecide Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mysteries Book 2

He might be a mere pawn in a plan of diabolical twistiness. Only a detective with a rare brain - and Reggie's is amongst the rarest - could possibly solve this 'five-cocktail problem. With the aid of reeves, and farquharson, his suffragette fiancée, Emmeline, a reconstituted dog with an issue with Anglicans, his automaton valet, Reggie sets out to save both Queen Victoria and the Empire.

This 19, 000 word novella is the sequel to the wsfa small press Award finalist, What Ho, Automaton!REVIEWS"I find that a good book is enjoyable by the end of the first chapter. Treat yourself to this joyride. Media junkie"Funny, extremely well-written, short and sweet. All those words come to mind after reading this little masterpiece.

Zjordi"a delightful mix of comedy and conundrums. Sf revu. A fun blend of P. G. This book was good by the end of the first sentENCE - 'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a chap in possession of a suffragette fiancee is in need of a pair of bolt cutters. As you can guess this story is a treasure trove of homages as well as just a jolly good romp.

Wodehouse, " - sf revu guy fawkes is back and this time it's a toss up who's going to be blown up first - Parliament or Reginald Worcester, steampunk and a touch of Sherlock Holmes, gentleman consulting detective.

What Ho, Automaton! Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mysteries Book 1

Highly recommended, take a spin in this steampunk hybrid and enjoy the ride!" - SF Revu"I enjoyed every page of this book. Finalist for the 2012 wsfA Award **"A fun blend of P. G. Wodehouse, steampunk and a touch of Sherlock Holmes. And prevent him from getting engaged. The book contains two stories set in an alternative 1903 where an augmented Queen Victoria is still on the throne and automata are a common sight below stairs.

What ho, automaton! - a 32 page novelette about how the two met. Something rummy this way Comes - a 164 page novel chronicling their first case. And, two, a consulting detective's little grey cells require plenty of fish and frequent lubrication when confronted with a 'three cocktail problem. Reeves needs all his steam-powered cunning and intellect to curb the young master's excessive flights of fancy.

More than fascinating, and his automaton valet, this work is also rip-roaring fun!" - SF RevuWhat Ho, Automaton! chronicles the adventures of Reggie Worcester, gentleman consulting detective, Reeves. Dolley got me to laugh out loud near the end. A steampunk novel that combines classic British Humor, tongue-in-cheek references to Sherlock Holmes and a cast of great characters.

I don't think i've actually laughed out loud this much while reading a book in a very long time. Erisaerie"dolley's collection of Wodehousian steampunk is entertaining and often spot-on parody.

The Unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall Reeves & Worcester Steampunk Mysteries Book 4

With razor-sharp wit and fast pacing that plays fair with the reader, this is an excellent genre mash-up that fires on all cylinders. Publishers weekly An escaped cannibal, a family curse. Laughs abounded. I highly recommend this book. Howard Poston. This laugh-out-loud parody works on several levels. The unpleasantness at Baskerville Hall" is very highly recommended.

Midwest book review"i haven't read a series of books in my entire life that made me laugh out loud at least four times and uncountable chuckles. Dolley channeled Wodehouse beautifully. Mary R. Luckily the young master has Reeves, his suffragette fiancée, his automaton valet, and Emmeline, on hand to assist.

This stand alone novel is the fifth Reeves & Worcester Steampunk mystery and is set a few months after The Aunt Paradox. Reading reggie's attempts to emulate famous detectives and solve this Baskerville mystery is hilarious. G. There is the small matter that most of the guests aren’t who they say they are, the main suspect has cloven feet, and a strange mist hangs over great Grimdark Mire.

It perfectly catches the spirit and the humour of the original PG Wodehouse works while adding a whole new dimension.

French Fried: one man's move to France with too many animals and an identity thief

Literally laugh out loud in several places I'm glad I'm the only one home! Librarything "chris dolley's humour reminds me of James Herriot at times, with my husband shushing me in the middle of the night. I could not put this book down and enjoyed it immensely. The french say it's an Irish crime as that's where the money was held.

French fried is the unfortunately true account of Chris Dolley's first eight months in France and has been described as 'A Year in Provence with Miss Marple and Gerald Durrell. Just when chris and shelagh think nothing more could possibly go wrong, they discover that Chris's identity has been stolen and their life savings - all the money from their house sale in England that was going to finance their new life in France - had disappeared.

Then they're abandoned by the police forces of four countries who all insist the crime belongs in someone else's jurisdiction. And now i appear to have finished the book! The best thing about 'French Fried' is it's sense of humour; warm, self-deprecating, and very British. Reviews"this was a fantastic read.

So chris has to solve the crime himself. The british say it's nothing to do with them even though forged British passports were used to open the bank account in Spain. New york times bestseller **"exceptionally funny and entertaining book" - RomonkoAnimals behaving badly, other people's misfortunes and the most bizarre true crime story ever.

A bank account had been opened in Chris's name in Spain to take the proceeds.

An Unsafe Pair of Hands

I gave up sleep so that I could read to the surprising and satisfying ending. Shand responds by inventing a lead, and keeps on lying - to the press, his boss, his team - telling himself that he'll solve the case before anyone finds out. And then another murder occurs. On his second day he's thrust into a high-profile murder case.

The humor is delightful and the plot is complex enough to keep you turning pages to the end. A woman's body is discovered in an old stone circle - with another woman buried alive beneath her. The pressure on Shand is enormous. And had there been a third?Shand begins to doubt his ability. He's desperate, pursued by an amorous psychic, increasingly unpredictable, and somehow gaining a reputation for arresting livestock.

Which will break first? the case, or Shand?Chris Dolley is a New York Times bestselling author. Reviews"this mystery is so much fun. The media is clamoring for answers, but everything about the case is baffling. This is by far one of the best summer reads of 2011. Jensview"one of the best I've read in years. Laura belgrave"I loved this book.

Medium Dead

Can't wait for the next installment, ” — Stephanie Robert. And reckless. I read this book in one day. Nothing better than a good belly laugh. Brenda Steele has a problem. I kept telling my family 'listen to this' and reading sections of this funny, strange, exciting, entertaining, gross story. A vigilante demon wants her to use her powers to find murdered spirits and help him track down their killers.

Finally, a new author as witty and sassy as Janet Evanovich. Lark susak“This was a very entertaining story. I enjoyed the characters and humor. But brian doesn't just catch criminals. He might even be human. Great book!” — klplmc“i was hooked by the end of page one and laughing out loud by the middle of page two.

His last partner died during one of his takedowns. Along the way, or as powerful, Brenda discovers that Brian isn't as old, as he led her to believe. I was hooked by the end of page one and laughing out loud by the middle of page two. Lark susaka fun fantasy mystery starring Brenda — a reluctant medium — and Brian — a Vigilante Demon with an impish sense of humor.

He likes to play with them first, setting elaborate traps where the goal is to make the punishment fit the crime, while having as much fun as possible.

Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident Parasol Protectorate Book 0

Alexia tarabotti attends what appears to be a very dull London party, until the new werewolf Alpha turns up, is unconscionably rude to her, and sits on a hedgehog. Look out for cheeky appearances from other much beloved characters, not to mention the strategic application of a certain wicker chicken. Alexia also appears briefly in romancing the Inventor, and Conall and England’s most scandalous wolf pack are referenced in The Finishing School series.

This is a quick read at 9000 words about 15 printed pages available in print only as part of Fan Service collected Supernatural Society omnibus. Want more hot gruff werewolf gentlemen and practical tough ladies? Try How to Marry a Werewolf. The parasol protectorate series soulless changeless blameless heartless timeless also by gail carriger set in the parasolverse the curious case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t The Finishing School series start with Etiquette & Espionage The Delightfully Deadly novellas The Parasol Protectorate series The Supernatural Society novellas The Custard Protocol series start with Prudence The Claw & Courtship novellas try Defy or Defend As G L Carriger The San Andreas Shifter series start with The Sumage Solution The 5th Gender.

Don't miss this charming novelette featuring the very first encounter between the Parasolverse's most popular power couple, preternatural Alexia and supernatural Lord Conall Maccon. From the comedic mind of new York Times bestseller Gail Carriger comes the much requested prequel short story to Soulless.

It is best read if you are already familiar with Gail Carriger's gaslight universe and comedy of manners style, as it was written specifically with her fans in mind. This intoxicatingly witty parody will appeal to a wide cross-section of romance, fantasy and steampunk fans.

Magical Crimes: Twenty-Four Inches From Tulsa

But don’t worry, the penis in this story is used purely for the purpose God intended – humour and crimefighting – not lustful titillation. Seb kemp is a psychic profiler with a problem. After a night out drinking some men wake up with an unexpected tattoo. The two of them are thrown together to solve a high profile locked room mystery where the utmost tact and diplomacy is required – not easy for a man with unpredictable trousers.

Magical crimes is just over 13, 000 words in length which equates to about 65 pages of a mass market paperback. Reviews:"fun main characters and a couple of twists. But above all it made me laugh, smile, smirk and chuckle time and again. The sleight of hand with language, the odd but pleasing combination of wit and silliness, and of course the quirky law enforcement setting, rather reminded me of Jasper Fforde.

Tiggrie"i have read a lot of strange things, but this idea tops the kooky list. Cheryl M-M. The spell might fade after a few days or.

First Ever Unhuman Bundle: unhuman I, II and III Humorous British Detective Cozy Mystery Fantasies

Can the crime-solving duo take down both human and unhuman criminals lurking in the shadows, or will they be consumed by metaphysical madness?The First Ever Unhuman Bundle contains the first three books in the Inspector Hobbes series of cozy paranormal mysteries. An unusual detective. He’s been using his mysterious powers to sniff out crime longer than Andy’s been alive, but even he can tell something extra unnatural is afoot.

A washed-up journalist. So he’s not completely surprised when he’s fired from the paper, loses his flat in The Cotswolds, and has to bunk with an eccentric detective. Their magical mystery tour is about to get supernatural… 900+ pages of comically crazy paranormal cozy mysteries. Andy caplet couldn’t follow a lead if it held him by the hand.

With nothing better to do, andy impulsively tags along on his new roommate’s decidedly abnormal investigations… Inspector Hobbes deals with his stressful career by chomping on bones. Having a partner may help him weather the wannabe vampires, wacky werewolves, and dastardly villains. Buy the first ever unhuman Bundle to solve quirky paranormal crimes today!

If you like new twists on crime stories, eccentric but lovable characters, and off-the-wall humor, then you’ll love Wilkie Martin’s fantastical collection.

Flotsam Peridot Shift Book 1

The job yields an ancient ring, a forbidden secret, and a host of deadly enemies. Now on the run from cultists with powerful allies, Talis needs to unload the ring as quickly as possible. A fantastical steampunk first contact novel that ties together high magic, high technology, and bold characters to create a story you won’t soon forget.

Captain talis just wants to keep her airship crew from starving, and maybe scrape up enough cash for some badly needed repairs. Her desperate search for a buyer and the fallout from her discovery leads to a planetary battle between a secret society, alien forces, and even the gods themselves. Talis and her crew have just one desperate chance to make things right before their potential big score destroys them all.

When an anonymous client offers a small fortune to root through a pile of atmospheric wreckage, it seems like an easy payday.