The Calleshire Chronicles Volume One: The Religious Body, Henrietta Who?, and The Stately Home Murder

In her debut novel in the long-running mystery series, The Religious Body, Catherine Aird introduced the sleuthing team of shrewd Detective Inspector C. Jenkins’s death no accident, the woman never had a child. Only to see a face staring back at him. D. If henrietta is not her daughter, who is she? It’s up to Detective Inspector Sloan to find out.

Henrietta who?: in a quiet english village, a woman’s body is found in the road, the victim of a hit-and-run. Heaven help detective Inspector Sloan as he’s called to the Convent of St. But an autopsy brings even more shocking news: Not only was Mrs. A trio of sharp-witted british whodunits featuring Detective Inspector Sloan—from a CWA Diamond Dagger winner and “a most ingenious” author The New Yorker.

Anselm to determine why someone would want to murder a nun. Over the course of twenty-four crime novels, the award-winning author has maintained the perfect balance between cozy village mystery and police procedural. The religious body: when sister anne’s body is found at the bottom of a steep set of cellar stairs, her veil askew and her head crushed, it’s clear she’s been viciously attacked.

Sloan and his less-than-shrewd sidekick, in the fictional County of Calleshire, Detective Constable William Crosby, England. Now ornum house is a crime scene, with Sloan and Crosby determined to discover how a murdered man ended up in knight’s garb.

A Late Phoenix The Calleshire Chronicles Book 4

The cause of death, was not the blast, it seems, but a bullet to the spine. Inspector sloan is the best there is when it comes to cracking the most complex cases. While its presence there isn’t unusual—hundreds died in bombing raids throughout England—the manner in which the pregnant girl met her end is sinister enough that Detective Inspector C.

D. Detective Inspector C. But can he piece together a murder that’s been buried for more than a quarter century? But on this particular day, the noise stops. In the crater of a bomb site, a skeleton has been found. Sloan is called on to solve the coldest of cases in this thriller from CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird Berebury, England, did not have an easy go of it during the Second World War.

D. This quaint victorian town was destroyed when the Nazis dropped bomb after bomb on its perfect gardens and neat hedges. After three decades of disarray, the town council has finally begun reconstructing what’s left. Sloan and his assistant, Detective Constable Crosby, are called to the scene. All throughout Berebury, the sounds of hammers and saws drone on.


The Miss Silver Mysteries Volume Two: In the Balance, The Chinese Shawl, and Miss Silver Deals with Death

Patricia wentworth has created a great detective in Miss Silver, but who in turn notices everything” Paula Gosling, the little old lady who nobody notices, author of the Jack Stryker Mysteries. When one inhabitant reports she’s being blackmailed by another, Miss Silver is brought in to sort out the suspects from the residents, which include a woman who lost her fiancé after their ship was struck by a Nazi torpedo and a sleepwalking maid with a curious past.

The rising star has just finished filming her first motion picture. Now he’s broke again. With her knitting needles and fondness for Tennyson, she may seem an unlikely sleuth, but Scotland Yard would be lost without her. Who did tanis fail to charm? The answer could lie with a distant cousin and a long-standing family feud.

In the balance: on a train back to London, Miss Silver meets a frightened new bride. Retired governess and teacher Maud Silver has found a new calling: private detection. Lisle jerningham has fled her home after overhearing a seemingly sinister conversation. The british governess-turned-sleuth solves three of her most intriguing cases, in this “timelessly charming” series Charlotte MacLeod.

. Unfortunately, it will turn out to be her last.

The Inspector Thanet Mysteries Volume Two: Close Her Eyes, Last Seen Alive, and Dead on Arrival

When the corpse is identified as steven long, the question is no longer who wanted to kill him, but who didn’t? Long was loathed by everyone in town, from his long-suffering ex-wife to the man whose family he killed in a driving accident. An intriguing tale not to be missed. Yorkshire Post. With Sgt. To find the culprit, Thanet will have to get to the bottom of a lifetime of hate.

But when charity pritchard is found murdered, Inspector Thanet and Sergeant Lineham vow to tear off the church’s veil of secrecy to reveal her killer. Det. Inspector luke thanet may be a family man with a soft heart and bad back, but he also has a bloodhound’s nose for murder. A well-crafted and compelling mystery novel.

The armchair detective  last seen alive: when luke thanet was a young man, Alicia Parnell was one of the most popular girls in Sturrenden—until her perfect life was shattered by her teenage boyfriend’s suicide. But now, two decades later, alicia has returned to the country village where she was born—only to die there the day after she arrives .

 .  . Mike lineham at his side, no case is too tough, in these mysteries from the “dependably pleasing” Dorothy Simpson Boston Globe. A classic detective story .

His Burial Too The Calleshire Chronicles Book 5

With rubble blocking off access to the crime scene, no one can get close enough to inspect the body. Even the legendarily cool-headed great detective might begin to crack when a second body turns up. D. And then an important file goes missing from Sloan’s office. But there’s something particularly gruesome about this one, the body crushed beneath the marble and iron of an old Saxon church tower.

Sloan puzzles over an industrialist crushed under the rubble of a church tower in this crime novel by a CWA Diamond Dagger winner. How does it all connect? On the hottest day in living memory, the owner of a patent firm, Richard Mallory Tindall, does not return home to Cleete village. D. In the course of solving murder cases, Detective Inspector C.

Detective Inspector C. Sloan has seen all manner of ugly death. What little evidence is available—a burned match, a black thread, an earring—doesn’t bode well for a quick and easy solution. When a man is found crushed to death, Tindall’s case goes from missing person to homicide.

The Album

When her murder shatters the quiet of the little enclave, the tabloids delight in trumpeting the neighborhood’s peculiarities. But as the search for the killer intensifies, the area’s strangest secrets have yet to be revealed.  . But as the city enveloped it, the residents built a gate to keep the world out.

A killer has an axe to grind in this classic whodunit from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of The Circular Staircase and mystery-writing pioneer. With each passing year, the subdivision grew stranger and stranger—until it began to look like a time capsule of the 1890s. And there is a bedridden old woman who is about to be killed with an axe.

Crescent place was once a peaceful country green surrounded by five tasteful suburban houses and populated by polite, responsible citizens. There is a widow in permanent mourning and a daughter whom the newspapers call psychotic. In these houses are a husband and wife who fight constantly, and another couple who hasn’t spoken to each other in two decades.


Mud, Muck and Dead Things Campbell and Carter Mystery Book 1

The first thrilling instalment of the Campbell and Carter mysteries. When the body of a young woman is discovered in the cowshed of Cricket Farm, the tranquility of the British countryside is shattered. C. A flashy mercedes spotted fleeing the scene of the crime leads to a suspect, but when another body turns up, Mud, it looks as though Campbell’s lead is nothing but a dead end…Book one in the Campbell and Carter Mysteries, Muck and Dead Things will thrill fans of M.

Beaton, joy Ellis and the Midsomer Murders. Praise for ann granger'characterisation, is sharp and astringent' the times'the story just gets more complex, as ever with Granger, mysterious and chilling' Good Book Guide'For once a murder novel which displays a gentle touch and a dash of wit' Northern Echo'A clever and lively book' Margaret York .

Inspector jess campbell is on the case, a grumbling partner, and the new superintendent Ian Carter piling on the pressure, but with few leads, she’s beginning to wonder why she chose to be a detective in the first place. The shifty land-owner eli smith seems to have something to hide, and as Campbell delves into the gruesome past of the dilapidated farm, the mystery deepens.


Parting Breath The Calleshire Chronicles Book 7

Sloan has to go on in his latest case there are rumblings throughout the campus of the University of Calleshire, of revolt, talk of a sit-in, of H? Chí Minh, of discontent. When someone breaks into a dorm room, leaving behind little evidence but a single kernel of corn, it’s time to call in the police.

Sloan, recently reunited with his assistant, Detective Constable Crosby, must connect a seemingly unrelated burglary to a senseless murder—with nothing more to go on than those eerie last words. Malcolm humbert has been expelled, and the students are livid. D. Meanwhile, the faculty is equally out of sorts—hilda linaker just wants to finish her treatise on Jane Austen, Bernard Watkinson is tired of dealing with the female students’ vehement—and possibly dangerous—opinions, and Simon Mautby can’t find a lab tech to help with his ecology experiments.

But no one—not the professors, the students, or even the great detective C. In this thrilling crime novel by cWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird, a student’s last words are all that Detective C. Before he dies, he manages to breathe the words “twenty-six minutes. The brilliant and acerbic inspector C.

D. Sloan—could have predicted murder.

Slight Mourning The Calleshire Chronicles Book 6

And Mrs. Fent’s wife, the now-widowed Helen. D. In this classic parlor mystery from CWA Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird, Detective Inspector C. Each of the guests had the opportunity to kill William Fent. D. Sloan investigates a dinner party that ended in murder Twelve friends sit down for supper at Strontfield Park—but only eleven survive the evening.

So begins a fresh tale of murder and deceit for Detective Inspector C. Among them are a theologian at the local university; Dr. Sloan, whose list of suspects begins and ends with the surviving dinner guests. After dinner, offers to drive one of his guests home, the host, William Fent, only to die behind the wheel in a violent accident.

Washby, graceful, tall, whose wedding was the cause for celebration; Ursula Renville, and utterly aloof; the fat and extravagant Mr. And Mrs. But which one wanted him dead? Marchmont; the spinster miss paterson; the rector’s daughter, Cynthia Paterson; Quentin Fent, heir to the Fent fortune; and Mr. The autopsy shows that Fent ingested enough barbiturates to kill a horse.


The Calleshire Chronicles Volume Two: A Late Phoenix, His Burial Too, and Slight Mourning

With no eyewitnesses and little evidence, the policeman doesn’t seem to have a prayer of solving the case. His autopsy shows that he ingested enough barbiturates to kill a horse, and now the guest list is Sloan’s roster of suspects. A late phoenix: in the quaint victorian town of Berebury, England, a skeleton has been found in the crater of a World War II bomb site.

Over the course of twenty-four crime novels set in the fictional County of Calleshire, England, and featuring the sleuthing team of shrewd Detective Inspector C. A set of intriguing british whodunits featuring Detective Inspector Sloan—from a CWA Diamond Dagger winner and “most ingenious” author The New Yorker.

The cause of death, Detective Inspector Sloan discovers, is a bullet to the spine. And then a second body turns up. Sloan and his less-than-shrewd sidekick, Detective Constable William Crosby, award-winning author Catherine Aird maintained the perfect balance between cozy village mystery and police procedural.

D. These three entertaining crime novels offer “the very best in British mystery” The New Yorker. After dinner, the host offers to drive one of his guests home, only to die in a violent accident. Slight mourning: twelve friends sit down for supper at Strontfield Park—but only eleven survive the evening.


Passing Strange The Calleshire Chronicles Book 9

In this gripping mystery by cwa diamond dagger winner catherine aird, the village spinster dies behind a fortune teller’s booth, and Calleshire’s greatest detective looks into the future—and sees justice The annual Horticultural Society Flower Show would have gone off without a hitch were it not for one very pesky murder.

. It’s not like this old lady, lives for the purpose of helping others, who plays the organ during service every Sunday without fail, and who, it’s told, to disappear without notice. Who better to calm the crowd than Calleshire’s greatest detective? Alongside his bumbling sidekick, Constable Crosby, C.

When nurse joyce cooper goes missing from the parish’s fortune-telling booth at the flower fair, her friends at the local church are immediately concerned. So when she’s found strangled to death under a tarp, the community is thrown into an uproar. D. Sloan runs through the bizarre list of suspects—the daughter of a deceased anthropologist, a greedy developer, a jealous tomato gardener, and a set of wealthy farmers—to find out who would have benefited most from the beloved nurse’s death.

What he finds will astonish the entire village.