The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts

Along the way, determination, they tell a remarkable story of boundless energy, and laughter that could only keep the demons at bay for so long. The new york times bestselling biography of an American comedy legendAfter three years of sobriety, Chris Farley's life was at its creative peak until a string of professional disappointments chased him back to drugs and alcohol.

Farley's fans immediately drew parallels between his death and that of his idol, John Belushi. He fought hard against them, but it was a fight he would lose in December 1997. Without looking deeper, however, many failed to see that Farley was much more than just another Hollywood drug overdose. In this officially authorized oral history, Farley's friends and family remember his work and life.


Almost Interesting

Dey street Books. He also covers his years on snl during the beloved rock/sandler/farley era of the 1990s, a run-in with eddie Murphy on the mean streets of Beverly Hills,  a crazy ex-assistant who attacked him while he was sleeping, including the constant fear of being fired, including his close working relationship and friendship with Chris Farley and brags about the ridiculous perks that fame has brought into his life, and of course an endless supply of hot chicks.

A hilarious and biting memoir from the actor, comedian and Saturday Night Live alumni David Spade. David spade is best known for his harsh “hollywood” minute sketches on SNL, his starring roles in movies like Joe Dirt and Tommy Boy,  and his seven-year stint as Dennis Finch on the series Just Shoot Me.

Now, with a wit as dry as the weather in his home state of Arizona, the “comic brat extraordinaire” tells his story in Almost Interesting. First taking fans back to his childhood as a wannabe cool younger brother and recounting his excruciating road-tour to fame—when he was regularly mistaken for a ten year-old, Spade then dishes about his time crisscrossing the country as a comedian, for low-paying gigs and dragging along his mother’s old suitcase full of props.

Sometimes dirty, always funny, and as sharp as a tack,  Almost Interesting reminds you why David Spade is one of our generation’s favorite funny guys.

I Am Chris Farley DVD

Among those honoring chris will be farley's cast mates and friends from snl and the second city, jon lovitz, bob saget, Mike Myers, Dan Aykroyd, Bo Derek, Jay Mohr, including Christina Applegate, David Spade, his feature films and other projects, Will Sasso, Molly Shannon, Bob Odenkirk, Tom Arnold, Adam Sandler, Lorne Michaels, Pat Finn, Brian Stack and Fred Wolf.

I am chris farley is a documentary film that will tell the bittersweet story of one of the most innovative comedic actors who ever graced the stage, screen and television, before his untimely death from a drug overdose at the tender age of only 33. In addition to original interviews with those closest to chris and those inspired by him, paired with iconic photographs, the film will showcase clips of Farley's most memorable characters and sketches from television and film, home movies, family snapshots and personal artifacts, to fully round out the story of this comedy legend.

Dey street Books. The film will interview those who knew chris intimately, john, tom, including his siblings, Kevin and Barbara Farley as well as his close friends including the real Matt Foley! Other interviews include a broad array of contemporary performers from all over the entertainment spectrum who were inspired by the truly bigger than life character that was Chris Farley.

Immortalized for his uniquely bold, energetic, and in-your-face comedic style, Chris Farley's off the charts talent cemented his place as a key player in a movement that evolved and redefined the comedic genre. With the full cooperation and participation of the farley family, the prolific period when his flame burned as brightly as any young actor/comedian in Hollywood, I Am Chris Farley will chronicle Farley's meteoric rise to stardom, and the sad and sudden end to a career that was going straight to the top.

Although he was only in the spotlight for a short time, Chris nevertheless left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry through his groundbreaking work at The Second City, on Saturday Night Live and in several feature films and improv theaters across the country. Shrink-wrapped.

Wired: The Short Life & Fast Times of John Belushi

Bob woodward has written a spellbinding account of rise and fall, and a poignant and gentle portrait of a young man who had so much, a cautionary tale for our times, gave so much, and lost so much. Using diaries, phone bills, travel records, and interviews with firsthand witnesses, accountants’ records, medical records, Woodward has followed Belushi’s life from childhood in a small town outside Chicago to his meteoric rise to fame.

Simon Schuster. This reissue of bob woodword’s classic book about john belushi—one of the most interesting performers and personalities in show business history—“is told with the same narrative style that Woodward employed so effectively in All the President’s Men and The Final Days” Chicago Tribune.

John belushi was found dead of a drug overdose March 5, 1982, in a seedy hotel bungalow off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Dey street Books. Belushi’s death was the beginning of a trail that led Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward on an investigation that examines the dark side of American show business—TV, rock and roll, and the movie industry.

Shrink-wrapped. From on-the-record interviews with 217 people, his former partner dan aykroyd, and those who live in the show business underground, the author has written a close portrait of a great American comic talent, the movie executives, including Belushi's widow, actors Chevy Chase, Belushi’s movie directors including Jack Nicholson and Steven Spielberg, the agents, and Carrie Fisher, Robin Williams, Belushi’s drug dealers, and of his struggle to succeed and to survive that ended in tragedy.


Wild and Crazy Guys: How the Comedy Mavericks of the '80s Changed Hollywood Forever

Simon Schuster. What's not to like?based on candid interviews from many of the stars themselves, including directors John Landis, Wild and Crazy Guys is a fantastic insider account of the friendships, and Amy Heckerling, as well as those in their immediate orbit, Carl Reiner, triumphs, feuds, and disasters experienced by these beloved comedians.

The behind-the-scenes story of the iconic funnymen who ruled '80s hollywood—bill murray, steve martin, including animal House, John Belushi, and Ghostbusters“An enjoyable romp that vividly captures the manic ups and downs of the remarkable group of funny folk who gave us a golden age of small and big screen comedy, Caddyshack, Dan Aykroyd, and Eddie Murphy—and the beloved films that made them stars, Chevy Chase, from SNL to Groundhog Day.

Peter biskind, poking fun at each other, their illustrious careers, and closes 21 years later with the two doing a skit in the same venue, Raging BullsWild and Crazy Guys opens in 1978 with Chevy Chase and Bill Murray taking bad-tempered swings at each other backstage at Saturday Night Live,  author of Easy Riders, triumphs and prat falls.

. Tells a story where art and commerce smash hard against each other, sometimes causing destruction, but sometimes making sparks fly. The sunday times UK Dey street Books. Thompson while tied to a lawn chair. His punchy, nonstop narrative.


He often came across as a man possessed, holding forth on culture and politics while mixing in personal revelations – all with mercurial, tongue-twisting intensity as he inhabited and shed one character after another with lightning speed. And in good will hunting he gave an intense and controlled performance that revealed the true range of his talent.

Itzkoff also shows how williams struggled mightily with addiction and depression – topics he discussed openly while performing and during interviews – and with a debilitating condition at the end of his life that affected him in ways his fans never knew. But as dave itzkoff shows in this revelatory biography, which he drew upon in his comedy and in celebrated films like Dead Poets Society; Good Morning, Williams’s comic brilliance masked a deep well of conflicting emotions and self-doubt, Vietnam; The Fisher King; Aladdin; and Mrs.

Dey street Books. Doubtfire, where he showcased his limitless gift for improvisation to bring to life a wide range of characters. Shrink-wrapped. From new york times culture reporter dave Itzkoff, the definitive biography of Robin Williams – a compelling portrait of one of America’s most beloved and misunderstood entertainers.

From his rapid-fire stand-up comedy riffs to his breakout role in Mork & Mindy and his Academy Award-winning performance in Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams was a singularly innovative and beloved entertainer. Simon Schuster.

Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live as Told by Its Stars, Writers, and Guests

Simon Schuster. In their own words, unfiltered and uncensored, a dazzling galaxy of trail-blazing talents recalled three turbulent decades of on-camera antics and off-camera escapades. Now a fourth decade has passed-and bestselling authors James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales have returned to Studio 8H. Shrink-wrapped.

James andrew miller and tom shales's definitive oral history of Saturday Night Live, hailed as "incredible" Vulture and "required reading" People, rollickingly updated with nearly 100 new pages covering the decade since the book's original release. When first published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, LIVE FROM NEW YORK was immediately proclaimed the best book ever produced on the landmark and legendary late-night show.

Little brown. Dey street Books. Over more than 100 pages of new material, surprises, adding a constellation of iconic new stars, they raucously and revealingly take the SNL story up to the present, and controversies.

Belushi: A Biography

All from a guy who was never supposed to make it out from behind the cash register of his family’s Chicago diner. Little brown. Here is the remarkable and raucous story of a larger-than-life figure who danced out at the precipice of American fame. Dey street Books. Simon Schuster. Used book in Good Condition.

On the day he turned thirty, john starred in america’s number-one movie Animal House, starred in the number-one late-night show Saturday Night Live and had recorded the number-one album Briefcase Full of Blues. How did this albanian immigrant’s son capture a nation’s imagination and come to embody all the glory and tragedy of the American dream? It was one high-price, high-speed, short-lived wild ride.

Belushi is a whirlwind of a book, filled with never-before-seen photos and provocative, intensely personal testimonials by just about every major comedic figure of the last half century. Shrink-wrapped.

Searching for Candy: John Candy: A Biography

Police academy legend, tim kazurinksy, once said that “John wasn’t just a one in a million guy - he was a one in a hundred million guy”. His starring roles in uncle buck, spaceballs and Planes, Cool Runnings, Trains and Automobiles are testament to a rare and much loved talent. Dey street Books. Used book in Good Condition.

. Legendary comedic actor, John Candy, is often described as one of the sweetest men in Hollywood. The book features first-hand original interviews with over 70 of Candy’s colleagues and friends, some speaking on record for the first time. Candy could make you laugh and cry on the turn of a dime. Searching for Candy is an extensive overview of his career.

Shrink-wrapped. Stars interviewed include mel brooks, carl reiner, Mariel Hemingway, Dave Thomas, Valri Bromfield and others, building a vibrant and authentic portrait of the much-missed actor, Juul Haalmeyer, comedian and humanist. Little brown. Incredibly talented, with over forty movies under his belt, full of heart and extraordinarily hard working, Candy was a screen icon during the 80s and early 90s.

Simon Schuster. The book reveals his early years growing up in post-war toronto, candy’s wonderful movie career and his stint as a co-owner of the Toronto Argonauts Gridiron Team, his breakthrough as part of the legendary Second City comedy group, right through to his tragic passing in 1994.

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Snl: Best Of Chris Farley

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Saturday night Live The Best of Chris Farley. This product is being custom printed for you after you have placed your order. Used book in Good Condition. Color/63 min/NR/fullscreen. The best of chris farley's wildly funny snl performances are here, including motivational speaker Matt Foley, an aspiring Chippendales dancer, the bashful host of The Chris Farley Show m 'member?" and more.

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