The Holy Spirit in the Life of Jesus: The Mystery of Christ’s Baptism

In the new testament, you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, Jesus reassures the Apostles before he ascends to heaven by saying, and you will be my witnesses . As one well accustomed to illuminating the Word to his audience, Father Cantalamessa bestows on readers an understanding of the Holy Spirit that is both practical and profound.

". To the ends of the earth. What of this spirit? in what way was that spirit manifested in jesus' ministry on earth? What does it offer us? And ask of us? These reflections by the preacher to the papal household coalesce biblical and doctrinal thought on the gifts conferred by anointing in the Spirit - kingly, prophetic, and priestly - onto Christ and through Christ to the Church.


Mañana: Christian Theology from a Hispanic Perspective

It weaves the doctrinal formulations of the early church on creation, the Trinity, and Christology into contemporary theological reflection on the Hispanic struggle for liberation. This volume offers a major theological statement from a respected theologian and author. Richly insightful and unique, Manana is one of the few major theological works from a Protestant representative of the Hispanic tradition.

Justo L. An in-depth look at Christian theology through Hispanic eyes. Gonzalez offers theological reflections based upon unique insights born of his minority status as a Hispanic American.

Practicing Christian Doctrine: An Introduction to Thinking and Living Theologically

Sidebars made up of illustrative quotations, key Scripture passages, classic hymn texts, and devotional poetry punctuate the chapters. In order to grow into more faithful practitioners of Christianity, we need to engage in the practice of learning doctrine and understanding how it shapes faithful lives.

It attends to history and contemporary debates and features voices from the global church. This introductory theology text explains key concepts in Christian doctrine and shows that doctrine is integrally linked to the practical realities of Christian life. Baker Academic. Beth felker jones helps students articulate basic Christian doctrines, think theologically so they can act Christianly in a diverse world, and connect Christian thought to their everyday life of faith.

This book, written from a solidly evangelical yet ecumenically aware perspective, models a way of doing theology that is generous and charitable.

Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion 2 Volume Set

Through these works--each written prior to the end of the sixteenth century--contemporary readers are able to engage the ideas that have shaped Christian theology and the church through the centuries. Baker Academic. All previous editions--in latin, french, German, corrected, and English--have been collated; references and notes have been verified, and expanded; and new bibliographies have been added.

The translation preserves the rugged strength and vividness of Calvin's writing, but also conforms to modern English and renders heavy theological terms in simple language. The result is a translation that achieves a high degree of accuracy and at the same time is eminently readable. Long recognized for the quality of its translations, and indexes, introductions, explanatory notes, the Library of Christian Classics provides scholars and students with modern English translations of some of the most significant Christian theological texts in history.

. This is the definitive English-language edition of one of the monumental works of the Christian church.

The Gay Gospel?: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible

In this updated edition of a strong Delusion, author and counselor Joe Dallas helps readers understand what pro-gay theology is and how to confront it. It offers the balance between conviction and compassion and a practical guide to communicating with those who have embraced the pro-gay Christian movement.

The gay gospel how Pro Gay Advocates Misread the Bible. In a biblical manner, dallas examines believers' personal responses and the need for bold love and commitment as theybecome familiar with the movement's background and beliefsstudy a clear, scriptural response to each beliefextend Christ's love to those living the homosexual lifestyleThis resource is an important one for those who have been unsure how to respond to the growing acceptance of homosexuality in the evangelical community.

Baker Academic.

The Skilled Pastor: Counseling as the Practice of Theology

Baker Academic. The gay gospel how Pro Gay Advocates Misread the Bible. A splendid volume detailing the specific skills necessary for sound pastoral guidance in various situations. The author integrates theological reflection with practice, while incorporating religious resources with counseling technique.

Martin Luther: A Life Reformed Library of World Biography Series

The gay gospel how Pro Gay Advocates Misread the Bible. Baker Academic. Used book in Good Condition. Concise and incisive, each interpretive biography in the Library of World Biography Series focuses on a person whose actions and ideas either significantly influenced world events or whose life reflects important themes and developments in global history.

The newest installment to the world Biography Series, this book profiles the life of Martin Luther and the impact he had on world events during his lifetime and long after.

Tripersonal God, The: Understanding and Interpreting the Trinity; 2nd Edition, Revised

The gay gospel how Pro Gay Advocates Misread the Bible. Used book in Good Condition. At a time when christian faith in the trinity is both challenged by militant atheism and called to engage in serious dialogue with Islam, this book presents the biblical, historical, and experiential roots of Trinitarian faith.

. It shows how christianity stands or falls with this faith in the Trinity, and why such faith radically shapes personal life and public worship. It takes up major trinitarian issues of today: such as naming the Trinity, the distinct personal existence of the Holy Spirit, and Trinitarian images. Highlights: displays the biblical roots of trinitarian faith Clarifies the development of official teaching about the Trinity Confronts such major issues as naming the Trinity and the personal existence of the Holy Spirit Accessible, constantly interesting and stylishly written Baker Academic.


On the Holy Spirit: St. Basil the Great Popular Patristics

In the words of st gregory the Theologian, St Basil s treatise was written by a pen borrowed from the Spirit s store. Used book in Good Condition. Baker Academic. The gay gospel how Pro Gay Advocates Misread the Bible. Although the book was written for St Basil s fourth-century contemporaries, its message is valid for all ages.

This work sets forth the distinction ofthe divine Persons, and their perpetual communion and conjunction. This volume presents a new translation of st Basil s On the Holy Spirit, a classic expression of the Church's faith in the Spirit, and a lasting testimony to the author sChristian erudition. It talks also about the nature of theological language, andthe theological significance of the Church s tradition of worship and proclamation.


The Christological Controversy Sources of Early Christian Thought

This book is a collection of texts designed to illustrate the development of Christian thought about the person of Christ in the patristic era. The gay gospel how Pro Gay Advocates Misread the Bible. The latest is the well-known "definition of the Faith" of the Council of Chalcedon, which generally has been accepted as defining the limits of Christological orthodoxy.

. The earliest text translated comes from the latter half of the second century, when the ideas and problems which were to dominate Christological thought in this period were first crystallized. Used book in Good Condition. Baker Academic.

Counseling & Confession: The Role of Confession and Absolution in Pastoral Counseling

Baker Academic. Marrs. For over 25 years, this book has provided an authentically Christian resource for enriching pastoral counseling and deepening a ministry of reconciliation. The introduction by Dr. Koehler weaves a multilayered account of the relationships between psychology, and the theology of individual confession and absolution, pastoral counseling, igniting a conversation that has only expanded in the years since.

A classic in pastoral counseling - updated with a new introduction by Rick W. The gay gospel how Pro Gay Advocates Misread the Bible. Used book in Good Condition. Rick marrs underscores the new developments in that conversation, bringing this classic work to life once again.