The Meaning of Hitler

In examining the inhumanity of a man for whom politics became a substitute for life, his ideological misconceptions, his growing obsession with racial extermination, he discusses Hitler’s bizarre relationships with women, his arrested psychological development, and the murderous rages of his distorted mind.

Finally, haffner confronts the most disturbing question of all: Could another Hitler rise to power in modern Germany? Used book in Good Condition. This is a remarkable historical and psychological examination of the enigma of Adolf Hitler―who he was, how he wielded power, and why he was destined to fail.

Beginning with hitler’s early life, Sebastian Haffner probes the historical, political, and emotional forces that molded his character.

The German Empire, 1871-1918

Used book in Good Condition. Professor wehler became one of the most prominent exponents of this approach and his structural analysis of the 'Kaiserreich' created a considerable stir when it was first published. In the wake of the fischer controversy on the origins of world war i there emerged in West Germany a younger generation of historians who took a critical 'revisionist' view of the Bismarckian Empire and began to analyze the political development of the Hohenzollern monarchy against the background of the country's social and economic power structures.

. It has since, with its incisive and rigorous analysis, become a classic in the field.

Defying Hitler: A Memoir

Covering 1907 to 1933, the right-wing voluntary military force set up in 1918 to suppress communism and precursor to the Nazi storm troopers, his eyewitness account provides a portrait of a country in constant flux: from the rise of the First Corps, to the Hitler Youth movement; from the apocalyptic year of 1923 when inflation crippled the country to Hitler's rise to power.

Written in 1939 and unpublished until 2000, sebastian Haffner's memoir of the rise of Nazism in Germany offers a unique portrait of the lives of ordinary German citizens between the wars. Used book in Good Condition. This fascinating personal history elucidates how the average German grappled with a rapidly changing society, while chronicling day-to-day changes in attitudes, beliefs, politics, and prejudices.


Mandela: A Critical Life

They shaped a politics of grace and honor that was probably the only approach that could have enabled South Africa's relatively peaceful transition to democracy. It is certain to provoke much heated debate. Desmond tutu Used book in Good Condition. The book follows mandela from his education at two elite Methodist boarding schools to his role as a moderating but powerful force in the African National Congress.

Throughout, lodge emphasizes the crucial interplay between Mandela's public career and his private world, revealing how Mandela drew moral and political strength from encounters in which everyday courtesy and even generosity softened conflict. Now, from his childhood days and early activism, tom lodge draws on a wide range of original sources to uncover a host of fresh insights about the shaping of Mandela's personality and public persona, in this new and highly revealing biography, through his twenty-seven years of imprisonment, to his presidency of the new South Africa.

Indeed, the lessons mandela learned as a child about the importance of defeating ones opponents without dishonoring them were deeply engrained. Striking in appearance--six foot four and physically imposing--with an aristocratic bearing and incredible charm and self-assurance, Nelson Mandela is the greatest African leader in modern history, an iconic figure the world over.

Here then is a penetrating look at one of the most celebrated political figures of our time, illuminating a pivotal moment in recent world history. Authoritative and fair-minded.

Death in Venice: And Seven Other Stories

Eight complex stories illustrative of the author's belief that "a story must tell itself, " highlighted by the high art style of the famous title novella. Used book in Good Condition.

On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life Hackett Classics

History. Master/slave relationship. Part ii of thoughts Out of Season Used book in Good Condition. Morality.

Bismarck: The Story of a Fighter

To fully comprehend the actions this enigmatic and important character, we must first understand his feelings, his motivations, and his private life. In his landmark biography of the man of “blood and iron, and instead seeks a historical and psychological understanding of the chancellor “as he really was, ” Emil Ludwig rejects the pedestal that history has placed Bismarck upon, and not as distorted by worship.

Bismarck was not merely a hard and calculating statesman, courage, but a man ruled by pride, and hatred. Morality. Master/slave relationship. He then went on to lead germany and the rest of Europe into an age of political peace that lasted from 1871 until the outbreak of World War I. Used book in Good Condition.

Used book in Good Condition. Otto von bismarck was more than a politician and a leader: he was the single driving force that turned the disparate states of Germany into one cohesive empire. Bismarck’s use of statesmanship to fight for the interests of his country was legendary. The historical conception of him was as the “Iron Chancellor, ” an unbending and untouchable figure.

Beginning with bismarck’s childhood and delving more fully into his early life than any other work, Ludwig’s landmark volume is invaluable in understanding the forces behind one of the most influential men in modern history. As one of the most influential and powerful individuals in his country’s history, Bismarck became a symbol of leadership and pride for German nationalists.

The Weimar Republic

Routledge. Used book in Good Condition. Morality. History. In the first part of the book, social, professor Kolb provides a clear historical narrative of the political, economic and cultural developments of the Weimar Republic, setting it within the international context of the inter-war period. This text, therefore, provides an excellent introduction to the history of the Weimar Republic and a guide to the state of research for more advanced students.

The book contains a detailed chronology and an extensive and up-to-date bibilography, divided by subject, which includes recent English-language studies of the period and translation of German works. Used book in Good Condition. In the second part he surveys and analyses scholarly research in the field which sheds light on the problems and controversies of the period in home and foreign affairs.

Master/slave relationship.

The Weimar Republic Sourcebook

Routledge. This will be a major resource and reference work for students and scholars in history; art; architecture; literature; social and political thought; and cultural, German, film, and women's studies. Its political and cultural lessons retain uncanny relevance for all who seek to understand the tensions and possibilities of our age.

Used book in Good Condition. Morality. Its thirty chapters explore germany's complex relationship to democracy, the tradition of cabaret and urban entertainment, intellectuals, the literary life, " Bauhaus architecture, the impact of mass media, ideologies of "reactionary modernism, and the situation of Jews, " the rise of the "New Woman, and workers before and during the emergence of fascism.

While devoting much attention to the republic's varied artistic and intellectual achievements the Frankfurt School, cultural criticism, criminality, consumerism, body culture, an extensive bibliography, political theater, and urban planning, twelve-tone music, and sexuality; it also contains a timetable of major political events, photomontage, the book is unique for its inclusion of many lesser-known materials on popular culture, drugs, and capsule biographies.

The weimar republic sourcebook represents the most comprehensive documentation of Weimar culture, history, and politics assembled in any language. Used book in Good Condition. It invites a wide community of readers to discover the richness and complexity of the turbulent years in Germany before Hitler's rise to power.

Drawing from such primary sources as magazines, and official documents many unknown even to specialists and most never before available in English, this book challenges the traditional boundaries between politics, manifestoes, culture, newspapers, and social life. History.

Kant: Political Writings Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought

Morality. Routledge. In this new, his reviews of herder's ideas on the philosophy of the history of Mankind and Conjectures on the Beginning of Human History, expanded edition two important texts illustrating Kant's view of history are included for the first time, as well as the essay What is Orientation in Thinking?

History. The original edition of kant: political Writings was first published in 1970, and has long been established as the principal English-language edition of this important body of writing. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. In addition to a general introduction assessing kant's political thought in terms of his fundamental principles of politics, this edition also contains such useful student aids as notes on the texts, a comprehensive bibliogaphy and a new postscript, looking at some of the principal issues in Kantian scholarship that have arisen since the first edition.

Master/slave relationship. Used book in Good Condition.

Germany: Jekyll and Hyde

Mint Condition. Routledge. Morality. New. Guaranteed packaging. A few years ago, sebastian haffner's defyiNG HITLER, a memoir about growing up in interwar Germany, sold over forty thousand copies. No quibbles returns. Used book in Good Condition. History. Used book in Good Condition. Master/slave relationship. Used book in Good Condition.

Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon. After he moved to britain in the 1930s haffner became so shocked about the situation in his native country that he wrote this book, GERMANY: JEKYLL AND HYDE, in an effort to help people understand the danger Hitler presented to the world. An incredibly accessible book, it is packed with acute analysis of both Hitler and the German people - from the Nazi leaders all the way down to those who opposed them - and is a must-read for anyone interested in the literature of the Second World War.