The Mercy Rule: A Novel

For dismas, this case will challenge everything he believes about the law, about his family, and about himself. Was it suicide, cops, a key witness he cannot believe, activists, dismas hardy is going to trial with a client he doesn’t trust, as a carnival of reporters, lovers, and families throng around the case, the last desperate act of a dying man? Was it murder? Or mercy?Now, and a system that almost destroyed him once.

Because a chilling truth is beginning to emerge about an old man’s lonely death. A stylish whodunit. Then one client changes everything. Graham russo, a former baseball star, is charged with murdering his dying father. Praise for the mercy Rule “Very entertaining. And what dismas knows could put him next in line to die.

. Lescroart is in his best form yet. People once Dismas Hardy was a cop. A large and emotionally sprawling novel. Chicago tribune  “as usual in a lescroart novel, yet again, character dominates plot as the author proves, that resonant drama can be found in family.

Guilt Abe Glitsky Book 2

One of the best in this flourishing genre to come along in a while. The washington post book World “Begin Guilt over a weekend.  . John lescroart isn’t a lawyer, but he writes like one. Dayton daily news “Crackling legal action. If you start during the workweek, and your pleasure will be tainted with, you will be up very late, well, guilt.

The philadelphia Inquirer “A wonderful novel. A great thriller: breakneck pacing, electrifying courtroom scenes, and a cast of richly crafted characters. People mark dooher is a prosperous San Francisco attorney and a prominent Catholic, the last person anyone would suspect of a brutal crime. But dooher, a paragon of success and a master of all he touches, is about to be indicted for murder.

Charged with savagely killing his own wife, from a beautiful, Dooher is fighting for his reputation and his life in a high-profile case that is drawing dozens of lives into its wake—from former spouses to former friends, naive young attorney to a defense lawyer whose own salvation depends on getting his client off.

Now, as the trial builds to a crescendo, as evidence is sifted and witnesses discredited, as a good cop tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life and a D. A. Risks her career, the truth about Mark Dooher is about to explode. For in a trial that will change the lives of everyone it touches, there is one thing that no one knows—until it is much too late.

Nothing but the Truth Dismas Hardy Book 6

That is, if he can be found. As he moves through a labyrinthine world of big business and San Francisco politics, looking for a man he half hopes never to find, a furious and frustrated Hardy is struggling to understand why his impeccably faithful wife is being so loyal to another man. Dismas knows his wife, Frannie, is the most reliable of mothers.

From the acclaimed new york times bestselling author of Guilt and The 13th Juror comes an electrifying new thriller--a novel in which San Francisco defense attorney Dismas Hardy faces the case of his career. When she fails to pick up their children from school one afternoon, he's convinced something terrible has happened.

What kind of truth could keep a wife from her husband, a mother from her children--could hold Hardy so powerless before the wrath of the law?With an unparalleled ability to illuminate the complexities of relationships while weaving a story of breathtaking suspense, Lescroart has never been in finer form.

And nothing But the Truth is his finest hour. But now he has disappeared. Called before the grand jury in a murder investigation, she refused to reveal a secret entrusted to her by a man whose children attend the same school as hers, a friend who is accused of killing his wife. Hardy knows there's only one way to get Frannie out of jail: clear her friend of murder.

It has: frannie Hardy is in jail.

The Hearing Dismas Hardy Book 7

Hardy's best friend, Lieutenant Abe Glitsky, has kept a secret from him. And everyone else. It seems obvious that the heroin addict hovering over her body with a gun is the guilty party, and Glitsky has few qualms about sweating a confession out of him. But there is more to this murder-much more. And as both hardy and glitsky risk their lives to uncover the truth, others are working hard to stop them.

Hardy never knew that Abe had a daughter-until she was shot dead.

The 13th Juror Dismas Hardy Book 4

He is obsessed with her innocence. He will be destroyed by her guilt. The walls were champagne. The house was immaculate. A prosperous doctor lived there with his son and his beautiful wife. But the elegant walls hid a family's secret, a wife's shame. And one day shots rang out in the doctor's house. Suddenly jennifer Witt was in jail, facing the death penalty.

Jennifer insisted that she had not killed her abusive husband -- and she could never have killed her own son. Dismas Hardy believed her. But hardy was only part of the defense team, and the only lawyer who continued to believe her. Even as her story was torn to pieces, even as her lies came out, even as she was found guilty of murder.

Now there's only one thing Jennifer can do to save her life. And she refuses to do it. So hardy must do it for her. And in a shocking case of violence, and lies, betrayal, his only weapon is the truth.

The Oath Dismas Hardy Book 8

When defense attorney dismas hardy takes Kensing on as a client, both Glitsky and Hardy have to worry not only about losing the case, but about losing a best friend as well. But in spite of the rumors about his company's substandard care, this death appears to be a case of malice, not of malpractice—especially after Markham's entire family is gunned down in their home.

Lt. And winds up dead in his ICU bed. Abe glitsky has strong suspicions about a doctor with opportunity, means, and motives to spare. But working up a case against Eric Kensing might not be easy, especially when Glitsky has to rely on two bumbling rookies to gather the evidence. And as the investigation leads to something bigger than they expected, they may both be in danger of losing their lives as well.

When hmo executive tim markham is hit by a car during a morning jog through his exclusive San Francisco neighborhood, he has the bad luck to be transported to one of his own hospitals.

Hard Evidence Dismas Hardy Book 3

The suspect: a Japanese call girl with a long list of prominent clients. This dimas hardy thriller is “a compelling combination of courtroom drama and whodunit. Sparked with crackling dialogue and vivid scenes of its San Francisco setting. Richmond times-dispatchwhen the bullet-ridden body of a Silicon Valley billionaire washes up on shore, assistant D.

A. But when a bizarre series of events blows the case wide open, Hardy finds himself on the other side of the law—as a lawyer for the defense. Dismas hardy finds himself the prosecutor in San Francisco’s murder trial of the century.

The First Law Dismas Hardy Book 9

The police now believe three things: that Hardy is a liar protecting Holiday, that Holiday is a cold-blooded killer, and that Glitsky is a bad cop on the wrong side of the law. As the suspense reaches fever pitch, glitsky, and even their families may be caught in the crossfire and directly threatened—and this time, Hardy, the police won’t be on their side.

In this thrilling novel from the acclaimed Dismas Hardy series, Hardy’s friend and client finds himself the prime suspect in a homicide investigation. While dismas hardy has built a solid legal practice and a happy family, his friend John Holiday, a proprietor of a rundown local bar, has not followed the same path.

Despite this, and when holiday is suspected of murder, Hardy has remained Holiday’s attorney and confidant, Hardy and Glitsky find ample reason to question Holiday’s guilt. But hardy’s case falls on hostile ears, and to avoid arrest, Holiday turns fugitive.

A Certain Justice Abe Glitsky Book 1

A brutal murder rocks a city. An innocent man stands accused. And justice is the next to die. In a city of tolerance and hope, everything came apart. One man died  at the hands of another. The next victim was killed by a mob. Now fires burn in the night, and politicians, helicopters throb through the air, lawyers and cops vie for the remnants of power.

. Somewhere in the once-placid streets of san Francisco, hounded by demagogues, charged by the media with a crime he didn't commit, a young man is on the run, hunted by a desperate police department. One cop knows that Kevin Shea is innocent of a brutal racial murder. An ambitious politician will use Shea for her own ends.

And a down-and-out lawyer is all that stands between Kevin Shea and an even more atrocious crime. For when there's no law left, justice is the only hope.

The Second Chair Dismas Hardy Book 10

Hounded by a hostile media, distanced from day-to-day police work, Glitsky must struggle against a wave of violence that has put the city on the verge of panic. At the same time, hardy’s friend Abe Glitsky has just been promoted to deputy chief of the Investigations Bureau, and has trouble of his own.

. When his young associate, brings in a high profile, controversial double murder case, Amy Wu, he decides to sit second chair—in defense of a wealthy, privileged young man even he has trouble believing.1 new york times bestselling author john lescroart weaves together a story of a privileged youth on trial for murder and an entire city on the brink of panic in this suspensful and stylish Dismas Hardy legal thriller.

Although he appears to have reached the top, rainmaker and managing partner of his thriving San Francisco law firm, Dismas Hardy, has lost his faith in the justice system. As the tension builds around them, hardy and amy’s search for the truth will take them down a perilous path, and force Hardy to face his own demons in order to clear his client—and save himself.


The Motive Dismas Hardy Book 11

But this isn't just any double homicide. And in trying to provide them, abe glitsky and Dismas Hardy will face an old lover and an old enemy-and follow a trail of evidence that stretches far beyond their usual jurisdiction. But with their wooden construction, they were also  highly vulnerable. And when the bodies of hanover and his girlfriend were found in the charred debris, it appeared that the end came even more quickly for them-judging from the bullet holes in their heads.

So when paul hanover's multimillion-dollar home went up in flames, it was all over very quickly. Hanover was a friend-and donor-to the mayor, who wants answers. With their park view and old-fashioned detail, the Victorian houses on San Francisco's Steiner Street were highly valuable.