Timberline Trail Rocky Mountain Saint Book 5

He had been summoned to help a young woman, find her father, Maggie O'Shaunessy, a man that was searching for gold and riches in the high country of the Rockies. Tate saint, man of the mountains, was grieving his wife when Jim Beckwourth brought word from Kit Carson that he was needed at Bent's Fort. Meeting the challenges of the wilderness with confrontations with grizzlies, renegade mountain men, mountains storms, and warring Indian tribes, Tate and Maggie rescue a young Indian maiden and set out to return her to her people.

Eager to put his loss behind him and anxious to know what his mentor and friend needed, Tate set out for the fort. With conflict and danger their constant companion, the two young people are forced to turn to one another to survive and hopefully find the girl's father before it's too late. Then they find sign of her father, a trail that leads through mountain valley, across the high country above timberline and down into the flats that are filled with Cheyenne, and set out to follow his trail, Crow and Yamparika Ute Indians.

. With a journey that takes them through the mountains and to the Bayou Salado, danger seems to always be at hand. Begrudgingly accepting the job as combination caretaker, teacher and protector of a fiery redhead from the city, Tate and Maggie set out to comb the mountains for her last living relative.

Pathfinder Peril Rocky Mountain Saint Book 6

Facing the full onslaught of a rocky mountain winter with twenty-foot snowdrifts, below zero temperatures, and every other hazard that could be brought to bear, the challenges must be met and conquered. When the elder statesman of the mountains, tells Fremont it can't be done, Williams, the Pathfinder expects Tate Saint to get them through.

One of the greatest challenges of the young mountain man's life must be met and conquered, or he and many others will die. But now he has a family and the wilderness makes many demands on anyone that tries to master the mountains. But the things that must be done and the sacrifices that must be made become more than anyone expected or wants to remember.

And if a redheaded irish wife, a legendary mountain man, a curios toddler for a son, Old Bill Williams, a wolf for a hunting companion and a bear cub for a playmate for his son wasn't enough, recruits him to help John C. Fremont on his expedition to find a route through the Sangre de Cristo and San Juan mountains in the middle of winter.

If the man of the mountains, tate Saint, had a fault, it was that he had a hard time saying no whenever someone needed his help. But this venture soon becomes one of the most treacherous and deadly expeditions of the times.

Mountain Massacre: Rocky Mountain Saint Book 4

With everything and almost everyone against them, the people were determined to make it to the western lands of promise and build a new home. But the bully and drunkard was loathe to surrender his job as wagon scout and his planned massacre of the farmers to plunder their wagons and sell the women to the Indians.

But a savvy young mountain man would not be deterred and was bound to match wits and courage with these conspirators as he led the wagon train of farmer families. Their courage and fortitude, nurtured by tate, would prove to serve them well as they fought off the forces of nature and the evil hordes and learned the ways of the wilderness as taught by a young mountain man that became their best friend and deliverer.

When a grief-stricken young mountain man goes to Fort William to re-supply, he runs smack into a bully and a drunkard. That race would cross the wide wild country of the uncharted territory that would later become Wyoming. What follows is a chase by the man mountain and his cronies and his recruited band of renegade Indians.

That meeting leads tate saint to take on the responsibility of guiding a bunch of dirt-farmers across the beginnings of the Oregon Trail and to the distant Wind River mountains and South Pass.

Vengeance Valley Rocky Mountain Saint Book 8

Tate saint, man of the mountains and now a family man, has had more than his share of Indian uprisings and battles, but has always maintained a friendship with many of the native peoples. While in the sangre de cristo mountains, he was known and respected by the Comanche and Ute, feared by the Jicarilla Apache, but when the Apache and Ute ally themselves against the white man, Tate becomes concerned for the safety of his family and chooses to move back to the Wind River mountains.

But when he is confronted with the massacre of a wagon train of settlers on the Oregon trail, Jim Baker, and is asked by the mountain man scout for General Harney at Fort Laramie, to scout out the marauding Indians responsible, he accepts the charge, but mainly out of concern for his own family. And that scout brings him up against a blood-thirsty self-appointed war chief of the Crow who is bent on vengeance against any and all whites for what he believes is the attempt to destroy his own people with disease, murder, and by stealing their homelands.

The truth becomes known about this man who has taken the name of a figure from the history of the Crow people and turned it into one of shame, vengeance and blood-letting. It will take an alliance of a group of freighters, a wagon train of settlers, and a party of the traditional enemy of the crow from the Arapaho band of Tate's first wife to bring an end to this vengeance quest by none other than Bad Heart Bear.


Wilderness Wanderin': Rocky Mountain Saint Book 3

The mountains had become his home. But he wanted to explore all the mountains from the Canadian Rockies to the southern Sangre de Cristo. Returning from a quick trip back to St. He made them his home after fleeing the hypocrisy of civilization in Missouri at the graveside of his father and mother and began fulfilling the life long dream held dear by his father and himself.

When he first came to the mountains, he was a younker and a greenhorn, but now he was a seasoned man of the mountains. This time the mountains in the north were beckoning the young man so full of wanderlust, but little did he know what awaited, from renegades to missionaries and a lovely Indian lass that seemed to be the answer to the question he didn't know how to ask.

On the trip up the missouri to fort union aboard the steamboat, he befriended an old-timer and well-seasoned mountain man, Knuckles, and the old man agreed to show the newcomer around Crow and Blackfeet country. Tate saint knew it was always best to learn from someone that knew the different people of the mountains, and this man seemed to know his way around the different tribes never before encountered by Tate in the mountains to the South.

Louis, the rocky mountains, the high and lonesome, the far blue mountains, he was again determined to never leave his beloved mountains, the only place he could see forever and breathe the air that held not a scent of anything from civilization.

Wapiti Widow Rocky Mountain Saint Book 7

Only one man in the mountains could handle that task. She had the complexion of weathered leather, a voice that grated like a rasp, eyes like shining lumps of coal, and she was a skilled gunsmith with the demeanor of a wolverine. But an attack by the same jicarilla apache and mouache ute that wiped out Fort Pueblo on Christmas day would put them all to the test, and that wasn't all that would be thrown at them by the forces of nature, the wilds of the wilderness and the depravity of man.

When the wagon train she joined was hit by Indians and she and her family were left behind, her skill with a big Sharps rifle made her a welcome addition to a buffalo hunt with the Comanche. Challenges and trials would come against them, and the mettle of the mountain man would have to prove its worth, if he was up to it.

Tate saint, and his family would soon provide all the help she needed, known as the Rocky Mountain Saint, and more. But she had a set of twins that needed to be raised and the city was no place for that. But her goal was the gold fields of California and she needed help.

Renegade Rampage Rocky Mountain Saint Book 9

When tate's family became endangered, the wrath of the Rocky Mountain Saint came to life, and he wasn't feeling like the compassionate helper he was known to be. Hindered by the rugged absaroka mountains, and his own fears, Tate questioned himself and whether he could make it to rescue his family, an ambush in the wilderness, but would soon find that he would face an even greater fight and possibly a fight he could not win.

And when he was joined by a band of blackfoot renegades that were bent on driving all the whites from their territory and ridding the mountains of their enemies, the monstrous black man willingly lent his might to the blood-letting in that north country. It was just supposed to be a family journey to see the wonders and waters of that strange land to the north, but the land of the north had become a battle ground with a recently freed slave and some mountain men.


Territory Tyranny: Rocky Mountain Saint

Louis. Sean is asked to be prepared to scout for the troops that remain and the new commanders that will be sent into the land of the restless Sioux. But first, who knows the mountains,  the young scout, must learn about the country and people of the plains. After meeting with the chiefs of the Brulé, White Fox, he travels with his new friend, to meet with the Miniconjou.

But an encounter with the warring Crow, intent on revenge against the Ogalala, results in his friend taken captive. Sean is the only hope for her safe return, but he must also do what he can to keep the Lakota from all-out war against a depleted force holding Fort Laramie. Muleskinners determined to make it to the goldfields of Colorado, crooked bankers and suppliers, and young warriors wanting to gain honors in battle, all come together to challenge the young scout in his first endeavor to bring peace to the prairie.

  . Rundell. War is looming in the east and when tate and his son Sean meet with General Harney, commanding officer of Fort Laramie, each is tasked with special duties. The eleventh novel in the best selling Rocky Mountain Saint western series by B. N. Tate must scout and guide for the General and his troops as they leave the frontier to join the calamity in St.


Winter Waifs: Rocky Mountain Saint

When sean and white fox are tasked with the recovery of survivors, they are flummoxed as to what to do with the new additions to their rapidly expanding family!Maggie and Sadie have chosen to escape the conflict in the big city during the escalating Civil War, only to find themselves caretakers of two stray youngsters themselves.

. But the steady influx of wagon trains has the plains Indians up in arms and when whites willfully ignore the tenets of recent treaties and choose to settle in Indian lands, conflict rages. Forces of nature intervene, and the heavy snows of spring bring the mountains tumbling down an errant wagon train. As the war back east rages, farmers and pilgrims choose to flee and exchange a life of uncertainty for the possible dream of free land in the west.

Now, reunite family in the mountains, the challenge for the young couple is how to get homes for a half dozen children, and keep hundreds of pilgrims from sparking additional conflict on the Oregon Trail.

Dine' Defiance: Rocky Mountain Saint

But when tate’s old friend, kit carson, recruits tate to scout for the Colonel of the Union forces that were commissioned to stop the decades long war with the Navajo, that simple trip turns into a life-changing adventure. Two men on an adventure of a lifetime…it was to be a simple trip to Santa Fe to reunite Sean’s wife with her natural parents.

Tate saint and his son sean, undertake scouting duties to help bring this historic war to an early end, but can two men accomplish what has been attempted and failed so many times before?Bestselling author B. N. When carson is ordered to capture or kill the Diné and to destroy their homes, a frontier siege like never seen, fields and food, begins in the wilds of the high desert.

Rundell delivers another action-filled western you won’t be able to put down! When navajo are killed, and the bluecoats under command of Colonel Kit Carson, frozen and starved, a war like nothing ever seen before, enter their home, begins to stain the sacred lands of the Navajo.

Buffalo Brigade: Rocky Mountain Saint

Exciting yes, and dangerous, but certainly not a classroom for college kids. River crossings, buffalo hunts, and Indian raids are just a few of the assignments. This was more like a room full of spoiled rich city kids that wanted a grand adventure in the west. Tate had never thought of life in the wilds of the west as an adventure.

Rundell. The family had never been separated before, but now there was just Tate and his son, Sean. The trader, had convinced them to join him and to scout for a brigade of buffalo hunters, John Richards, but this was no ordinary brigade. But when pampered young men are forced to become real men, some aren't too anxious to learn their lesson.

The tenth novel in the best selling Rocky Mountain Saint western series by B. N. There's always the one that is used to his place as the teacher's pet, and when baptism in the cold river is the order of the day, but this teacher has no pets and very little patience, rebellion raises its ugly head. With a foray into the uncharted lands of the sioux as they pursue the migrating buffalo, more lessons must be learned, and Sean and Tate become more than instructors in the class of wilderness education when they have to mount a rescue for the captured daughter of their new friends from the Métis.

How many will pass and how many will fail? And will Tate and Son make it home? .