Venom’s Revenge Ruthless Rejects MC, 1

I had dreams, hopes, and ambition. I was supposed to use her and toss her aside like what had been done to my sister. But what i realized was that she was more than that. Rebekah was mine. No, i embraced the darkness, let it consume me, change who I was. Now i was as evil as the devil himself. And i was going to use that to my advantage to exact my revenge, to make the man who’d hurt the only person I’d ever cared about feel that pain ten times over.

He killed my sister, took the only light to my darkness. So i was going to take from him what he held dear. I was coming for his eighteen-year-old daughter. I was going to make her bend to my will, pay for her father’s sins tenfold. She was supposed to be a means to an end, the revenge I needed to feel whole once more.

I might never leave the trailer I called home, never have a life outside of the aged walls in my room, or the stained mattress I slept on. But as much as the world tried to drag me down, I knew one thing. One day i’d be free of the darkness that clung to me like a second skin. And then i decided to say screw it all and leave the decay behind.

But before i could escape, thrown in the back of a van, I was taken, and told hell was waiting for me.

Rooney's Pain Ruthless Rejects MC, 2

They were family. The club had always come first, because that was our code, in our blood. And i’d never wanted anything for myself, not until one person came into my life and turned my world upside down. Brynleigh. She’s the one person who held my heart, who I secretly loved but couldn’t have because of the life I led.

We were a brotherhood. She didn’t deserve to be mixed up with me and the violence and danger the MC world brings. I love her and would go to hell to make sure she was safe. And that’s exactly what I was going to do. It’s up to me to protect her, to bring her back from the darkness and keep her close. But keeping her safe came with a stipulation from the man who held her captive.

Kill venom, the president of the MC. And if i don’t then Brynleigh is as good as dead. 
. But i’m too much of a selfish bastard to let her go. But then that choice is taken out of my hands when she’s kidnapped by an enemy of the club, and used as a pawn in a deadly game of chess.

His Beauty

When crime-lord damon travers arrives at their door demanding his money, she knows things are about to go bad. But damon’s life is dark and twisted, and it’s now a fight to keep the woman that calls to his soul. Meghan doesn’t want to give this monster her heart, but how can she deny his soft side—the side that makes her feel like a queen? There’s no one else she could ever want.

She’s a virgin, and he’s going to teach her everything. Damon’s not particularly interested in having an innocent, but he can’t turn Meghan away. Will she give him all that he needs, or leave him? Her sister can’t pay, so it’s up to Meghan to make him stop hurting her sister. She now belongs to one of the most dangerous men in the city.

The moment he takes her cherry and feels her around him, there’s no telling how long he’s going to want her. Rose will pay off the debt she owes him, but with Meghan, he’s going to have fun. Meghan bell knows her sister, Rose, is trouble. He wants her, and he’s going to have her.

Biker Bully

When his original plans are shown to the entire town, Alfie loses the respect of the only girl he’s ever cared about. Chloe promises to never return, but when her mother is run over by a car, she has no choice. She’s the coward’s daughter and public enemy number one. He’s not the dumb biker kid anymore; he’s a man, and this man doesn’t let the woman he loves get away.

. It doesn’t mean she will fall for Alfie’s tricks again. Alfie’s finally got her back in town, and this time, he’s not going to risk losing her. Slowly, alfie begins to see the real woman beneath the bullying. He’s not going to ruin her. Her father is considered a coward by the local MC. He’s going to show her what it means to belong to him.

But someone is determined to keep them apart. Chloe’s not faking anything. When the president’s son, Alfie, and his friends bully her, she knows something bad will happen. Alfie is determined to bring Chloe down. Chloe decker has never fit in. Only, he’s the one being taught a lesson.

Sold to the MC Men

After living in foster care most of her life, Leah gets desperate and decides to take a chance and visit her mother, to see if the woman who gave her up has changed. She can’t make a decision of who to have, but why should she, when they all want her? Can it work out? Can they share? Is there a way all six of them can have a family and be happy?

Yet it’s not just with one man; it’s with all five of them. It’s the biggest mistake of Leah’s life. Or is it? her mother owes the broken Devils MC a lot of money, and to help with the debt, Leah is the payment. Surrounded by pure lust, Leah has never been with a man, and now, she wants five of them.

Five men now own her. Leah finds her place with them, cooking and cleaning. There’s no way she should fall for them, but one touch, and it’s like fire. Five very strong, scary, sexy, ink-covered men can do whatever they want with her. But these men don’t terrify her.

Wraith Dixie Reapers MC 8

She thinks she’s not worthy of me, but it’s the other way around. Then she runs and I feel like a piece of my soul has been ripped out. She needs a protector, and I’ll gladly be that for her. Rin -- my mom died when I was little, and my dad followed when I was fifteen. When he rejects me, I run. Now i’m faced with rin, the strongest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.

Anal sex. If you don’t like those things, this book probably isn’t for you. Over the top, melt your e-reader, make your panties wet sex. I knew better than to sleep with him, knew I wasn’t good enough. The man who defended me only seconds after laying eyes on me. Failed my parents, who made me promise to protect her before they breathed their last.

Every time i try to run, tortures me, he finds me, and makes sure I toe the line. More likely he bribed people. The man who makes me want things I’ve never wanted before. While i was serving overseas, my sister was left for dead in a gutter. Discovering several weeks later that he left a little part of himself inside me is even more terrifying than my half-brother finding me.

Wraith -- i’m not the settling-down type.

Ugly Beast

In fact, she’s bland and terrified, but she’s a virgin and a Capo’s daughter. Ugly beast doesn’t want an arranged marriage, but what his president says, he gets. If he does, she knows her father will find some way to kill her. But despite all her newfound freedom in the MC life, if Abriana doesn’t prove her loyalty to the club, her husband will kill her.

Abriana Vigo is not beautiful. She only hopes this scarred man doesn’t turn his back on her. Now she’s been thrown to the wolves at his president’s demands. Abriana will do anything to get away from her father, just to avoid being hurt anymore. She has to make a choice. For ugly beast, but after finding out his wife is taken, he never thought he would commit to anyone or anything, he’s willing to put the club at risk for her.

Abriana isn’t the woman he wanted, but now, and anyone who tries to take her, he can’t let her go, will know what it’s like to deal with him. When her father orders her to spy on the club and report back, she knows she cannot do it.

Aiden Grim Sinners MC Book 4

One more to go, and he’s the one I really want. And he knows i’m coming for him…. They didn’t know what I was capable of or what my MC could do. As i now look down at yet another lifeless body, I smile. She was beautiful, a light in this dark and messed up world, but I saw it in her eyes. I saw the pain she carried, and in that moment, I made a promise.

Her demons would pay. From the day she came into my life, I knew I couldn’t walk away from this girl. I always keep my promises. All of them.

Renegade Devil's Boneyard MC 6

Then i found fawn and her mother, Darby, thrown away like unwanted trash. Hearing their story is enough to make my blood boil and send rage flooding through me. They’re in my home, and slowly worming their way under my skin. I’ll never go down that path. I’ll exact revenge for all they’ve suffered, and then they’ll truly be free, able to move on without fear of being taken again.

Having been in foster care all my life, not much scared me. I got fawn out of it, my precious girl, and a lot of bad memories. I’d already faced monsters parading around as upstanding citizens. I’ve never had a man be kind to me or my daughter before -- especially not a biker -- and I’m not sure what to think.

. But life hadn’t prepared me for a biker who would lure me in, kidnap me, and abuse me for five years. I trust them, and in my own way I love them, but it’s not the same as having a wife and kids. It would break me. Renegade: i lost my family a long time ago, and I vowed I’d never have another. Except… i might not want to let them go.

Warning: this story contains violence, bad language, and really hot sex.

Havoc Devil's Boneyard MC 3

Havoc isn’t at all what i’m used to, but maybe he’s just what I need. No one touches what’s mine, and Jordan may not realize it but I’m not letting her go. There’s a vulnerability there that makes me want to wrap her in my arms and never let her go. Warning: contains some violence, super hot scenes that may require cold showers, a sassy sarcastic heroine, a lot of bad language, and a badass biker who won’t stop until he has what he wants.

Whatever it takes, i’ll keep her safe, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that what happens in that prison doesn’t stay there. Havoc -- no way the pretty blonde was doing hard time for anything bad. Whoever hurt her will be coming, and I’m going to be ready for them. My brothers have abandoned me, and there’s nowhere for me to go.

When i find out the same prison that nearly killed me was trying to cover up another incident, one involving the woman I can’t stop staring at -- the goddess with the body of a porn star -- fury flows through me. He only thinks he knows me though, and if he ever finds out I was locked up for a violent crime he might walk away.

I was supposed to serve a longer sentence, but a handsy guard and a pissed-off warden who wanted me to keep quiet meant I got out early. Until the hottest man I’ve ever met decides to be my knight on shining Harley. Jordan -- i spent a year in prison for a crime I admittedly did commit, but I had a good reason.

Using the Biker Curvy Women Wanted Book 16

But there’s no denying the attraction she feels toward him. Doc uses women. But doc’s not used to enjoying a woman’s company. Jo doesn’t take any shit, and before long, he wants to keep her all to himself. For jo, she’s terrified. After finally getting a divorce from her cheating ex, so when her best friend introduces her to the president of the MC club in town, Jo is not ready to start a relationship, she’s not interested in anything serious.

The moment he sees jo, and what’s more, he wants her, he knows she wants him. There’s no one stopping them from having a bit of fun, pure fucking, nothing complicated. She’s pregnant with the biker’s baby, but how can she tell him? This was about using each other, not about commitment. He has no reason to have them in his life other than to fuck them.

Is there any chance they can find love and not just for the sake of the baby? .