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Asani Tri-Fold Lighted Magnification Makeup Mirror with a FREE 10X Spot Mirror | 21 LED Lights & Touch Controls | 1X/2X&3X Magnifying Cosmetic Vanity Folding Mirrors for Dresser | Free RotationGold

You can either use 4 x aaa batteries or connect it to a computer or USB charger using the included USB cable. Main bulb's beam angle of 120 degrees is two times larger than others. Comes with 2x & 3x magnifying panels on the right and 1X on the left. Whatever the lighting conditions or location, you'll always get the ideal reflection to ensure that your makeup or hair looks amazing.

It folds from a width of 13. 38 to 6. 69 inches to make for a great travel makeup mirror and even comes with a recess at the bottom for conveniently holding earrings, watches, bracelets, cosmetics and more.100% risk free warranty: complement your vanity with an impressively durable beauty makeup mirror made in an ISO certified facility all without having anything to lose.

We've backed our light-up dresser mirror with an ironclad lifetime warranty to give you total peace of mind as you get all dolled up. No more flyways even if you're somewhere flying away! Here's what sets this tri fold lighted mirror apart from the rest: - Backed by a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty.

Make applying your makeup a beautifully precise affair all about control whether you're applying some mascara, tweezing your eyebrows, or trying to position those lashes in place, this LED makeup mirror allows you to do it with impressive ease! It all has to do with its superior adjustability. This means better clarity as you apply eye makeup, greater magnification to perfectly shape your eyebrows, and better bang for your buck.

Apply makeup much easier: unlike other led makeup table mirrors that are frustratingly dim, or have wanting clarity, come with harsh lighting, 2X and 3X magnification levels, an extra-wide beam angle of 120 degrees, the asani vanity lighted magnifying mirror has 1X, and 21 bright LEDs that mimic natural light.